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Best Curling Wands & Irons Reviews

Top 5 Curling WandsThis ultimate guide will let you know the types, advantages and reviews. If you are looking for loose or strong waves, then this is the best option for you. A top curling wand saves a lot of precious time. You can save more than 20 to 30 minutes by using one. If you will use thicker section then it will just take 10 minutes and you will get strong curls.Last Longer. Using a hair spray is not enough to keep your hair curly. The wand is the best source which will give curls a long lasting time. You will have your curls for the whole day by using it.

By using curling irons, you will get some side effects like dents in your hair. But by using a wand you will get healthier results because they are the special blend that will just do the opposite; you will get smooth and shiny hair. You want to have a lovely hair but you’re so busy and have no time to go to the beauty salon. It’s time you need a curling machine to get a beautiful and luscious curl. But sometimes you often feel confused when choosing between the two: curling wand and curling iron.

Let me show you some key differences between them that will help you to choose which one suits your hair. Before showing you the differences between two curling machine, we want to review the most prominent points of both.


Because there is no clip to hold the hair in place like the iron, you need to manually wind your hair along the length of the wand and keep still your hair until it’s set.


Top 5 Rated Curling Wands & Irons Comparison

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Bed Head BH313 Orange Crush 1 Inch Curling Wand Review

Bed Head BH313We all know that styling your hair into wonderful curls can be tiring sometimes. We all want to look good, but sometimes there is just not enough time to fix up our hair into superstar waves. Plus, going to the salon to have perfectly curled hair just seems too much trouble to go through. Also, some of us think that buying a curling iron or wand may just be too expensive for our budget.

If you want to style your locks with a heated tool, you should know that if you do not choose the right product, you might end up having dry and damaged hair. So, if you want to keep your hair shiny and bouncy even after you use a 1 inch curling wand tool, it is best tp know which ones will give you the results you want.

First of all, you should know the difference between the kinds of curling tools that you want to buy. A little tip: a wand and an iron are not the same thing. Sure, they may look the same, but an iron has a clamp or a clip while a wand does not.

You know what this means? It means that with a curling wand like the Bed Head BH313, curling your hair will be so much easier. Also, using them will give you a variety of curls because you are not restricted by the clamp that irons have.

So, now that you know the difference between the two of them, you should know that choosing a ceramic wand like the BH313 is better for your hair. This is because of the fact that using a ceramic curling tool will give your locks a shiny finish—so, no more dried out strands for you.

Now that you know the things you should look for, here is one product that you must check out: the Bed Head BH313. It is a curling wand with a ceramic barrel—so you know for sure that the Bed Head Styler will give you great quality. Aside from that, it has a great price.

Before you decide on buying the Bed Head BH313, let’s take a look at its pros and cons first:


  • The price
  • Ceramic barrel
  • Comes with a heat-resistant glove that might prevent scorches if used right
  • Heats up really fast, so you’ll get curls even if you’re in a hurry
  • Because of its high heat, your curls will stay for almost an entire day even if you have the most stubborn hair on the planet
  • Good if you want softer curls and looser waves


  • Has no tapered end, so you cannot have tighter curls
  • Has no temperature control, just an on and off button
  • No cool tip—you can easily scorch your fingers if you don’t use the heat-resistant glove
  • Not for short hair
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Looking at this list and reading the curling wand reviews, you can say that despite its flaws, the Bed Head is a must-buy if you want an affordable curling wand that will still give you loose waves. It is a wonderful tool to have in ownership! Have gorgeous curls or waves whenever you’d like. Just plug in and curl away. Get the down-to-earth girly look now by purchasing the Bed Head.


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Cortex 4 in 1 Professional Ceramic Curling Iron Set Review

Cortex 4 in 1 Professional Ceramic Curling IronIt is not always easy to have wonderfully luscious and curly hair without going to a professional hairstylist or a salon. Most of us who want supermodel waves are more often than not stuck with do-it-yourself hair curling products that just make our hair look even messier. I am willing to bet that you have tried almost every hair curling product out there—from hair clips, curling wands, and curling iron set to those hair straightening irons that you could use as make-shift hair curlers.

I am also sure that most of these hair products that you used often gave you more trouble than they are worth. Curling your hair with the wrong product can take up so much time. And, after all that you went through to curl your hair, you still don’t have the waves that you dreamed of. The wrong hair curling products would just leave unattractive kinks all over your head, and these products are, more often than not, really hard to use, especially if you are just a beginner at hair curling.

If you have curled your hair many times before, you may still find that those beautiful bouncy curls are still out of your reach. Sometimes you just want to hire a professional hairstylist to take care of your hair for you every time you want to go out. What if I told you that you can curl your own hair at home and still come out looking like you just stepped out of the beauty salon?

With the Cortex 4 in 1 Professional Ceramic Curling Set, you can curl your hair with beauty salon-like results right in your very own home. You can expect the Cortex 4 Set to deliver the best quality because its manufacturer, Cortex, is well-known for producing hair care products that are always top of the line.

