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Best Electric Blankets Reviews

best-electric-blanketsDuring the frigid winter nights it is not always easy to stay warm, which is why many people turn to electric blankets. They can be used on your bed at night, or if you just want to snuggle up on the couch in front of a movie.

They will allow you to put your house temperatures a bit lower to save on heating costs, as well. Electric blankets are an easy and safe way to stay warm this upcoming winter.

There are several different blankets to choose from on the market today, so which one do you choose?

The top 10 best electric blankets in reviews that we have compiled below can help you see the features different ones have so you can decide which one you’d like best.

Premium Plush Heated Electric Throw Blanket by Sunbeam

You’ll love the luxurious feel of velvet plush with this heated throw that will wrap you up in elegance and warmth on those cold winter nights. It is constructed of luxurious premium-soft velvet plus and is 50”x60”. The blanket includes a ThermoFine warning system which will sense and adjust the heat to give you warmth that is consistent. There are three different heat settings and a three hour auto-off mode. It is machine washable and dryable and comes with a five year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Heated Zebra Print Throw by Biddeford

Constructed of 100% polyester, this decorative zebra print heated throw is luxuriously cozy and gives you therapeutic warmth. A digital control has a total of six heat settings and a ten hour auto-shut off for additional safety. It is easy to clean since it is machine washable, and it has an extra-long thirteen foot cord.

12V Heated Blanket by Schumacher

This heated soft heat electric blanket by Schumacher is perfect for traveling in your truck, car, RV, SUV or for roadside emergencies. It measures 42” x 58” and is made of a comfortable polar fleece material. It makes a great warmer for seats and comes with an eight food cord. This 12V blanket brings the needed comfort to many professional drivers and travelers.

Cozy Plush Heated Blanket by Beautyrest

This microplush blanket is constructed of quality material and is very comfortable and luxurious. It includes over twenty different heat settings so you can get the blanket to just the right temperature for you and you can control this blanket easily with the two controllers which work independently of each other. This blanket has an automatic ten hour shut off for additional safety.

Luxe Plush Low-Voltage Electric Blanket by Serta

This electric blanket is constructed of a very soft micro-fleece which is very smooth against your skin. It has patented Safe and Warm low-voltage technology and includes a small power supply box which changes 120V AC home current into a non-hazardous low-voltage DC current so you are warm but also safe and protected, even if the blanket gets wet. The wires on this best blanket are very thin and barely noticeable and the wires are placed evenly throughout the blanket so you won’t have any annoying cold or hot spots.

100”x90” King Electric Blanket by Biddeford

This heated blanket is constructed of 75% acrylic and 25% polyester. It gives you therapeutic warmth and luxurious comfort, with an ultra-thin wire for additional comfort. It has analog controls and it is easy to keep clean because you can toss it in the washing machine. It comes with an extra-long thirteen foot cord so you can easily enjoy the warmth of this blanket anywhere in your home.

Ultra Micro-Plush Electric Blanket by SoftHeat

This electric blanket is extremely soft and safe, constructed of a super-soft micro-plush fabric which feels very smooth to the touch. It is made with the patented Safe & Warm technology and has no bulky wires, but only thin ones which were strategically places during construction to give you an even heating throughout the blanket. This blanket has an auto shut off feature after ten hours for added safety and there is a large backlit display with an auto dimming feature so you can made adjustments during the night without having to turn on any lights.

Luxury Micro-Fleece Electric Twin Blanket by SoftHeat

This luxurious micro-fleece electric blanket is constructed of 100% polyester and is conveniently machine washable and dryable with no shrinking, pilling or stretching. It uses patented Safe & Warm technology which is safer than others on the market. The blanket will save you on energy costs as you sleep more soundly in a cooler room. The safest electric blanket will shut off automatically after ten hours for safety, convenience and savings, and there are no bulky wires as with other blankets.

Heated Fleece 12V Travel Electric Blanket by Trillium Worldwide

This 12V heated travel blanket will warm up in just minutes and is the perfect travel companion for any weather condition. It is large enough for two people and great for one, giving you both warmth and comfort. It features a patented thirty or forty-five minute safety time with automatic shut-off, a seven foot long fused cord, reset button and automatic temperature control. It is made of 100% super-soft high –quality polyester fleece.

Microplush Electric Heated Throw by Sunbeam

Get the ultimate in comfort with this luxuriously soft electric blanket. It has a ThermoFine warning system built in and it will sense and adjust automatically to give you warmth that is consistent. The best heated throw blanket is made of 100% polyester and is soft and soothing to the touch. It has three different heating levels with easy to operate controls.


The best electric blankets are a great winter companion, and if you are in the market for one, this top 10 list is the perfect place to begin. You’ll find several top quality blankets to choose from, ensuring you get the very best.

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