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Best Digital Pianos Reviews

Top 5 Digital PianosWhether you are an experienced piano player or just a beginner, rather than owning a classic grand piano it is cheaper to own a digital one. Most of them sound exactly like a grand one, have almost the same feel, while taking up less space and being easier to carry with you if you are in a band or playing in different venues which are miles appart. Another feature which is loved by anyone is the considerably lower price you will have to pay for a digital one, thus saving some money for something else you would like to purchase after reading the best digital piano reviews.

If you are looking into the possibility of owning such a digital musical instrument than follow this digital piano buyer guide and you will have no problem choosing the best one for your needs. One of the most important features you should look for is a weighted keyboard.

Because lets say you are a novice, you start learning how to play the piano on a non-weighted keyboard and after, when you will switch to a weighted one, you will see that your performance will be awful and you will tire very quickly because playing the two different keyboards piano types is not the same action.

Except maybe the notes which are identical they will have almost no similarities whatsoever. Another useful feature would be for the piano to have a headphone jack so when you play it you don`t disturb anyone from your household or your neighbours. Always try to buy a digital piano that was made by a well known brand because they have experience in this field and they build only quality instruments all the time. Look for Yamaha, Korg, Casio and Roland brands and you can`t go wrong. These features have to be taken into account by a serious digital pianos buyer guide.

Also always try the keyboard before you buy it so you know it sounds and feels like a genuine grand piano. Some top rated digital pianos while sounding like the real thins may not have weighted keyboards and thus feeling different when you push a certain key. All these features that were taken into consideration have led us to belive that a great option would be the Yamaha digital pianos.

It comes at a decent price, it is very easy to move around from venue to venue and comes along with everything you need if you are a beginner or a advanced level piano player which wants to create some tunes as well. This is the recommendation of this digital pianos buyer guide, but if you are strict about applying these advices there is no way you can go wrong in the option you choose. Also it won`t hurt if you will read some reviews about different models.


Yamaha YPG 235 Digital Piano

Yamaha YPG 235 Digital PianoThis Yamaha YPG-235 review is about a piano which is presented by Yamaha. The keys in this digital piano are a lot piano-like more than the other keyboards available in the market. The keys in this Yamaha keyboard are not hollow or thin like the other keyboards available in the market. The keyboard has a little heavier bass octave to touch the trebles.

This Yamaha YPG-235 is dual layered so that there are two different voices coming from the different ends of the keyboard., it has 20 auto harmony effects allowing you to add harmonization behind those singular notes. The volume of the harmonies can be controlled separately from the main menu.

There are hundreds of different tone effects to choose from and there are some tones which are not up to the standards. The touch sensitivity can be adjusted with 3 preset velocity curves, but this feature however will not apply to the instruments which are not touch-sensitive.

This Yamaha YPG-235 review tells us that the keyboard has 30-built in songs and an additional of 70 can be added more from the CD ROM. But in the case of adding those extra songs you are required to purchase a USB cable which can connect the keyboard to the computer. There are 160 rhythms and 12 versatile drum kits which are also included in the keyboard.

The recording in this keyboard can be supported on five tracks of melody and on one track of chords. The total numbers of notes that can be contained in this best digital piano are 10,000.

There many accessories that is included in this Yamaha YPG-235 which is given below:

It has a matching removable sheet music rest. There is over view CD-ROM with song-learning software. The AC power adaptor is not included in the package. However Yamaha recommends the use of PA-150 or PA-5D with the Yamaha YPG-235.

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The pros of Yamaha YPG-235 are that it has large built-in chord library, it has footswitch input for connecting the sustain pedal. It has the ability to add the songbank through the USB. It can record up to 6 tracks. It is very light in weight and hence easy to carry, the weight is only 18.5 lbs.

