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Best Delsey Luggage Reviews

Best Delsey LuggageIf you travel then you have surely experienced the frustration of luggage that’s easily damaged or hard to recognize. We have researched the top 5 styles of Delsey luggage and our extensive reviews for 2016 will help you demystify the many options when searching for a premium and durable piece of luggage.

We were first impressed with the durability reported by the hundreds of reviews we’ve read about the different Delsey luggage products. But often durability comes at the sacrifice of style and we are here to tell you that the diversity of product styles and colors you have available to choose from is almost endless.

Gone will be the days of the funny little decoration hanging from your bag to distinguish it from the 300 other bags coming down the conveyor.  With the secure locking system you will also be able to say good by to shrink-wrapping your belongings to insure their security.

So, without further ado, lets begin our reviews of the 5 top Delsey luggage products for 2016.

Delsey Luggage Standard Sizes

We will assume that everyone is familiar with the industry standard carry-on size. Here we found an interesting response because the advertised size turns out is not the true total size.

Actual size of the Delsey Luggage Helium Titanium International Carry-On EXP Spinner Trolley is 22&Prime x 14&Prime x 8.5&Prime which meets all airline standards.

If you are planning to check a bag for a longer stay then your next choice will be either the 24&Prime model as in the Delsey Luggage Chatelet 24 Inch Spinner Trolley which measures 11&Prime x 24&Prime x 18&Prime  or the 25&Prime model like the Delsey Luggage Helium Titanium 25 Inch EXP Spinner Trolley which technically has the same dimensions.

Going on an extended trip or cruise? We have found the bigger bags make more sense on our cruises because we can check fewer bags in flight have less to store in our cabin suite. We would recommend checking out the Delsey Luggage Belfort Plus 30 Inch Spinner Trolley measuring in at 30&Prime x 19.5&Prime x 12.5&Prime

Need a stylish and hand smaller carry-on bag, then we recommend you look into the Delsey Luggage Pernety Horizontal 15.6 Inch Laptop Tote which measures in at 15.8&Prime x 3.5&Prime x 11.8&Prime and weighs just 2 pounds.

Delsey Luggage Quick Reference Chart

Hover over any image in this grid to see the current description and discounted price! The buy from Amazon button actually takes you to a detailed product review complete with availability and shipping options.Reviews of the Top 5 Delsey Luggage Models for 2016

First we want to explain that these review sections describe the general product features of each Delsey Luggage model series but you need to click the picture or follow a link to discover all the size and color choice combinations you will have for each model.

There just is not enough space here to show each different option, but we shared a sampling in the chart above.

Delsey Luggage Belfort Plus 30 Inch Spinner Trolley

The Delsey Luggage Belfort series is available in a carry-on spinner trolley, 26&Prime spinner trolley, and a 30&Prime spinner trolley model. All Belfort models are constructed of a 100% lightweight injection molded polypropylene shell that makes it both flexible when being banged around and moisture-resistant.

We found after reading about 30 different reviews very mixed responses. Turns out that the 30&Prime model had an 84&Prime 5 star satisfaction rating while about 50% of the reviews on the 26&Prime model had issues with either the main handle or the lock system.

We also discovered that all the Belfort models had a high quality soft lining and one half of the interior is protected by a zipper lining while the other half uses a nylon strap system.

The bright colors and solid but lightweight molded construction make the Delsey luggage Belfort a travel companion worth checking out.

Delsey Luggage Chatelet 24 Inch Spinner Trolley

The Desley Luggage Chatelet series has to be the most beautiful group in the series. With the Chatelet series you can choose from 21&Prime carry-on to 24&Prime and 28&Prime extended travel check baggage models.

Because of its designer styling the Delsey Luggage Chatelet series is offered in the following colors, Champagne, Black, Brown, Black/Black, Black/Tan, Chocolate/Tan, and Cream/Tan.

