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Best Deep Fryers Reviews

best deep fryerA top quality deep fryer that gives you years of high-performance operation and value for your money typically ranges from around $75 (for a basic but acceptable unit) to $300+ for high-end options. The best option for your needs depends on the features you want in your ideal machine and your deep fat fryer buying budget.

Before you go shopping for your new best deep fryer for turkey it’s important to read most of the deep fryer reviews to know exactly what to look for in the perfect piece of equipment. This page provides tips on how to buy a top deep fryer that best suits your needs by highlighting the features that matter the most to the average user.


Top 5 Rated Fryers Comparison

*Results Are Based On Amazon.com Deep Fryers Consumer Reports & Reviews*

Users Rating
Users Reviews
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Waring DF250B 1800-Watt Deep Fryer, Brushed Stainless
Waring DF250B 1800-Watt Deep Fryer
4.1 out of 5 stars
150 + customer reviews
T-fal FZ7002 ActiFry Low-Fat Healthy AirFryer Dishwasher Safe Multi-Cooker, 2.2-Pound, Black
T-fal FZ7002 ActiFry Multi-Cooker
4.1 out of 5 stars
500 + customer reviews
Presto 05411 GranPappy Electric Deep Fryer
Presto GranPappy Electric Deep Fryer
4.5 out of 5 stars
590 + customer reviews
Hamilton Beach 3 Liter Deep Fryer With Digital Timer (Model 35030)
Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach 3 Liter Deep Fryer
4.2 out of 5 stars
150 + customer reviews
Cuisinart CDF-100 Compact 1.1-Liter Deep Fryer, Brushed Stainless Steel
Cuisinart CDF-100 Compact Deep Fryer
4.2 out of 5 stars
670 + customer reviews

Waring Pro DF250B 1800-Watt Deep Fryer Review

Waring Pro DF250B 1800-Watt Deep FryerYou know what the problem is with most at-home fried foods? They just taste too fried. You start off with visions of perfectly crispy and golden and end up with a greasy, not-so-crisp final product. With the Waring pro deep fryer, those crispy, golden wings are finally a reality at home! This is a serious kitchen appliance that will astound most at-home cooks. It is built to fry up to 2.5 pounds of food at a time, and has the best safety features built in are as good as any at-home cook could ask for.

Large Capacity

If you’ve ever tried to fry up enough chicken wings or shrimp for the family with a conventional waring commercial deep fryer, you know that most of these units simply can’t handle more than a serving or two of food at a time. That means that you spend more time cooking than you should have to. With the Waring Pro DF250B, you can deep fry everything you need to cook in one shot. A generous 2.5 pounds of food can be cooked in just one session. Anything that saves time so drastically will surely interest people who love to cook at home.

Safety Features

One thing that everyone can agree about when it comes to deep frying foods is that it can be dangerous. When you heat oil to high temperatures, there are always safety concerns. Some units will splatter oil so much, that cooking a simple meal makes you feel like you are dodging red hot bullets. The Waring pro professional deep fryer is designed to keep you safe while you cook. Once the food is immersed in the waring countertop deep fryer, you close the lid, and don’t have to worry about oil spatters. The lid also filters away condensation, so less splattering occurs. There is even an auto shut-off feature that kicks in if the unit gets too hot. Safety is very important in the kitchen, and the Waring professional deep fryer is one of the safest and top deep fryers on the market.

Product Specs & Features

  • Stainless waring turkey deep fryer with 1800-watt immersion element and 2.5 pound capacity
  • Durable mesh basket & collapsible cool-touch handle;
  • Domed lid with condensation catcher for less splattering
  • 3-foot breakaway cord, overload automatic shutoff, and interlock system for safety
  • 1-gallon removable enamel-coated oil container; 30-minute timer
  • Measures 12-4/5 by 18-2/7 by 12-8/9 inches;
  • 1-year limited warranty

Waring DF250B Reviews

Real life customers have posted very positive reviews about the Waring pro deep fryer. Many customers say that they love the innovative design of this and feel safer when they are frying with it, than they did with other appliances. A few customers said that they were concerned with having such a hot appliance on their counter tops, and every customer should take steps to protect counter tops when doing any kind of cooking, so this concern is legitimate. The high customer marks and innovative design, make the Waring a highly recommended appliance for cooking at home.


