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Best Chess Boards Reviews

Top 10 Best Chess BoardsIt should be noted that the sweetness of chess is greatly determined by the kind of board you are using.

Some boards are small while others are large. Some may have invisible grids while others are very visible.

Some come in bright colors while others are dull.

Below are the most recommended chess boards you can consider when searching for one:

Jessica Chess Inlaid Wood Board

One of the things that make this chess board unique is the size. It is large enough hence providing you with ample playing space. To be precise, the dimensions of this board are 13.2”x13.2”x2.2”. In addition, the board is made of inlaid maple wood hence making it durable. You can be assured that chess experience with this board is incredible.

15” Standard Wooden Chess Board

You will most certainly like the fact that this chess board is foldable. It comes with hinges located at the center point. This allows you to fold it after use. The feature is ideal for those who love carrying their chess boards to different places. Not to forget, the construction of the board is very outstanding and of quality.

Inlaid Walnut Style Magnetized Board

The board features magnetized pieces and playing surface to ensure that you play without destructing the pieces. It is also polished in a manner that all the details on it are very clear and visible. Not to mention, the board is large enough to provide you with the best playing space. The wood used in making it is very strong and of high quality.

Metal Chess Set + Deluxe Board

This comes as a set of everything you will require in order to play chess. Important to note, the chess pieces that come with the set are metallic hence making them durable. Aside from that, the set comes with a deluxe board which provides even the storage space for the pieces. The craft used in designing the board is just incredible.

The Caliph Unique Wood Chess Board

Here comes yet another complete chess set you might be interested in. The major focus goes to the board it features. It is designed with regard to modernity to make your gaming experience best. Important to note, the board comes with storage space for the pieces. In this regard, you can move with it to any place you want and enjoy gaming to the fullest.

Grace Chess Inlaid Wood Board

It is made of ebony wood hence rendering its quality outstanding. Others in the same category are made of Birch wood which is majorly found in China. The interesting thing about the board is that it features interior storage space to ensure that you properly store the chess pieces.

Medieval Knight Dragon Battle Chess Set

You will with no doubt like the appearance of the board featured in this chess set. It makes you get the feeling of chess in the medieval age. Any person who uses the board loves chess even more. Not to mention, the quality of the board is incredible.

Catherine Chess Inlaid Wood Board

It is made of walnut and inlaid wood hence rendering it of high quality. It is large enough to provide you and your opponent with enough space. You can be assured that the experience with this board is just incredible. The coloring makes it even better.

Magnetic Chess Box

It is a 10×10 chess board which has magnetic characteristics. This means that the chess pieces cannot slide when on the board. The storage space featured by the board makes things even better. You can therefore move around with it without experiencing any inconveniences.

Traditional Birch Wood Chess Set

The quality of the wood used in making this board cannot be doubted. This means that the board will serve you for a long time before you think of replacement. The board is square size and large enough for best chess experience. Not to mention, the board comes with the pieces.

Chess is only termed fantastic if the board and the pieces you are using are great. The above mentioned boards will most certainly work in your favor. Be sure to let others know about the boards via social media. They will certainly like chess more.

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