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Best Diving Masks Reviews

Best Diving MasksDiving Masks for snorkelers, divers, and individuals who engage in scuba diving exercises often, a fitting diving mask is an essential accessory to own for several reasons. It protects the eyes debris, dust, and organic matter that can injure the eyes of blur vision while under water.

They also improve vision, enabling people to explore under water to great depths, and thus, have a positive experience overall. With the heightened demand for diving masks over the years, many innovative designs are nowadays attainable online at various price ranges.

What is a Scuba Diving Mask?

A scuba diving mask is designed for scuba dives and they tend to be quite large and square shaped, and they come up high on the face. They also go across the forehead reaching as low as the nose and the rubber that surrounds the areas of the mask in order to help to fit tightly against the face thereby providing a seal that is watertight.

On the other hand, a prescription scuba diving mask works by either having the entire lens area as being a prescription lens, or having the Rx lens to be inserted separately between the mask and the eyes of the wearer. Moreover, the lens in the diving mask is usually made out of glass, acrylic, regular ophthalmic plastic or polycarbonate.

However, it may be noted that all contact lenses are not ideal for use in scuba diving and lenses made of RGPs and the old hard lenses may dig in to the eyes at certain depths due to the increased water pressure. In addition, soft lenses may gather waterborne organisms and thus be contaminated and result in causing disease. It may occur even in pools as well as fresh and saltwater bodies.

Besides picking the scuba diving mask that is most suitable, there is also the need to maintain it properly because it may become damaged because it has not been soaked in fresh water after a dive. Therefore, after every dive, one should thoroughly soak the scuba diving mask in fresh water.

This will prevent salt crystals from drying which would thus cause the metal parts to become weak and would also possibly cause rusting and the straps and fabrics could become rigid as well as split. These crystals combined with sand together act as an abrasive that causes the lens to be scratched as well as dig holes in the equipment.

Therefore, one needs to check the straps by stretching them and seeking out any cracks that may exist and inspect purge valve to see if there are any bits of sand or salt, that exist even after washing. One should repair all damaged parts as well as store the scuba diving mask away from light, heat and fumes and never pile any significant weight on top as well as try to avoid bending fins which should lie flat and not on their tips and also, not let silicone rest against neoprene since that would result in the silicone becoming discolored.

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Top 10 Best Rated Diving Masks Comparison

*Results Are Based On Amazon.com Dive Masks & Snorkels Consumer Reports & Reviews*


While most models offer value for money, the top 10 best diving masks worth buying include:

Cressi F1 Frameless Mask

Talking about the top 10 best diving masks , Cressi’s F1 frameless mask ranks first on our list. It has a single clear-view window that does not obstruct vision when diving.

It also has a comfortable silicone insert, an easy-to-adjust micrometric buckle, and stylish tempered glass that dose not shatter on impact.

Promate Optical Corrective Scuba Dive Snorkeling Mask

For people with eye problems but love snorkeling or scuba diving at the same time, buying this Promate Optical Corrective scuba diving mask is a wise decision. It is light, durable, and hydrodynamic.

It is also comfortable, compatible with a range of optical correction and bifocal lenses, and is attainable cheaply in many stores. This Thai-made mask has a comfortable liquid silicon-injected face skirt, a double edge comfort seal, and a low profile design that does not obstruct vision.

Scuba Choice Blue Diving Dive Snorkel Mask

Scuba Choice Blue Diving Dive Snorkel Mask is an advanced diving scuba mask that comes with a near-sighted RX optical corrective lens. If you have a prescription for correction, you do not have to sacrifice your favorite sporting event(s) just because of your eye problem(s). This mask is attainable in various sizes.

It is made of premium quality parts, has a comfortable crystal silicone facial skirt, and a unique buckle design that users can adjust easily for a custom fit. With it therefore, you will be able to see clearly and have a memorable experience overall.

Aqua Sphere Seal Mask

For the best scuba diving or snorkeling experience, Aqua Sphere Mask is one of the best diving masks to use for the following reasons: its large wrap-around design with a clear lens fits well on the face. It is non-irritant and offers a wider field of view than many high-end goggles in the market.

When you are exploring under water or engaging in underwater photography, you will never miss a perfect shot because of an obstructive diving mask. This mask has an Advanced Fit Technology for maximum comfort. It also has a well-designed skirt for a water tight and comfortable fit; has anti-fog and anti-scratch lenses; and offers 100% UV protection. Finally, it is hydrodynamic and attainable cheaply in many web stores.

Phantom Aquatics Panoramic Scuba Snorkeling Dive Mask

Phantom Aquatics is a stylish all-black panoramic snorkeling dive scuba mask with a patented tri-window design that is comfortable, functional, and does not blur the wearer’s vision while under water. It fits many face shapes and sizes comfortably, has a silicon-injected skirt that creates a comfortable waterproof seal when worn, and a revolutionary push-button buckle for quick strap adjustment.

This eases wearing and removal and guarantees a custom and secure fit when scuba diving or snorkeling. Other desirable attributes are its low volume design that accommodates a range of facial movements; soft wide split feathered-edge strap, and its perfect seal on face. No matter the environment, you will enjoy using it.

GoPro Hero4 and Hero3+ Frameless Dive Mask

GoPro by Octomask is a well-designed frameless diving mask that is compatible with Hero4 and Hero3+ under water cameras. Its compact, low profile is light and durable. It is also clear, does not obstruct vision, and has a large easy-to-reach one-handed nose pocket that equalizes ear pressure when diving. This not only boosts comfort, but also improves user safety significantly.