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T-fal FZ700251 Review

T-fal FZ700251 ReviewFrench fries are one of the most popular deep fried foods in the world. Who knew that taking the humble spud, slicing it into thin strips and deep frying them to crispy, golden perfection would become an international phenomenon? My only problem with fried potatoes is how fast I go through them. When I really get going I can put away more of those things than I care to admit in public.

Have you ever made a fresh batch of fries and put them on a sheet of paper towel to let them drain? If you’ve ever held that piece of paper up to the light you know how much oil comes along with the typical french fry meal. Don’t get me wrong, it tastes awesome but I know that kind of greasy food can’t be good for you on a regular basis.

If like me you’ve got to have french fries and other fried treats on a regular basis but don’t want the extra oil and calories, the T-fal FZ700251 ActiFry is a great option to consider. Along with being incredibly easy to use and clean up, this deep fryer turkey cooker only needs one or two tablespoons of oil to get delicious results on up to four servings of food.

T-fal ActiFry

The T-fal has a 2.2 food capacity which makes it the best kitchen appliance to make medium sized batches a single go. This electric deep fryer is good for feeding groups of 2-4 tasty low-fat fried dishes quickly and conveniently. With the ActiFry you only need to use 1-2 tablespoons of oil to give you delicious results on fried potatoes, vegetables, chicken nuggets and many other other bite sized foods.

The minimal oil requirement means you get to enjoy many of your fried favorites without worrying about the oil and fat content. Along with saving on calories, you also save serious cash over time by using less oil.

Temperature Control

The T-fal deep fryer has a very straightforward one-button temperature control setting and doesn’t need preheating. Once you turn it on, the ActiFry quickly heats up and maintains a constant temperature of 338 degrees Fahrenheit which ensures perfect cooking results for a wide variety of foods. The built-in timer lets you set the cook time to suit each specific food (e.g. 15 minutes for vegetables and 30 minutes for french fries).

Ease Of Use

A major plus for the T-fal fryer is how simple it is to use. These are the easy steps to operating the ActiFry once you have it assembled and ready to go.

  • Place your frozen french fries or other food items into the electric deep fryers for turkey basket.
  • Add a tablespoon or two of oil to the basket and close the lid.
  • Turn the machine on and set the timer to your required cook time.
  • Leave the ActiFry to work it’s frying magic.
  • Once the timer buzzer goes off, turn the machine off, then serve and enjoy your low-fat fried dish.
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The T-fal air fryer is made for indoor use and its safety features make for confident frying. The lightweight and compact design of the ActiFry makes it easy to take it with you for convenient cooking in hotel rooms, RV’s and even on house boats.

Safety Features

As much as I love fried foods I love being safe and happy even more. This brings us to the safety aspects and reviews of the FZ700251, which I am glad to say do not disappoint.

The ActiFry is extremely safe to use inside of your home and every feature of this machine is geared towards you and your family’s safety. Along with only needing a tiny amount of oil for frying, it is also completely enclosed during operation which prevents harmful hot oil splatter. The machine also features a cool-touch exterior, which means it won’t burn anyone’s hands if they happen to touch it while it’s on.

The ActiFry is extremely cool-looking, but the unique shape of the best fryer can make storage a challenge depending on the amount of space you have available. If you have a large kitchen and storage areas, this isn’t a concern. However, if you have minimal counter-top and storage space to work with this electric fish fryer may be awkward to use and put away.

Unique Features

  • Rotating Paddle – The rotating arm is what puts the “Acti” (aka active) in ActiFry. This specially designed and unique feature of the best turkey deep fryer helps to distribute the small amount of oil throughout your food and helps it to cook evenly.
  • Timer – It comes with a built in countdown timer and buzzer system that lets you know when your food is done.
  • Available Colors – The indoor turkey deep fryer comes in a modern-looking black finish with silver accents.
  • Non-stick basket and paddle – The slick non-stick coating on every inside surface makes it incredibly easy to clean no matter what you’re cooking.

The air fryer comes with a recipe book that gives you a few ideas for meals and snacks you can whip up in your new machine. It also comes with a convenient measuring tablespoon that makes it easy to know exactly how much oil to use in the machine.