The Cortex 4 is Cortex’s newest product when it comes to hair curling tools. You might be wondering why the product’s name says “4 in 1”. Do you get four curling wands when you buy the Cortex 4 in 1 Professional? Well, technically, you do. This wand comes with four barrels that you could fit into the wand. These four barrels come in different sizes: ½ to 1 inch, ¾ inch, 1.25 inches, and 1.5 inches. You can have every kind of curl you want, from loose waves to tight spirals—the Cortex 4 in 1 Professional Ceramic Iron has everything you need!

The Cortex 4 in 1 already sounds like it’s too good to be real, doesn’t it? Let’s see the pros and cons of this product and see if it can do everything that it says it does.


  • Four barrels in one—this kit has everything you need, and it saves space
  • Ceramic barrels with “far-infrared technology” to evenly distribute heat
  • Claims to produce negative ions that will help keep your hair’s moisture
  • Heats up to 430 degrees in about six seconds—you can curl your hair even if you are in a hurry
  • Controllable temperature


  • The price
  • Barrels can be hard to change
  • Largest barrel takes longer to heat up


I can see here that the biggest drawback to the Cortex 4 in 1 Professional Ceramic Curling Iron is its price. But, all in all, if you’re looking for a professional wand, this is the product for you. The range of its price is representative of is quality results. Get curls that are locked in and will stay in throughout the day, even on the beach with the sea breeze blowing. That is how amazing his product is. I can tell you but you will never truly know the power of the Cortex 4 until you try it yourself.


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Hot Tools HTBW1852 Curly-Q Tapered Curling Wand Review

Hot Tools HTBW1852You probably have dreams of having beautiful and bouncy curls that are natural-looking. However, we all face a sad truth when it comes to creating seemingly natural loose waves. The problem is that it seems next to impossible to make wonderful waves with an affordable product that is easy to use at home.

There is a solution to this problem. What if I told you that there is a curling wand out there that solves all of your hair curling problems, from its price tag to its hair curling quality? Seems like every girl’s dream, right? If you still do not believe me when I say that you can expect great quality and salon-like results from something so reasonably priced at only around $33, then you have to check out the new Hot Tools HTBW1852.

Yes, I said that this curling tool is currently for sale at a reasonable… for only less than $40! Can you believe it? Of course, when something has a price tag like that, it is really easy to doubt the quality that it will give you. So, let’s look at the overview of the product then we will take a look of the pros and cons of the Hot Tools HTBW1852.

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While the product description might say that it is a curling iron, the HTBW1852 is actually a wand. This means that it has no clip-like clamp, unlike an actual iron. Instead, it consist of a spring clamp for safety and ease of curling. Do you know what else it means? Having a curling wand means that you can use it very easily, even if this is your first time to use a hair curling tool. It also means that you can get a variety of curls when you use a tapered wand. Yes, from loose waves to tight curls, you can have every hairstyle that you ever dreamed of with the Hot Tools!

Plus, the Hot Tools has a cool tip, which makes it even easier to use because you don’t have to worry about burning yourself. And, speaking of not burning yourself, this wand lets you control the temperature that you use.


  • The price—nothing can beat a less than $33 price tag!
  • Easy to use, even if it’s your first time
  • Its heat control can go up to 450 degrees—this means that, no matter how stubborn your hair is
  • You can get many different curls because of its tapered barrel
  • Safe to use because it has a cool tip unlike other curling wands
  • Controllable temperature
  • Fast to heat up—you’ll have beautiful curls in no time!


  • Works best for loose waves. If you want small ringlets, this product is not for you.
  • You get the same waves if you use a straightening iron
  • 450 degrees may be too hot for your hair


All in all, the Curly-Q Tapered Wand is one of the best curling tool out there because it is affordable, easy to use, and you can have the loose waves that you’ve always dreamt of in just a few minutes. It’ll make life easy by giving you the curls to stop a train on its track. You will finally be able to beautify your hair the way you had always wanted to. The perfect way to catch his attention, that guy you always liked. It is curl-tas-tic!


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Iso Trio Clipless Curler Set 32, 25, 19mm Zebra

Iso Trio Clipless Curler SetHas your hair been giving you trouble? Are you having difficulty finding products that work for your hair? If that is the case, then you have come across the right article. It will show you how to match up your hair, with a proper hairdressing routine. Continue on for some excellent tips that will get you on the road to taking better care of your hair.

For a natural and healthy hair treat, try honey! Mix equal parts of water and honey in a handy spray bottle and mist your hair occasionally, especially at the tips. Honey nourishes and protects hair very well, without dousing it with all the harsh chemicals that are found in leave-in conditioners and other products.

Make sure that you do not use shampoo each and every day. This can lead to your hair becoming very fragile and also dandruff over time. Try to shampoo and wash your hair two or three times per week if you want to achieve the best possible look and feel.

If you are going to condition your hair make sure you do it directly after shampooing it. This will make sure you get the most out of your conditioning and it will be softer and more managable than if you just shampooed it. You will have a more beautiful head of hair.