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Apart from its sturdy, functional design, this mask is a recommended product in many top 10 best diving masks reviews shared online for its super-soft, hypoallergenic silicone skirt, it dual-safety tempered glass lenses, and the 100% satisfaction guarantee offered.

IST Optical Corrective Prescription Scuba Diving Snorkeling Mask

IST is a low profile optical corrective scuba diving and snorkeling mask that is ideal for medium faces. It is light and comfortable; has a large tempered glass face that offers a broad peripheral view; and a silicone-injected skirt and strap that creates a watertight seal when this accessory is in use.

It is also hypoallergenic, non-irritant, and maximizes comfort when in use. This IST Optical Corrective scuba diving mask is cost effective, versatile, and has prescription optical lenses.

Cressi Sub Ondina Kids One Window Snorkeling Mask

Does your child love snorkeling? Are you on the hunt for a good mask that he or she can use during such escapades? Even though several innovative masks are attainable cheaply online, this one-window Italian-made snorkeling mask by Cressi is one of the best models to buy. Its one-piece tempered glass design is durable. It is also function, does not obstruct vision while snorkeling, and features a 100% BPA-free silicone skirt that improves safety and comfort when it is in use.

The skirt is also hypoallergenic; fits an array of body shapes and sizes; and works well with the fitted quick release buckles that improve grip while snorkeling. With each mask that you buy, you get a two-year warranty for the manufacturer.

Promate Frameless Mask

Promate is a frameless scuba diving mask that is also perfect for snorkeling and an array of other underwater diving activities. Its frameless design is light and durable. It also fits various head shapes and sizes well, lacks sharp corners that can lower your overall experience, and has a low internal volume that lowers the risk of leakage, condensation of water, and obstruction of vision while exploring under water.

This one-of-a-kind scuba diving mask has molded ridges for improved grip. It also has innovative Teardrop lenses that increase downward vision, wide top for improve upward vision, and a soft silicone skirt that improves fit and comfort. Finally, it is cost effective and has strap buckles for a secure fit.

Cressi Scuba Diving Free Diving Mask

Cressi by Cressi is an Italian-made low volume scuba diving masks with an innovative two-lens design. Its liquid silicone frame is light, durable, and has hi-tech polymers for a secure fit and comfort. For those with a low budget, but want value for money, this free diving mask will never disappoint.

It low internal volume fits well on land and under water. It does not leak nor obstruct vision while in use, and has instant adjustment strap buckles that hold it securely on the head under water. When diving in rapids or fast moving water you do not have to worry about losing your mask, as is always the case when using poorly built ones.


Buyer’s Guide

Types of Scuba Diving MasksA scuba diving mask is more than just a window through which to view the underwater world.Without a dive mask your eyes can’t focus in the water. The space that a mask gives you lets your eyes focus the light normally and taa daa, you can see. You would think that choosing a scuba mask would be simple to do, but like any piece of scuba gear it takes some thought and research to pick the right scuba mask for you.

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Types of Scuba Diving Masks

Single Pane Mask

The descendant of the oval frogman mask we all remember from old movies, modern single pane scuba masks have almost nothing in common with their vintage counterparts. For one thing they don’t make you look like some big google eyed Cyclops. Hey, fashion is important. Modern masks have silicon skirts to help fit better, as well a low profile design to bring the pane closer to the face and provide a wider range of vision.

Because the pane is all one piece this type of diving scuba mask can’t be outfitted as a prescription scuba mask.

Double Pane Mask

This is probably the most common type of mask around. This scuba diving mask has a very low profile providing a wider range of vision than the single pane scuba mask. The low profile also makes it easier to equalize at depth, as well as reduce mask “squeeze”. If you wear glasses a double pane mask can be outfitted as a prescription dive mask.

Some divers do complain about the mask sitting between the eyes, but most see past that after a bit don’t even notice that it’s there.

Full Face Mask

These masks are used mostly buy commercial divers, although there are models made for recreational use. A benefit of this style mask is that it can be outfitted with underwater communication so you can actually talk with your dive buddy or a  surface team. Some divers feel that because these masks are so comfortable to breath you may actually end up going though more air than usual.

Considerations When Buying a Scuba Diving Mask

Hold the dive mask to your face and breath in slightly. Does it stick with no air leaks? Put the mask on all the way. If you use a snorkel attach one and see if it still fits. Look in the mirror, does the inner skirt circle your face without crossing over your eyebrows or eye creases? Pinch your nose. Is it easy to reach through the skirt and can you equalize?

Skirt Color

You can choose a clear or opaque silicon skirt. An opaque skirt is good for a diver who does underwater photography or video. The opaque skirt helps to focus on the subject and avoid distractions. A clear skirt lets light enter from the sides and helps with peripheral vision.

Multiple Panes

Some scuba masks have panes on the side and bottom to give a wider range of vision. The light can sometime act “funny” with these masks and can be distracting. Definitely a matter of preference and something you should try before you buy.

Purge Valve

A built in purge valve can make it easier to clear your dive mask if it floods out. A downside is that it could fail at depth leaving you in the position of cutting your dive short.

Scuba or Snorkeling

Make sure your nice shiny new dive scuba mask is actually made for scuba diving. If you use a mask that is only made for snorkeling you could end up in serious trouble when you exceed the depth limits of the diving scuba mask. Consider the type of diving you do and the conditions under which you dive, then make a checklist of the features you are looking for in a mask.

If at all possible dive the different styles to see which you prefer. See if your local dive shope has different styles you can try or rent. Choosing the best scuba diving mask can be like going from a 15 inch black and white TV to a 53 inch HDTV complete with home theater.Well maybe not that drastic, but better, definitely better.