A big part of my review process is reading everything I can get my hands on about what other real life users have to say about their best fryers for home use experiences. For this review I went through close to 500 reviews, and overall most of users really enjoy using this machine. However, for many there were a couple of issues with the fryer that really stood out.

The ActiFry is a big hit when it comes to preparing tasty and low fat french fries that are just as good as using the best home deep fryer (especially if you use an extra tablespoon of oil than the fryer instructions call for). The simple and easy to use design of the ActiFry, along with the non-stick surfaces and easy clean up also scored points with most users. ActiFry users are making delicious morsels in the fryer like granola, stir fry dishes, chili, chicken wings and even roasted nuts.

The primary problem some people have with this best home fryer machine is that does not work well for making certain foods. If food isn’t firm or doesn’t hold its shape during cooking and stirring it doesn’t do well because of the rotating paddle. Another issue that some users had is the tendency for the paddle to get “stuck” while making certain food items.

To sum things up, this fryer is best for users that want to fry smaller quantities and only need to prepare certain types of food items. If you are looking for a high capacity top food fryer that can fry up any kind of food to perfection you’re better off going with another machine.Note: A big fan of the fryer is none other than Oprah Winfrey herself. Now I’m not a fancy guy at all, but the way I see it if the ActiFry is good enough for Oprah, it’s good enough for me!


  • It lets you make great tasting french fries with a fraction of the best oil for deep frying you’d normally use.
  • The best rated fryer is easy to operate and clean which makes it simple to use.
  • The ActiFry is easy to assemble and take apart and the basket, paddle and lid are all conveniently dishwasher safe.
  • The machine is fully enclosed during operation so food odors don’t escape into your house.
  • The stirring motion of the paddle lets food cook up evenly (and makes it very cool to look at in action!).
  • The design and minimal oil usage which means that it’s very safe to use in your home or anywhere else you have access to electricity.
  • You don’t have to stir, flip or watch your food closely while it’s in the ActiFry. The combination of the countdown timer, automatic stirring paddle and single button temperature setting means you can practically “set it and forget it”.


  • The ActiFry works very well for cooking french fries and stir fried vegetables but for many other foods this machine doesn’t do a great job.
  • The rotating arm design and small capacity is best for preparing small meals and bite-sized foods but not large portion sizes.
  • This fryer does not produce true “deep fried” results on most foods. If you’re making something that needs to be fried in a lot of oil for good results this fryer is not a good choice.


You can read the T-fal actifry reviews and get it from a variety of retailers. I prefer doing my shopping online, particularly at Amazon.com, because they almost always offer a discount off retail prices and they deliver to your door at absolutely no extra cost.


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Presto Granpappy Review

Presto GranpappyThe Presto deep fryer makes fried foods the way your grandparents remember them, and just as good as old-fashioned cooking should be, but with a modern flair. The Presto Granpappy brings big kettle frying back to your kitchen in a compact and efficient way.


  • Deep bucket fry container
  • Heavy duty cast aluminum for strength and durability
  • Non-stick finish for easy cleanup
  • Rubber, skid-resistant feet
  • 1500-watts of power
  • Slotted scoop for food retrieval
  • Compact, space-saving size
  • One-year warranty

Really Deep

The Granpappy is a deep bowl fryer that lets you create delicious foods for family and guests. You can make 6 servings at once in this deep oil reservoir.

Strong, Durable and Easy to Clean

The large bowl of the GranPappy best electric deep fryer is coated with non-stick surface that makes cleaning it a breeze. The outer casing is heavy-duty cast aluminum that resists damage and keeps oil hot while cooking. This even has skid resistant rubber feet that keep it in place for extra safety on your kitchen counter. In spite of the Presto’s deep bowl and large capacity, it is a lightweight unit that weighs only 4.4 pounds making the electric fryer easy to move around and store.


The Presto 05411 comes with 1500-watts of power so your oil is ready faster, and the heat stays consistent throughout the cooking time for an even frying no matter how much or how little you are making. With this, the oil stays the temperature you need automatically, so you don’t have to fuss with keeping it where you need it as you add or remove foods.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is something I think that needs to be said on all of the pages of this site. When looking for a product online, no matter what it is, you need to be sure the site is safe, has great customer service and competitive prices. The third is actually least important as you will always find a discount online and many sites have similar prices. But if the site is not secure or there is poor customer service, everything else becomes irrelevant.