The cons of the Yamaha YPG-235 would be that it does not include AC adaptor. There is no sustain –pedal included and the polyphony is limited when the auto-harmony is used. Yamaha YPG-235 customer reports shows that this model is portable and suits the advanced musicians also, since it is economical and has a lot of notes range in the price which is just right. This keyboard piano has received positive reviews from the users and the drawbacks of this product are very less, a good choice for the musicians wanting a good keyboard which good notes range.


- $17.49
Yamaha YPG-235 76-Key Portable Grand Piano
1525 Reviews
Yamaha YPG-235 76-Key Portable Grand Piano
  • 76 piano-style keys with Graded Soft Touch Technology allow for expressive performances
  • Nearly 500 Voices, 160 Preset Styles, and 30 preset songs with a built-in Recording Feature
  • Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.) is an advanced set of helpful learning tools built into the instrument, teaching you how to play and perform
  • USB connectivity and compatibility with music software on your computer
  • Keyboard Only - AA Batteries or PA150 Power Adapter required (sold separately)

Yamaha P155 Digital Piano

Yamaha P155 Digital PianoIf you are on the lookout for a piano that is light and portable, this Yamaha P155 review will give you more insights on why this model will prove to be the perfect option. Being known in the production of musical equipments, the brand itself is a guarantee of the product’s high quality.

The realistic sound and dynamic expression that is let out by this piano are among the most significant benefits that have been highlighted in many Yamaha P155 customer reports. This can be attributed as a result of the different features that are embedded in the best piano. For instance, it has four different layers of stereo samples. It makes use of the manufacturer’s Dynamic Stereo Sampling technology. Whether you play softly or forcefully, you and your listeners will surely be amazed by the sound quality of this digital piano from Yamaha.

There are 17 different preset voices that are integrated in the digital piano. If you would want to be listening to the string of a warm guitar, organ, electric bass, or piano, among others, that will surely be made possible. In addition, it also has 4 different levels of velocity. These levels are essential for the recreation of the CFIIIS. They smoothly blend over various levels. The addition of key-on key-off samples is also a great feature. These are just some of the essential features that have also been lauded in many Yamaha P155 reviews, noting that they help in making the digital piano perfect in playing different kinds of music.

The ultra-expressive Graded Hammer keyboard of the P155 is also another thing that users are thankful for. This makes it possible to play music precisely and in good quality.

The Yamaha P155 also has an excellent recording capability. This will allow you to record up to three songs. If you would want to record more than three songs, such will not be a problem. The P155 has a USB port that will help you to save your recorded songs in a device of choice. Recording the songs that are played in this digital piano is pretty much very straightforward, lacking the complications that you might experience in any other model. All that needs to be done is to choose a setting, such as depth or voice, and press the record button as soon as you hit a note.

Once you are done, you just need to press the record button again and the recording will stop. If you are on the lookout for a piano that is light and portable.

Another best feature that users will be able to enjoy with the Yamaha P115 would be the split and dual voice modes. Under the split voice mode, you can play different voices on each hand. In the case of the dual voice mode, you will have the opportunity to make interesting sounds.

This best rated Yamaha digital piano has a lot to offer, making it a good investment, especially for those who are really incline into music. As noted in many Yamaha P155 customer reports, there is no need to look any further if you are looking for a top rated digital piano that has superb sound quality.


Yamaha P255 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano with Sustain Pedal, Black
336 Reviews
Yamaha P255 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano with Sustain Pedal, Black
  • Impressive Piano Voices Reproduce the Sensation of Playing a Concert Grand Piano
  • Synthetic Ivory Key tops 
  • 256 Notes of Polyphony

Korg SP 170 Digital Piano

Korg SP 170 Digital PianoThe family of Korg’s infamous SP line of digital pianos has recently given birth to a new member, the Korg SP-170. The youngest among all the SP models, the SP-170 is also the most portable and the most affordable. But despite its appealing price and size, the SP-170 still delivers the best piano playing experience. With a “keep it simple” principle in mind, this new SP tot is the perfect piece for any beginner and professional alike.

