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Best Card Game Reviews

best-card-game-reviewsSpending quality time with family and friends is a lot, more fun when you have card games to play. Most card games are simple and quick to play and they are small to enable ease of carrying.

This enables them to be easily carried to family vacation or over to your friend’s. of course, they come in different card game types and they are cheap.

Even so, the vast selection of available card games makes it hard to choose the most interesting, best card games for your family.

Here is a list of top 10 best card games reviews that will help you know the best choices for your next vacation.



Top 10 Best Card Game Comparison

*Results Are Based On Amazon.com Card Games Consumer Reports & Reviews*



Cards Against Humanity

This is the top selling card game in Amazon. It has 550 cards printed in either black or white. With its support of up to 6 players and over 13 duodecilion probable rounds, this game promises a long, unforgettable fun moment with the family. The card comes with game rules that are easy to follow and understand. It is professionally printed and comes wrapped in a custom box.

Spot it

Spot it is an award winning card game that intrigues the family’s visual acuity. It comes with 55 cards and game rules. The game is quick and easy to play but it calls for agility and visual perception to win. There is only one matching symbol between any two cards. Spot the matching symbol to win. The game can be played by up to 8 players for hours in five different ways.

Uno card game

Uno is a really simple color matching card game. To win, you need to be the first to go out without any cards left on you. The standard deck offers a number of variations and game rules that let you enjoy the best card game experience. This deck comes with 100 cards divided equality into 4 suits. It also has 8 wild cards. Play the two-handed, tournament and partner for more action. The game can comfortably be played by up to 10 players.

Five crown

Having won over 8 best card game Awards, this Five crown card game is the best choice of card game. It is suitable for playing with friends and family: even those with children 6 years of age or more. It is easy to learn and play. This is the ideal card game for children playing against adults. It offers an unlimited number of replays.

Phase 10 card games

This 2 to 6 player card game comes courtesy of the makers of UNO. It is popular for its challenging and intriguing twists. And its rummy-type card style makes it visually appealing. The ultimate goal of the game is to emerge the first to finish a 10 phase sequence. The challenge however is that each phase that needs to be completed is specific for each deal.

Sleeping queen

this is a game suitable for players above 6 years of age. It is a great choice for adults playing against younger players. It is fantasy themed and entails a lot of “fairy-tell” kind of flow. It helps develop memory, master elementary arithmetic skills and garner appropriate strategy. When playing, take care not to put your players to sleep using the portion cards. Players who manage to wake the most number of queens win the game.

Forbidden Island

This is a brainy card game that has won a number of card games awards. It allows 2 to 4 players playing against each other. The game takes the players into an adventure thrill that pits them on a do-or-die mission to find four sacred treasures hidden in the ruins of a dangerous paradise. The game requires co-operative skills, problem solving and strategic planning ability in order to win and finish the game.


Set is an intriguing family card game. It has won over 25 best game awards and is referred to as “the family game of Visual perception”. It is a great, engaging game that lets adults play with younger opponents. The game rules are easy to learn and the game easy to catch on. Playing can replay in an unlimited replay value. There is nothing as luck with this game.

AEG love letter

This is a fast paced 15-minutes play time, 2 to 4 player card game. It is a game of risk that calls for strategy, deduction and planning as well as luck and “opportunity”. It is a simple card game that comes with easy to follow game rules. This game is suitable for playing with people you know well, especially a spouse.


This is a children’s game that helps them develop important skills such as timing, strategic planning, memory build and understanding basic arithmetic concepts. It has won several best card game awards: this makes it a great choice for your children. It is educational as it is fun. The game allows 2 to 6 players and includes 54 rat, cat and power cards.

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