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Best Cat Accessories Reviews

best-cat-accessoriesThere’s a universal truth that dogs love their owners no matter what. There is a complementary universal truth that cats have much higher standards than dogs.

Cats are as fickle as they are majestic and as well-feared in real life as they are well-loved on the Internet.

From scratching posts to fashionable clothing, these “cool cat” accessories are certain to keep everyone in your family, feline and human alike, very happy.


SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post

Scratching posts are among the great staples of cat furniture as their uses are endless. For your cat, the SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post provides entertainment, exercise, and complimentary claw trimming.

For your family, this provides both entertainment and security. Trimmer cat claws and an exhausted feline ensure safer human living. Without one, you also risk the security of your household’s other furniture.

Adorable Soft Planes Pajamas for Pet Cat

This little outfit is the cat’s pajamas! No, seriously, they are actually cat’s pajamas.

Many feline friends reject the concept of cat clothes, but the snuggly warmth of the Adorable Soft Planes Pajamas for Pet Cat are certain to change the mind of your pet. The stretchable material is certain give your cat generous freedom, and the whimsical design will endear all who see him.

Pearls Rhinestones Pink Charm

It’s a very poorly kept secret that all cats aspire towards world domination. And, based off their Internet success, they aren’t far from succeeding.

Get on your cat’s good side by appealing to her royal destiny with the Pearl Rhinestones Pink Charm necklace and collar. More “classy” than “catty,” your cat doesn’t need to know that this luxury accessory didn’t come from a cat boutique.

The San Francisco Umbrella Company Rain Umbrella, Cat Yellow and White

If there’s one thing cats hate more than dogs, it’s when it’s raining cats and dogs.

Fortunately, the San Francisco Umbrella Company’s Cat Rain Umbrella protects your cat from the rain all while paying tribute to her with the cat-themed design. The umbrella is a simple, stylish, and colorful way to guard from a cat’s worst enemy: water.

Furbaby Fairy Princess Pink Ribbon Cat Tutu Dress

Unleash your kitty’s inner whimsical mythological creature with Furbaby’s Fairy Princess Pink Ribbon Cat Tutu Dress. Not only do cats want to rule the household and world, but they desire to do so with style.

Keep your cat on the cutting edge with this outfit before you become their cutting board.

ABO Gear Happy Habitat for Indoor Cats

In the days of yesteryear, cats prowled about nature freely, either as wild animals or outdoor domesticated cats. Nowadays, cats are more likely to be indoor cats, but still have nature-based needs.

The ABO Gear Happy Habitat for Indoor Cats seeks to help. It gives your feline family member 30 square feet to wander about outside, and is certain to protect him from more ruthless predators.

Lovely Small Adjustable Cat Neckerchief

If your doesn’t prefer the regality of the pearl necklace, then the Lovely Small Adjustable Cat Neckerchief is certain to be among her favorite cat clothing accessories.

The collar’s design evokes the tough, sophisticated image of a hardened cowpoke or a criminal ringleader. Help your cat intimidate friends and enemies alike with this decorative bandana.

Omega Paw Arch Groomer

The Omega Paw Arch Groomer is 50% scratching post, 50% cat car wash, and 100% a good idea. Thanks to its unique architecture and playful ball attachment, this fixture captures loose fur (that would otherwise land throughout the house) and provides endless fun for your feline.

Cat Costume Lion Mane Wig

Declare to the world that your cat is the supreme Queen of the Jungle with this Cat Costume Lion Mane Wig. Ideal for Halloween, pictures for the Internet, or everyday prowling, this cat costume accessory makes for a great kitty birthday or holiday gift.

Just make sure to monitor kitty’s ego after you bestow upon her this crown. Otherwise, your household could get wild.

UK Cat Playhouse Series

Maybe your cat isn’t a lion, a member of royalty, an outdoor cat, a fairy princess, a cowboy, or particularly fond of pajamas. If your cat has an offbeat sense of style, consider the UK Cat Playhouse series DJ scratching board.

With scratching material in place of a record, this entertaining item makes your cat the life of the party by making her the DJ. Don’t drop the ball by missing the opportunity to teach your cat how to drop the bass.

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