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Best Chew Toys for Dogs Reviews

best-chew-toys-for-dogsDogs need toys to play with to keep entertained. Chew toys are generally the best types of toys to get for your dog, because these toys allow dogs to use their chewing instincts on the toy instead of areas of your home, and they also help promote healthy teeth and gums in your dogs.

While there are many different kinds of chew toys on the market, there are several that stand out among the rest.

Here is a list of the top ten chew toys for dogs and the benefits that are offered by these toys:



KONG K1 Extreme Dog Toy

The KONG K1 dog toy is available in various sizes, so you can choose the one that will work best for the size of dog that you have. This toy can be considered one of the best tough chew toys for dogs because of how well it will hold up under extensive use. This toy is stuffable, so you can fill it with your dog’s favorite treats if desired. Finally, the toy is designed to be very durable no matter how often your dog chews on it.

Nylabone N600P

If you are trying to find good chew toys puppies can use without damaging their teeth, then the Nylabone N600P may be a great investment choice. The toy offers two interconnected rings that are comfortable for puppies who are just starting to get their teeth in and who like to chew a lot. Since there is a texture to this toy, it should satisfy your puppy’s need to chew while promoting good dental health at the same time.

Nylabone NB105P

You can purchase this dog bone toy in various sizes depending on how large or small your dog is. This toy is made out of nylon and is designed to last for a very long time, even if your dog is a strong chewer. As a result, this may be one of the best chew toys for dogs who destroy toys. The toy is bacon-flavored, which will attract your dog to it and make them want to use it.

Premier-Pet-Products PetSafe Waggle Toy

This toy may prove to be one of the best indestructible chew toys for dogs because it is made out of flexible rubber that allows it to be shaken back and forth without fear of damage. There is a treat meter in this unit that will distribute treats to your dog as well to keep them motivated, and since it has a medium chew strength, it should hold up to the power of a medium or larged-size dog’s jaw.

West Paw Hurley Dog Toy

The West Paw Hurley Dog Toy is another nearly indestructible chew toy. It is available in a wide array of sizes and colors, and it is designed to be very tough despite several years of use. This toy is even safe enough to be used in the dishwasher if you want to clean it after your dog has used it for a while.

JW Pet 43025

This toy is similar to the kinds of chew toys sold at Petsmart, but it has more features than those. You can decide what weight you want to purchase this toy in depending on the type of dog you have. The toy is made out of hard rubber that helps keep your dog’s teeth and gums clean, and it has vanilla extract in it for a good flavor.

VIP Products Drake Toy

If you are looking for chew toys for dogs with no teeth, then this particular toy may be the best choice. It is a stuffed drake and since it is soft, it won’t hurt your dog’s gums when he or she chews on it. The toy is also very durable, so it should last for quite a while. It is suitable for dogs that weigh less than 20 pounds, and it is also machine washable so it can be cleaned as needed.

JW Pet 43145

This toy can be purchased in a small or large size, and because of how hard and durable it is, it should last for quite a while. This is a great first teething toy for a puppy, but it can also suit large-breed dogs who like to chew and tug while their owner holds on to the other end of the toy.

Zanies Knotted Rope Toy

If your dog really likes to chew, then this toy may be a good investment. It is colorful and large enough to satisfy that chewing urge within your dog. This toy is also very durable, so it will last for quite a long time while cleaning your dog’s teeth and gums.


Indeed, these are the top ten chew toys for dogs and the benefits that they offer to your beloved canine friend.

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