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Best Family Board Games Reviews

Best Family Board GamesIt’s 2016. Are family board games in or out? Looking at the number of board games sold this year, they are in and will be for the distant future. So, what are these family games that are being sold and satisfying so many customers? We compiled a list of the top 10 best family board games list of 2016 for you. After reading this article you will be enlighten to what everyone is talking about this year and can make some fun memories with your family and friends. Ordered from 10-1 by top selling and most popular family board games.

Candy Land

A game that has lasted over three generations. It is designed for ages three and up, It only takes about 15 minutes to play a whole game. You also have the ability to play with as little as two people and as many as four. This game is one of the best board game for kids, mainly because there is really no reading required and very little counting, but who are we kidding, its for everyone.

  • “Its a great game. The kids love it. We enjoy playing as a family and little ones that come over love it too”

Connect 4

This family board game for all ages has been around and pleasing buyers for years, and probably longer than that. This one is strictly a two player game. Somewhat like tic tac toe, you use red and yellow checkers and try to get at least four in a row of your color. Can be a considered a chess match. Connect 4 takes about one to six minutes to complete a game. Ages 6 and up, but can provide a challenge for anyone with a well suited opponent.

  • “Nothing like connect 4 to develop strategic thinking! The game has helped 3 generations in my family develop very important life skills”

King of Tokyo

King Of Tokyo is a board game similar to Yahtzee using dice, boards and cards. Each player chooses from one of six monsters, each come with their own scoring board. To win you must reach 20 points before anyone else or be the only player to have health left. King Of Tokyo is made for two to six players. The age listed is eight and up. The average time to play a game of King Of Tokyo is thirty minutes. If you have a large family and your looking for an easy to learn family game that is a little different from the norm. King Of Tokyo is worth a solid look.

  • “Great game simple enough to play and be loved by my 5 and 10 year old but, also get together with friends for a little more strategy.”

Spot It

This is a card game for the whole family. It is designed for ages seven and up. Made for as little as two, but can be played with as many as eight players. This is great for family game night with a lot of intense fun. There are five different ways to play Spot It, and will leave you wanting to play over and over again. It takes about thirty minutes to play. The gist of the game is to find the card with the one matching symbol to win!

  • “A fun and quick game that challenges your sight and hand coordination. My son and daughter and I made good memories playing this over the winter months.”


Don’t let the strange title fool you, Qwirkle is a unique family game that is increasing in popularity. It is designed for two to four players, and ages six and up. Qwirkle is like Scrabble. This game is released mostly in Canada. One game takes about thirty to forty-five minutes to play. Each player must always keep six cards in their hand at all times. Play goes on until there are no tiles left or one player ends up with no tiles in their hand.

  • “Our family and friends enjoy playing this game with us. Our grandchildren ages 8 & 10 are so good at it they can beat their grandparents easily. A great game to play with young and old.”

The Settlers of Catan

This is a board game made for three to four players normally, and from two to six with the expansions. Players take on the roles of settlers and attempt to build holdings while acquiring resources. The first player to meet a certain amount of points wins. This game is made for players at least ten years old. Time to play one game is normally sixty to eighty minutes. Great Strategy game and involves more thought than the typical board game. You will find time to be flying as you get deep into this fun brain teaser.

  • “Wonderful group game for the family or a group of friends. Lots of strategy to be employed and tons of fun.”

Ticket To Ride

Ticket to Ride is a railway themed board game. It was released all over the world and is known by many different names due to this. Two to five players are required for this game. Children aged at least 8 are recommended to play this game. It takes between thirty to sixty minutes to play a full game of Ticket to Ride. Game play starts with each player being dealt four ‘train car’ cards and three ‘destination ticket’ cards. To win a player must use up all of their colored train pieces. After this each player takes one more turn and reveal their destination cards.

  • “We played this game with some of our friends and could not wait to get it ourselves. We now play this game with a number of our friends and everyone has loved it. Easy to learn and never the same each time.”

Apples to Apples

This family board game took the scene by storm and is still highly rated and reviewed. You can play Apples to Apples anywhere from four players up to ten. Apples to Apples is played with cards, there are red cards and green cards. You start by dealing everyone seven ‘red apple’ cards, Players play a ‘red apple’ that closely matches the rounds ‘Green Apple’ card. Hilarity ensues. Great to play with family and people you know and have a good sense of their humor. Apples to Apples is played for thirty to sixty minutes. Prepare to get an ab workout.

  • “This game will make everyone giggle throughout!The more the merrier & the laughing will not stop!I highly recommend this, & it is family-friendly!”


This is a game is for ages seven and up. You are able to play this game with as little as two players and as many as six players. Each game takes about forty-five minutes to play. A card is placed on the forehead of each player. Players must ask yes or no questions to figure out who is on the card on their “Headband”. Its fun to see others struggle to figure out who is on their head.

  • “This game is so much fun for ages 7 and up. We love it. It really makes you think outside of the box and brings a wide variety of age groups together for fun. Easy setup and play instructions. This is a lighthearted, fun game.”

Cards Against Humanity

This is an adult family board game the box stating ages seventeen and up. You can play with as little as four players or as many as twenty or more, the normal length of a game of Cards Against Humanity is about thirty to eighty minutes. This game is filled with awkward jokes and is stated as “a game for horrible people”.

  • “Love this game. Seriously. Love it. I played the original with some friends and family and was in TEARS half the time because the combinations were just so hilarious/politically incorrect/awful. Many people were rolling and/or crying with every single round.”