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The Korg SP-170 comes complete with two concert grand piano sounds and each one, individually recorded with utmost care. It features several velocity layers to capture varying tones of playing dynamics, allowing it to respond expressively to every touch. Aside from its basic piano tones, it also has eight additional highly accurate sounds that complete the selection of keyboard sounds including an electric piano, harpsichord, vibraphone, pipe organ, electric organ, strings, and so much more.

Adding warmth and form to its sound are only the best reverb and chorus effects that only Korg can provide. And although the SP-170 does not need any tuning, it can be adjusted and tuned to match any other musical instruments and can also be transposed to complement any musical key.

The Korg SP-170 is both stylish and economical. It is compact, humble, and is designed to perfectly fit the modern world. No other digital piano can deliver such solid and rich vibrant sounds that only an authentic grand piano can provide. Just like any other Korg SP family member, the SP-170 has a full 88-note piano-style keyboard with three touch curves that makes it responsive to any playing style. It also has the newly developed Natural Weighted Hammer Action (HM) that loyally reproduces the touch and distributed weight of real acoustic piano keys, but without tipping the scale beyond 26 pounds.

The SP-170 is not just an unassuming piece of work; it is also self-contained with its full stereo sound system. Its built-in sound system comes with a pair of full blown oval speakers that are housed in an internal bass-reflex cabinet producing a bold and deep, yet well-defined dynamic sound.

But perhaps the best thing that the Korg SP-170 offers is its versatility – it is more than just a musical instrument, it can be used as a recording medium as well. If you are someone who fancies recording or listening to his own performances, the SP-170’s dual headphone outputs will let you connect to a recording equipment or to an external amplifier, allowing you to satisfy your listening desires.So whether you are a teacher or a student, a hobbyist or a professional, if you want a piano that will give you the feel of the grand stage and the confidence of being at home, the Korg SP-170 is the piano that you are looking for.


Korg SP170s - 88 - Key Digital Piano in Black
97 Reviews
Korg SP170s - 88 - Key Digital Piano in Black
  • Simple in design, the portable and stylish SP-170s emphasizes the vital piano elements: a comfortable keyboard, and a satisfying sound
  • Convenient Piano Play button instantly recalls the main piano sound
  • The Sound button provides access to each of the ten internal sounds
  • The two skillfully sampled concert grand piano sounds capture all the nuances of the performer's touch
  • A total of ten sounds are provided, including electric pianos, harpsichord, organs, strings, and more

Casio PX 330 Digital Piano

Casio PX 330 Digital PianoThe Casio PX 330 digital stage piano delivers an extraordinary level of expression and realism. For a grand piano sound with flawless transitions and a wonderful dynamic range, four lively layers of stereo piano samples are included with proprietary Linear Morphing System of the Casio. For additional realism, this gadget motivates the open strings’ sound if the dampers are lifted by the pedal by the use of Acoustic Resonance DSP. In addition to this, the PX 330 has 128 polyphony notes, sufficient horsepower for the mainly demanding melodic passages and the capability to layer hums and utilize the damper pedal with no worry to drop the notes.

The effect is a majestic piano experience which is supreme at any cost. The Casio PX 330 features a latest Tri-Sensor 88 notes scaled hammer action piano. The superior engineering of the Casio has resulted in a unique piano feel which captures each nuance and detail of your presentation. The scaled hammer action gives the feel, resistance and weight of a piano with no sacrificing the handiness of the piano. The outstanding piano sound, keyboard and integral USB MIDI line make this gadget the ideal piano to include in your studio. If you are prepared to get this gadget to a concert, the integral registration memory enables you to recall splits, layers and combinations of sounds instantly.

For great active sound from your house’s PA system or from your amp, this PX 330 has ¼ inch outputs. On the whole, whether you are working on a studio or out on a stage or you are at home, this instrument was done to make it a priceless investment. You can simply take this instrument from home, to the concert, to rehearsals and back without worries as it is light in weight. It links easily to your PC by the use of USB and just connects as simple to an active mixer for utilize on stage. Now, this product is the unquestionable leader in the field of the best digital piano.