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Presto Guarantee

Presto takes pride in the things that they create for homes everywhere. The Presto granpappy deep fryer is good enough to be found in commercial kitchens, and produces the same restaurant quality fried foods from main courses to appetizers, but is meant for your home. Granpappy comes with the same excellent one-year warranty that Presto provides all of its customers to ensure them of the quality and dependability is known for.

Granpappy Accessories

The Presto top fryer comes with a slotted spoon for retrieving food from the fryer when ready. While spoon retrieval isn’t as easy as lifting it with a basket, there are advantages to using spoons like the one that comes with. Typical fryer baskets can be a pain to clean, especially if batter or breading becomes hardened on the wires of the baskets. Spoons clean up easier than baskets and for that this is one of the best deep fryers for turkeys.

The one problem with it is that it doesn’t have a lid, which can make it dangerous with small children around. This isn’t a problem if you pay extra attention to what is going on in your kitchen at all times when you are deep frying foods on the countertops. This, of course should be the case with any fryer, but especially with ones that do not have lids.


The Presto Granpappy is a top large deep fryer that is easy to use, and affordable for entry level users. While it is big enough for most uses, it may not be big enough for large parties. You can’t cook more than one food type at one time because it is a single basket style deep fryer, but that’s plenty for most people. If you are looking for great customer service, great deep fryer reviews and a hassle free experience before buying one you came to the right place.


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Hamilton Beach 3 Liter Best Deep Fryer Review

Hamilton Beach 3 Liter Deep FryerFried meals have their share of bad publicity, from the messy and painful hot oil splatters to the unhealthy, excess greasiness. But if you are cautious and provided the right kind of deep fryer, then fried food can actually be healthy and tasty too. Hamilton Beach, the popular manufacturer of appliances worldwide, has researched these issues thoroughly and came up with their very own Stainless Steel 12-Cup Deep Fryer for cooking perfectly fried food without the unhealthy greasy aftertaste and unwanted splatters.

More Cooking Coverage

The Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer measures an impressive 10.2 by 11.5 by 17.4 inches, which makes it larger than most best fryers in the market. This will let you cook your favorite fried food in large batches – for the whole family or a group of friends and guests. From French fries and donuts to chicken wings and fish fillets and so much more! What’s even better is that the Hamilton Beach commercial electric deep fryer has a power output of 1500W, meaning that it can cook food to crispy fried perfection in lesser time!

No Messy Splatters

You don’t have to endure the painful oil burns from the oil splatters as you fry your favorite foods. The Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Deep Fryer comes with a lid that can remain closed not only as you fry but as you lower and lift the food into the commercial electric fryer. This allows a totally splatter free cooking – no painful oil splatters and no messy oil splashes on your countertop!

Healthier Cooking

The food basket of it the makes it easy to drain the food after frying. This will help you get rid of the excess oil and unwanted grease from your fried foods. The handles also stay cool to the touch for easy carrying and handling the food batches after cooking.

Features and Specifications

  • Large 12 cup cooking capacity can easily cook up to 12 servings of French fries
  • Immersed heating system allows direct contact cooking with oil for quick heating
  • Temperature adjustment controls
  • Digital timer with audible tone
  • Breakaway cord for easy storage
  • Ready light indicator
  • Illuminated power button
  • Measures approximately 10.2 by 11.5 by 17.4 inches
  • Weighs approximately 9 pounds

Customer Scores

There are a total of over 150 customer reviews of the Hamilton Beach on Amazon at the time of writing. These customers awarded the product with an average of 4.4 out of a possible 5 star rating.

The majority of reviews about the 12-Cup Deep Fryer are favorable but some customers complain that cleaning the commercial grade best deep fryer can be tedious due to its deep capacity and given the greasy left over from frying. The best solution to this however is using warm water together with sodium bicarbonate, lemon, and your usual liquid soap as it makes the cleansing process fast and easy. Overall, the customers who reviewed it wholeheartedly recommend it which makes this the best french fries fryer.