This is truely a piece of art on wheels and deserves a closer look. Delsey uses 100% Bayer Virgin Makrolon Polycarbonate in the construction of the outer shell and you have to zoom in for a close-up look to see the detail that goes into this finish. Yes, I know, its a piece of luggage, but if you are going to travel why not travel with a little style.

Like most of the other Delsey modesl the Chatelet series includes a well lined interior complete with two compartments, one zippered and one with nylon straps. We neglected to mention above that all Delsey Spinner Trolley models come with compact double roller wheels for added strength and durability.

The Delsey Luggage Chatelet series scores an average 75% 5 star satisfaction rating among the different reviewers we researched.

Watch this classy video to see the top quality that goes into every piece of Delsey Luggage.

Delsey Luggage Helium Titanium 25 Inch EXP Spinner Trolley

The Desley Helium Titanium series is different in one distinct way from any of the models we have discussed so far. What makes to different is being the first expandable model in our 2016 Delsey Luggage Reviews. Turns out the Helium Titanium has a 2&Prime expansion zipper option for those extended trips turned buying trips. We’d rather expand our luggage than have to buy an additional piece on the trip to handle our spouses shopping.

The Desley Helium Titanium series comes in a carry-on as well as 25&Prime and 29&Prime models and is available in 3 color options, silver, carbon grey, and red.The shell is constructed of 100% polycarbonate that is promoted as being both lightweight and scratch resistant.

It features the same twin interior compartment and heavy duty dual wheels along with collapsing handle.

Delsey Luggage Helium Hyperlite 25 Inch Expandable Spinner Trolley

Delsey does offer a line of soft-side luggage in their Helium Hyperlite Expandable series. Once again Delsey Hyperlite is available in all three standard sizes carry-on, 25&Prime, and 29&Prime models. The hyperlite series is offered in just to color choices, mocha, and black.

Delsey Helium Hyperlite features a fiberglass frame covered in Dura tec fabric with a nylon lining. This model is designed to hit a competitive price point and as such is priced about 40% below other Delsey models.

Delsey Luggage Pernety Horizontal 15.6 Inch Laptop Tote

If you are searching for a quality laptop case for your next flight then we encourage you to take a closer look at the Delsey Luggage Pernety Horizontal Laptop Tote. This 15.6&Prime laptop case is made of 100% leather outer with a top quality polyester lining.

It is offered in your choice of brown, black, or red leather.

It includes a 27&Prime shoulder strap with zipper closer and measures 15.8&Prime x 3.5&Prime x 11.8&Prime. We want to mention that Delsey also offers a 14&Prime flap-over laptop tote 12.5&Prime x 15.75&Prime x 4&Prime as well as a Weekender tote 11.75&Prime x 17.75&Prime x 10.25&Prime and Gaite Personal Tote 14.25&Prime x 16.5&Prime x 4.75&Primeall made from the highest quality leather outer for durability and great looks.

Delsey Luggage Warranty

According to the Delsey website all products from Delsey Luggage comes with a 10 year factory warranty.Delsey Luggage Pro’s and Con’sPro’s We found that every series of Delsey luggage included a set of high quality double wheels in there spinner trolley series.

All styles with the exception of the Hyperlite series used some form of hard shell outer case for better protection of your clothing. All series featured a TSA accepted locking system for added security.

All series are backed by a strong 10 year manufacturer warranty.Con’s The major drawback we found in common with the negative reviews where from people having problems either with the lock itself or the lock being accepted through TSA checkout. For this reason we encourage you to read a few of these negative reviews and make up your own mind.

The only other complaint that appeared across a few models was the occasional problem encounter with handle issues. From our frequent flying experience we realize that any piece of luggage can have a service issue once in awhile, and of course its maginfied when you’re relaxing on vacation.

Desley Luggage Consumer Reviews

Because consumer reviews are listed by individual piece we have included this link to let you see the entire selection of Delsey Luggage Reviews for 2016 all in one location.

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