  • The Casio PX 330 is obtainable online at a wonderful price.
  • Here are some of the wonderful features of Casio PX 330
  • 128-note polyphony
  • 88 weighted, scaled hammer-action keys
  • Reverb (4 types), Chorus (4 types), Brilliance (-3 to 0 to 3), Acoustic Resonance
  • 250 tones (with layer and split)
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The latest Casio PX 330 renames the digital piano class with extraordinary performance and sound quality in a shiny package which is extremely portable. Featuring a new Tri-sensor 88-note scaled hammer action keyboard and the all new grand piano samples and just weighing 26 pounds, this instrument is flexible enough for any stage or studio and home.

Here’s what some of the owners had to speak about the Casio PX 330:

We highly recommend this keyboard, especially if you are looking for an economical and quality substitute for an acoustic piano. If you are looking for a basic version of this instrument, without the additional patches, but still with the same quality construction and excellent piano sounds, consider the PX-130 as well.


Casio Privia PX-330
37 Reviews
Casio Privia PX-330
  • 88 weighted, scaled hammer-action keys
  • 128-note polyphony
  • 250 tones (with layer and split)
  • Reverb (4 types), Chorus (4 types), Brilliance (-3 to 0 to 3), Acoustic Resonance
  • Metronome

Casio CDP 100 Digital Piano

Casio CDP 100 Digital PianoA gadget has been done which really sends the happiness of playing the piano to everyone who has still dreamed of determining to play. Careful sampled from a concert grand piano mate and authentic tones and provide the most satisfying and realistic musical experience with a Weighted Scaled Hammer Action. It also comes with a sustain pedal and an adapter. Optional corresponding stand is also obtainable. Casio CDP 100 has 88 notes with level three touch sensitivity and comprises 5 notes.

Its general feature is its superior sound quality which makes you play like a professional. Certainly, this is the best buy as it is merely price for about 350USD. Also, it is portable wherein you can simply bring it around as it just weighs about 25 lbs. therefore, if you play at the church, stage, school or at your home, this gadget will definitely bring out the finest in you. The best thing about this wonderful keyboard is that some models are capable to replay and record the melody you finished.

Normally this gadget has a total set of 88 keys in terms of keyboards. Moreover, the beats are so wonderful which it permits you to play as a pro. In addition to this, it can make sounds from vibes, strings, organ, harpsichord and some other electronic sounds same with almost all Casio digital keyboards.

  • The Casio CDP 100 can be reach on lots of market on the internet.
  • The Casio CDP 100 comes with great features
  • It comes with a sustain pedal and an adapter
  • This digital piano also comprises 5 tones, 8 digital effects and 32 note polyphony
  • The scaled hammer action keyboard will provide the player the feel of an acoustic piano
  • CDP 100 is an ideal fir for students and intermediate players alike

Undoubtedly, with Casio CDP 100 you can never go wrong. But, there are lots of Casio digital piano models obtainable in the marketplace. Whether your keyboard purchase is for studio, home or stage use, this product is the best deal in town.

Here is what one of the owners had to state regarding the Casio CDP 100

We purchased this item for my wife who is an accomplished pianist. She has a grand piano and has played and taught piano (private and college level). Reason for purchase is to have a portable item that could be used by us in churches or situations where a decent piano was not available. This unit is very portable. A little bulkier then the smaller keyboards but you do have the benefit of a standard piano keyboard. She is happy with the tone quality and action of the keys.

The Casio will definitely handle most of the music that she would play. She realizes that this does not compare to her grand piano but she admits that it is an excellent item for the money. The only drawback is that it does not have a dedicated line to hook into an amplifier. An adapter has to be used on the headphones jack. Definitely, it is the best buy for us.


Casio Stereo Sampling CDP-100 Keyboard with stand 88 key
  • Casio Stereo Sampling CDP-100 Keyboard with stand 88 key
  • Electronics