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Best Dorm Refrigerators Reviews

best-dorm-refrigeratorsA dorm refrigerator is great for any setting and are able to provide you with everything you need, from cold beverages to keeping your ingredients fresh to storing your favorite desserts if the refrigerator has a freezer compartment! When I was in college, I always had a dorm size refrigerator by my bedside which I can reach out to for drinks. I usually store beer in them though!

They are great for parties and gatherings or when you invite your friends over to hang out. A dorm fridge will be able to provide you with icy cold beverages for you and your friends to enjoy when you hangout, oh how I miss those days of being young and carefree! Check out an apartment size refrigerator for larger refrigerators that you think your dorm can handle!

 What to look out for

  • Price. This is one of the most important factors when you are considering to purchase a dorm fridge. Cheap refrigerators are often a huge consideration when purchasing one. However, nobody said cheap fridges can’t perform just as well as expensive ones! A cheap fridge is also perfect as a dorm refrigerator as majority of college students are cash strapped!
  • Size and capacity. When you purchase a dorm size refrigerator, you would want something that isn’t too big so that you able to place it into your dorm room. You would also want one that has a decent capacity so that you can store all your stuff in!
  • Looks and design. You wouldn’t want your dorm fridge to look bad don’t you! You want it to be elegant looking where it can also be a conversation starter! No worries as we will be going through some of the best designed dorm fridge that you can get! Now its time for some top picks and reviews!

Danby DAR Compact All Refrigerator

I highly recommend this mini bad boy right here! It features a 1.7 cubic capacity, capable of storing most, if not all of your contents inside its spacious compartment. It is of excellent quality and is an ideal centrepiece for your dormitory room! The stunning fully black exterior with the Danby label placed on the front creates a unique design. It is energy star compliant, so you can be sure that you are saving up on your precious electricity bills!

It also has 2 shelves that create 3 sections so you can place different items at each levels. The door has 6 built-in can holders and a 2L bottle holder to boot. With its scratch-proof top, you can use it as a small table top to place your personal items such as keys, wallets and mobile phones! It has a mechanical thermostat which you can use to adjust its temperatures to suit your liking.

It measures 20.1 x 17.7 x 20.1 inches which makes it a perfect dorm sized refrigerator! The best part of it all? It comes with a whopping 18-month warranty! I just can’t stress how good this dorm refrigerator is, with it being able to accompany you throughout most of your college life! It is definitely a must grab! It is the perfect dorm refrigerator.

Igloo Platinum Fridge

This is the only dorm refrigerator you need if you want a larger storage space. It features a whopping 3.2 cubic capacity, capable of storing any you want inside its structure! It isn’t that big either as it is still a compact refrigerator, measuring at 19 x 18 x 33 inches. I highly recommend this for those who want to share their fridge with room mates. Split the costs and you got a high quality fully functional medium sized fridge now sitting in your place!

The elegant platinum sleek exterior finish will look great in any dorm room. This a perfect choice if you often have gatherings in your room as you can store everything you need in its spacious compartments. It also has a built in freezer which you can use to store various frozen foods such as snacks and pizza! With its removable shelves, it is very easy to maintain and clean its interior. It also has an adjustable temperature control system and coupled with its low energy consumption, this is the perfect choice for a large capacity dorm refrigerator!

Haier HC32SA42SW 3.2 Cubic Feet Refrigerator

This is a quality mini fridge from Haeir. It features a 3.2 cubic capacity and a fully white exterior with the Haier brand logo at the top. Ideal for your room and its white color is a nice addition to all the black exterior fridges! It has four levels of storage made possible by the 3 adjustable glass shelves.

It has a 8 can dispenser storage on the door, which allows you to get your beverage cans efficiently while saving the compartment for other items. It has an adjustable thermostattemperature setting for you to adjust the coldness of its contents and it does cool things really fast! Besides the inner compartments, its doors are also able to hold a 2L bottle, suitable for juice, milk or even beer! It measures 19.7 x 31.5 x 17.5 inches.

I highly recommend this if you are looking for a quality product at this price point.RCA Mini Fridge Blue. If you want to add colors to your dorm room, this is the fridge for you! It comes in a variety of colors ranging from blue to purple to green to red! It has a 1.6/1.7 cubic capacity depending on the color you choose which is still sufficient to store most of your items!

It has 2 levels of storage and a freezer compartment to store your frozen goodies! Has great quality and is extremely attractive. It is also very energy efficient as it only costs $28 a year to operate! This is an ideal fridge to get for those who wants to spice up their dormitory! Besides being fully functional, it is also easy to clean! It measures 20 x 18 x 20 inches like most compact fridges, making it small enough to fit in tight corners and spaces! It makes a great dorm refrigerator.

1.7c Refrigerator Black

This compact and mini dorm fridge is the ultimate value buy. It costs just a little under $70! It features a 1.7 cubic capacity that is large enough to store most of your items! It also has a small freezer compartment for you to store your frozen items like ice cream! It features a black exterior and is very sleek looking, capable of complementing any setting!

You are really getting the bang for the buck by purchasing this dorm sized fridge. It will be able to fit your room nicely and it also saves you on electricity, as it only costs $25 a year to operate it! It measures 18 x 17 x 20 inches.  If you are tight strapped, get this unit and you will be saving money in the long run! All in all, a worthy purchase! Perfect for cheap dorm fridge.


I hope you found your ideal dorm size refrigerator to purchase! I still highly recommend the Danby compact refrigerator to use as your dorm fridge as it is truly the best product out there you can get for its price. Besides all the goodies like the 3 year warranty, it is high quality and fully functional. However, if you need a bigger capacity, feel free to go for the Igloo platinum fridge as it is also recommended. It is one the best rated compact refrigerators for its size. Thanks for reading my article and I hope you are now more familiar as to which dorm refrigerator to get. Go ahead and make an informed purchase! Click here if you are also looking for beer fridges.

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