To avoid split ends, watch how you dry your hair when you get out of the bath. Vigorous drying with a towel causes the ends of the hair to split. Using the towel, gently squeeze the excess water out of your hair. To untangle any knots, use a wide-toothed comb rather than a brush.

You should now have a good idea about how to tend to your hair properly. So, you no longer need to walk around with messy hair. Remember, it is beneficial to have groomed hair in life because it is seen on a daily bases. When you have great looking hair people remember it, so change your hair style today and show the world what you have to offer.

I have three girls, and because of our Spanish heritage my children are very diversified. One of the girls has soft texture hair, where as the other has this thick black hair with waves that would make any sailor sea sick, and the youngest hair is just plain old flat; no waves – no personality at all.

These girls are now in their teens and doing their hair requires diverse, yet unique tools. So after searching best curling wands and flat irons I decided to make this site so that you could find the curling wand brands available all in one place.Please be sure to leave a comment or two regarding your experience with any of these hair straightener brands. I’m sure others will appreciate it.


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ISO Beauty 3 Piece Zebra Curling Iron Set Review

ISO Beauty 3 Piece Zebra Curling IronThis 3 Piece Zebra Curling Iron Set features three interchangeable ceramic tourmaline barrels with press-action technology. This three piece curling iron set also has an on/off switch with temperature control ranging from 122-410 degrees Fahrenheit. The LED power indicator lets you know that the tool is still on and hot. The swivel cord allows you to turn this curling iron however you want without getting tangled up. This 45 watt curling iron set works with both 110-240 volt and 60/60 Hertz outlets. This set includes three barrels sized 19 millimeters, 25 millimeters and 32 millimeters. The color of this set is black and white.

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  • Set of 3 interchangeable barrels
  • Made of ceramic
  • Temperature ranges from 122-410 degrees Fahrenheit
  • LED power indicator
  • Works with 110-240 volt and 60/60 Hertz outlets

These days, it seems as though you run into more and more people who want to have great hair and why not? With newer, high definition video cameras and the rising popularity that we have seen with social networking, people are exposed on camera more than ever before. This article is going to give great hair care advice for you.

Make sure that you get enough sleep during the course of the week for the sake of your hair and scalp. Sleep is vital as it allows your body to recharge and flush out the toxins that you accumulate as the day wears on. Aim for at least eight hours of sleep for strong hair.

If your hair is getting dirty on a daily basis, and you must wash it, you should rinse it out with water and buy a very mild pH shampoo to use every other day. This will minimize damage, and you will not strip oils from your hair by just rinsing with water.

Control how often you shampoo. There are no rules on how often you should shampoo your hair. If you feel like your hair is dirty, then it is time to wash it. Use a shampoo that is made for your hair. Do not let others dictate how often you wash your hair, only you know what is best.

A cheap, efficient deep moisturizer can be found right in your pantry. Olive oil makes a fantastic deep conditioner, and can be left in your hair overnight. Simply cover your saturated hair with a cap or a plastic bag and sleep tight. In the morning, wash as you usually would and enjoy your fresh hair!

Remember that people look at who you are, and how you tend to yourself, even your hair. Using what you learned today should open more doors for you. You would be surprised as to how your life changes when you care for your hair properly on a regular basis.Share your experience about this product.

I have three girls, and because of our Spanish heritage my children are very diversified. One of the girls has soft texture hair, where as the other has this thick black hair with waves that would make any sailor sea sick, and the youngest hair is just plain old flat; no waves – no personality at all.


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Buyer’s Guide

Heating speed

It takes very little time to heat a wand so you have to pay close attention when using it. It can burn your fingers if you don’t wear gloves.

Durability of curls

Curls done with the wand stays all day and night as the heating is strong.

What is the Heating Speed

Usually It takes you about 2 minutes to heat a curling iron. The barrel gets heated within minutes to give the hair beautiful curls.

How Heating Settings Work

With many kinds of heat settings, you can easily adjust the heat of curling iron with your wish. It can simply be put on or off.

Heating plate

You should notice the heating plate because with different heating plate materials, curling irons will have different prices. There are three types of heating plate materials on the market today that are: Meta, Ceramic, and Tourmaline. The heating plates are made by Ceramic or Tourmaline which are more expensive models but the ability to protect your hair better and resists damage to hair. The meta ones are less expensive and offer less protection.

Why Using the tool

You can see the biggest difference of the structure of two curling machines is that a wand doesn’t have a clasp to hold your hair, but with an iron this mark appears in every strand.


Time to heat up is faster, and give a faster result than a curling iron.


Curls are lot gentle when done with wand. However, an iron gives smoother and shiny curls. Personally, I prefer to use a wand when going to normal outing or parties that takes up too much of my time.

What is the best

Curling Wand & Iron for you?

It’s so hard to choose between two curling tools because every type also includes advantages and disadvantages. You can refer the way I use to choose the right one. If you are busy, you don’t have much time and you don’t take much care about hair shine, choose the best curling wand.