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Best Cat Bowls Reviews

best-cat-bowlsCats are a very picky creature and as such it is important that pet parents find the dish that is perfect for their cats.

There are plenty of dishes out there but very few suit all the needs and desires of a cat.

Here are ten cat bowls that will keep your kitty purring and a bit about them.


OurPets Signature Series Elevated Feeder 4&Prime

Our Pets Signature Series- this elevated pet bowl is perfect for even the pickiest of cats. This bowl has both a water dish and a food dish making it a great option for those that need a space saving design. This dish also has two metal insert bowls that can be quickly and easily removed for cleaning and easy refilling. This is a four inch bowl so it will likely need to be refilled each day.

Ethical 5-Inch Cat Designer Paw PrintEthical Five Inch Cat Designer Paw Print

this ceramic dish is great for those that like a fun design. This dish has tons of great character and features a wide mouth design so your kitty can quickly and easily get all the food you have provided for it. This dish can be used for both food and water and is a great inexpensive option for pet parents.

Loving Pets Dragonfly Bella Bowl for Pets

Loving Pets Dragonfly Bella Bowl for Pets, Small- this small bowl is perfect for even the daintiest of kitties. This bowl is metal and features a fun turquoise design that is perfect for any pet parent that wants a beautiful bowl for their kitty. This bowl is dish washer safe and hold approximately a pint.

Ethical Mediterranean Double Diner, 1-PintEthical Mediterranean Double Diner

this elevated dish is great for those that want great durability. This metal frame, metal dish item will last through time. This bowl features two removable metal bowls with a decorative metal stand that keeps pet food up and off the floor. This is a great dish for kitties of all sizes.

Catit Double Diner, WhiteCatit Double Diner

this dish is a great retro design. This dish features a plastic uni body construction with two metal insert dishes. This bowl is suitable for both food and water and is great for anyone that wants a really durable design. This is a dishwasher safe bowl so it is also great for easy clean up.

Durapet Bowl Cat Dish, 12 OunceOur Pets Durapet Bowl Cat Dish

this dish is great for those that want something very durable and very easy to clean. This wide mouth metal dish is perfect for pets of all sizes and is dish washer safe. The bowl is scratch resistant stainless steel and is designed to reduce noise as pet eats. There is also a permanently bonded rubber ring at the bottom of the bowl to help reduce slippage and movement as your pet eats.

APetProject 8 oz. Anti-Skid Cat BowlAPetProject 8 oz Skid Proof Cat Bowl

this bowl is perfect for all cats in all homes. This dish is bright red and features a fun saying and also a skid proof rubber base. This bowl has a scratch resistant finish and is dishwasher safe. This is a great bowl for both food and water and is great for all living spaces.

Signature Housewares Fish Cat Bowl, Set of 2 Bowls with StandSignature Housewares Fish Cat Bowl, Set of Two Bowls With Stand

this set is perfect for those that are looking for both utility and style. This set features two ceramic bowls and a metal stand. The bowls are painted with lively fish bone details and the stand is black. The stand keeps bowls in their place nd helps make feeding more comfortable for your cat.

Neater Feeder for Cats, Cat Bowl, Bronze

Neater Feeder Cat Bowl- this innovative design is also people proof. With a kick proof design you can be sure that even if you knock into your pets dish, it will not go flying. This bowl set also helps to keep kitty’s messes to a minimum. This set is spill proof and excess water drains down. This dish also has a very pretty design meaning that your dish set will always be beautiful.

Hartz Living Stainless Steel Pet Feeding Dishes 98776Hartz Living Stainless Steel Pet Feeding Dishes

these dishes are perfect for all homes that have all décor options. This set features two stainless steel bowls on a metal base. This is an elevated dish so it is optimal for easy feeding. This also has a unique design that makes for easy filling and easy clean up. This dish set has bowls that are five inches in diameter and 1 and a half inches deep. This is a great bowl for all cats and all living spaces.

Cats are picky but finding their perfect bowl does not have to be impossible. Any of the bowls mentioned here are a great choice for your cat.

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