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Best Dog Crates Reviews

best-dog-cratesThere are as many reasons to own a dog crate as there are dog breeds. But, some of the more common ones include temporary shelter or training for very young dogs. To meet these needs, there are two popular categories of crates. These include metal, which is often stationary, but can also be portable; and fabric, which is most often portable but often used as an alternative to metal crates.

Metal crates offer many benefits in both the commercial and home use categories. Veterinarians use them for containing dogs during office visits, while caring for illness or keeping them safe after surgery. Breeders use them to keep dogs separated and protected while they grow up.

Many believe that crate training allows young puppies to learn where their own space is for resting and sleeping. Using crates like this trains puppies where they belong and they are less likely to overtake other places where owners prefer they not go.

Fabric crates are wonderful for comfort. They offer a contained space that is portable but very comfortable for dogs to enjoy. Some are large and flexible enough to allow for exercise of smaller pets. One distinct advantage is that they are light weight and very easy to fold up and put away.

ProSelect Empire Cage

This crate is designed to restrain very strong and aggressive dogs. The product features steel tubing throughout. The door latches are extremely strong and latches have heavy duty welding for strength. Strong wheels allow you to move the crate into position easily. Eighty-two percent of owners gave this crate a 5 star Amazon rating. Only a few had problems with welded areas that broke off. Most had very heavy dogs to contain and this crate worked for them.

SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Cage Crate Kennel – Multiple Colors Available

This heavy duty commercial weight crate is perfect for medium height to taller dogs. It features heavy duty wheels to facilitate moving it. There are top and side doors, and the bottom is rust resistant with a lipped steel tray underneath. Though over 300 buyers own this product, the reviews are mixed. Some found that their pets were able to bend a few of the bars or even knock them completely out. Many owners are very satisfied because it is the first crate that has successfully contained their pets.

EliteField Beige Soft Dog Crate

With four inches more height than other soft crates, this is an option for larger dogs. At 42 inches long and 32 inches high, it is a comfortable space for most. It comes with its own mat and cover which are both easy to remove and wash. It is ventilated on all four sides with mesh openings and extra roll down flaps to secure these windows and the door. The entire crate is supported by a steel, very strong tube frame, and it will fold down quickly and store into its carrying case. There are storage pockets on top and sides. Over 200 customers like its easy set up without tools, and the comfort it provides their pets.

Carlson Pink and Small Metal Dog Crate

For the pampered girlie doggie who prefers a pretty crate that is just right for her petite size, this one has it all. The single door is secure and the steel construction is sturdy. There is even a pink colored pan that can be quickly removed and washed to keep her tidy. Designed for small doggies and puppies, this is the fashionable choice for fun loving families.

Zampa Portable Crate and Pen

This forty-five inch, highly portable exercise kennel and crate is the preferred option for many families who want to keep their pets comfortable while crated. It will accommodate small, medium and some large dogs. You can use it both inside and out. It sets up easily and will fold down so that you can store it in its carry case, which is included. The top panel will zip off so you can get your pet in and out easily, and there are storage pocket on the outside for any extras you might want to bring along. Over 200 customers left very positive reviews. Some recommend it as a nice place for an older pet to rest comfortably.

Go Pet Club Soft Crate for Pets

This is a completely portable soft crate made from green polyester with a polyvinyl coating. The fabric is very heavy duty and will resist water. It allows for ventilation from all sides with its mesh door and window construction. The mesh is covered by roll up window flaps that secure with straps at the top. The floor is covered with a very thick pad of lamb wool that you can remove for cleaning. The entire crate will fold down to about two inches so that you can store it away.

Pawhut Deluxe Soft Sided Folding Pet Crate

Some families prefer to give their pet a soft sided crate that will double as a play space in a pinch. This handy green and black, waterproof oxford cloth pen allows for protection and keeping the dog secure without the discomfort of wires, rods or steel poles used in the heavier weight crates. It is generously sized to allow for moving and stretching. Owners who purchased this item gave it favorable reviews.

Petnation E2 Portable Crate

With over 2, 580 customers, this softer option for crating seems very popular. It is made of very tightly woven mesh panels that keep dogs comfortable, but are supported by a strong steel frame that surrounds the fabric panels. You can set it up and take it down in minutes without needing any tools. Most who own this product recommend that it be used for well-behaved dogs, because the ones that are not are harder on this crate. Aside from that, most dogs love it and feel safe and comfortable inside.

Midwest Life Stages Single-Door Folding Dog Crate

From the company that has sold the highest number of best-selling crates for dogs, this is another high quality option from their family of products. It has been purchased by over 800 customers who liked the price and found that the quality was very good. Many purchased this for their medium to small sized dogs. The crate easy to carry and fold to close. The corners are rounded for better pet protection.

Midwest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate

This is the Number 1 Best Seller in dog crates, with over 4,000 positive customer reviews. You can access your pet from two sides and each opens easily and closes securely. The finish is a satin black, and there is a strong plastic floor for easy cleaning. It is easy to set up and fold down when done, plus there are two handles to make it easy to carry. Owners who use this product appreciate that it has an inner divider to make it smaller for a puppy. They recommend that you check for sharp edges on some wire ends and file them smooth.


For every circumstance, metal and fabric dog crates allow for a wide variety of containment and safety solutions. Some pet owners will own more than one so that they can adapt to different needs. They may own a sturdy metal crate for daily use and bring along a lighter fabric crate for days when puppy gets to come along with the family on road trips. Some will use one indoors and have one for playing securely outdoors in the sunshine. The many choices for sale allow for many uses.

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