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Cuisinart CDF-100 Compact Deep Fryer Reviews

Cuisinart CDF-100 Compact Deep FryerDo you love crispy, deep fried food but don’t want to deal with the hassles of the traditional frying in an oil pot and the messy, massive deep fryers that takes up too much counterspace? Then what you need is a space saving, safe to use frying cookware like the Cuisinart deep fryer.


The best benefit offered by the CDF-100 Compact Deep Fryer is undoubtedly its size. It’s definitely something that Cuisinart had in mind. They wanted a nice and compact deep fryer that is easy to use and has the several basic functions offered by the larger countertop deep fryers, but won’t take up too much counterspace or the entire cabinet. It also has a classic, stylish design that makes it go well with your toaster and other kitchen appliances. By filling its 1.1-liter oil maximum capacity, the extra-large frying basket can cook up to 3/4 pound food batches in one go. You can easily fry chicken, onion rings, doughnuts, and mozzarella sticks in the Cuisinart CDF-100 without the stresses and messes of the usual deep frying cookware.

Crispy Fried Perfection

The Cuisinart Compact Deep Fryer is built with a nonstick, die-cast basin with a connected heating system for optimum heating. The quick heating up and frying time capabilities of the state of the art heating system will make it easier to maintain the selected oil temperatures for restaurant-quality, perfectly crispy fried foods!

Healthier Cooking and Easier Cleaning

To promote healthier cooking, the Cuisinart CDF-100 Fryer fries food using significantly lesser oil compared to the traditional deep fryers. The CDF-100 has a detachable fry basket which rests on its clip to drain the unwanted, excess oil from the fried food. Aside from that, it has a detachable charcoal filter to lure away the odors while frying along with a lid and fry basket that are dishwasher-safe for easier cleaning.

Features and Specifications

  • 1000 Watts
  • No-stick die-cast bowl with connected heating system for superior heating
  • Superior heating system allows faster heating and frying time
  • Large frying basket can accommodate food batches up to ¾ pounds
  • 1.1 liter oil capacity
  • Detachable charcoal filter to get rid of odor while frying
  • Compact design takes up less counter space
  • Changeable thermostat
  • Durable brushed stainless steel housing
  • Measures approximately 11.2 inches by 8.2 inches by 7.4 inches
  • Weighs approximately 6 pounds

Customer Scores and Reviews

There are a total of over 600 of Cuisinart deep fryer reviews on Amazon at the time of writing which makes this the best home deep fryer around. These customers awarded the product with an average of 3.6 out of a possible 5 star rating.

While most of the submitted reviews are favorable, one customer pointed out that while the compact top deep fryer can accommodate up to ¾ pound of food at once with its good depth, its length and width limits the amount of food that it can cook in one go. This means that if you want to cook large food items such as big chicken breasts, then the best way is to cut them up in smaller portions to fit the limited length and width of the countertop electric fryers appropriately. All in all, the customers who reviewed the CDF-100 Compact Fryer highly recommend it.

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Buyer’s Guide



Fryer Capacity?

One of the most important things to know in order to find the right deep fryer is the capacity.

How Often Do You Cook?

If you plan on using the fryer to regularly whip up a dinner for two then a small indoor deep fryer is a good choice. However, if you have a lot of food to prepare, you’re better of selecting a large capacity fryer that can put out high volume in a short amount of time.

How Often Will You Use It?

If you’ll only be using your fryer every once in a while you can get away with buying one that is basic with lightweight construction. On the other hand, if you plan to keep your top rated deep fat fryer in action more often than not, it pays to invest in a more heavy-duty model that is guaranteed to work efficiently for years to come

Deep Fryer Power Rating?

A key feature of a top quality deep fryer is that it heats oil quickly and keeps the temperature as stable as possible during frying. This is what makes it super convenient to use and ensures that you get the best fry on your food with consistent results. For the best frying experience stick to deep fryers with higher power ratings. You always want to choose one with at least 1500 watts. Fryers with this power level, or higher, fry foods faster and crispier. An added benefit of fast frying is food that absorbs less oil.

Temperature Control Options?

An easy to understand and use temperature control system is a must-have feature. The average model can adjust through temperatures ranging from 0 to 400 degrees, which is perfect for frying up a wide variety of foods. Look for units that have a temperature control dial. A dial that lists degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit (preferably both) allows you to have much better control over your temperature than basic high, medium and low settings. This also makes it possible for you to adjust the temperature to best suit the type of food you’re cooking.

A digital display ensure perfect and consistent results. Some of the best deep fryers available feature digital display units that allow you to set the exact temperature level you need your best oil for frying to be. These units also tend to have a light on the display panel that turns on once the oil reaches the optimal temperature. Heating elements that are completely submerged in oil work best. It’s always best to choose a turkey deep fat fryer that has a heating element that goes directly into the oil. This feature allows the oil to heat up quickly and maintain a more even temperature during the frying process

Overall Ease Of Use?

With all the convenience one of the most important aspects is how easy each model is to use. After all, most things are only easy if you can actually figure out how to do it. Look for easy-to-clean units. Once all the frying fun is over and it’s time to clean up the kitchen things can get frustrating without the right fryer features. Look for a model that has a built-in drain valve to make the first stage of clean-up simple.

Dishwasher-Safe Elements?

Select a fryer that has dishwasher safe elements if possible. This makes washing up the parts even faster and easier. Ensure that the temperature adjustment system is simple and easy to understand. Units clear, easy-to-understand and adjust temperature settings are a breeze to use. They also eliminate the possibility of over or under cooking your food.

Indoors, Outdoors Or Both?

The type of fryer that is best for you largely depends on how you plan to use it. Based on your unique needs, get a deep frying unit that works inside and/or outside your home and that is as portable as you need it to be. Know how much counter and storage space you have. It’s important to figure out how much space you have available before you go shopping. If you don’t have a lot of counter top or storage space it is best to go with a small but powerful unit. However, if space is not an issue, you have a very wide range of options for a high-quality deep fryers

How much oil do you want to use? If you prefer traditional deep fat frying, then a typical unit will work well for your needs. However, if you would prefer to use less oil there are several units that use much less oil to deep fry foods available.

Built-In Filtration Systems?

If you plan to use a lot of oil to deep fry your foods, look for units that have filtering systems that automatically keep the oil clean and allow for several uses before you have to change it.

Basket features?

Many come with baskets that have unique features that make them easier to use and generally beneficial. Look for options like rotating baskets and build-in basket draining hooks that allow extra oils to run off of fried foods before serving.

Digital Timers?

High-quality fryers generally come with built in digital timers that allow you to set your total cooking time. These timers also automatically shut the fryer off once the cook time is complete.

A good feature to have with any deep fryer purchase is a decent warranty and easy access to replacement parts if they become necessary. This helps to ensure that you get the most value for your money.

Durable Construction?

If you want a fryer that stands up to regular frying sessions it’s important to look for a well-designed piece of equipment that’s built to last.

Look For Stainless Steel?

The highest quality deep fryers are made with stainless steel parts. This makes it durable, resistant to rust and easy to clean. Stainless steel tanks also help to keep oil temperature levels consistent and they also safeguard against the absorption of old frying odors. Non-stick surfaces are optimal. Always go with as many non-stick surfaces as possible. This makes clean up much easier and prevents unwanted oil buildup on your machine, parts and accessories.

Lastly, but most importantly you want to ensure that is safe to use. No matter how great your fried food comes out, if your house burns down in the process or you or a loved one gets hurt, I can guarantee you won’t be happy for very long.

Cool Touch Exterior?

It is best to select a model that stays cool-to-the-touch on the outside no matter how hot the oil temperature gets on the inside. This keeps your hands safe and burn-free and prevents injuries if anyone should touch it accidentally.

Use Fryers With Deep Tanks?

The deeper the tank the lower the chances are that the hot oil will bubble over the sides and damage you or your property. Look for fryers with lids that close completely. A unit with a lid that closes completely during cook time reduces oil splatter and the smell of frying food in your home. Lids with built-in window panels let you watch your food without direct exposure to hot oil.

Breakaway Electrical Cord?

If someone trips over your fryer’s electrical cord it can cause the entire fryer and it’s contents to spill and ignite a house fire or burn someone severely. A breakaway cord prevents a tragedy like this from happening by easily and completely detaching from the unit with minimal force applied

Auto Shutoff?

The best deep fryer have a shut-off feature that automatically chips in if the oil becomes too hot or the fryer sits idle for a while. This feature greatly improves the overall safety of the kitchen appliance.


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