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Best Camping Freeze Dried Foods Reviews

Best Camping Freeze Dried FoodsOutdoor lovers who love to spend time outdoors camping and hiking would prefer to have their food stuff packed with them to prevent going back to town before their adventure is complete. Camping can take up to a full week and even more depending on the individual.

Keep in mind that the outdoors will not provide for refrigeration. Serious campers, carrying along a fridge is definitely out of the question. In this, it is advisable that you consider freeze-dried camping foods.

They remain nutritious to keep you going while at the same time they are not bulky to add on the weight and prevent you from meeting your outdoor adventures.

Though there are many camping freeze-dried foods in the market, it is best that you understand how to pick the right foods to ensure hygiene and retain nutritional value. In addition, consider the aspect of preparation considering that you are outdoors and cooking facilities are limiting.

To help you make a decision, the following are the top 10 best camping freeze-dried foods reviews.

Mountain House Just in Case

This ideal freeze food will meet all your breakfast needs. It is an assortment of different ingredients to prevent monotony. This assortment contains 16 pouches with every bucket that you buy. These pouches are divided into four categories. There are 4 which contain scrambled eggs with ham, 4 with scrambles eggs with bacon, 4 have granola with milk and blueberries and the remaining 4 have breakfast skillet. It is easy to prepare by only adding water. These provide for 29 servings that are healthy and light to pack.

Chef’s Banquet All-Purpose Readiness Kit 1 Month

This kit ensures that you have a complete meal that is balanced and healthy. In total, it offers 330 total servings containing 2,100 calories, which will take you about 30 days. They are easy to prepare with just the addition of water. Their storage is compact and sealed to ensure they remain clean and hygienic thanks to the zip-seal metalite foil pouch and acts as an oxygen absorbent. Store the kit in a cool dry place. The kit includes oatmeal, 60 servings of potato soup, and pasta, and chicken vegetable stew, 30 servings of instant potatoes and beef flavored vegetable stew, and cheddar broccoli rice.

Mountain House Biscuits and Gravy

You can benefit from the nutritional value of buttermilk biscuits and creamy pork sausage gravy. It comes in handy for preparing good breakfast. The pack is light in weight and for preparation, all you need to do is add water and it is ready for consumption. The key ingredients are milk, soy, and wheat, which ensure that the diet is balanced.

Datrex 3600 Emergency Food Bar

This package comes in bars rather than in pouches. This makes it compact and ideal for storage as well as light for travel. The entire pack contains 18 survival bars. Each of the bars has 200 calories. All the included ingredients are natural and in an effort to ensure hygiene, they have no preservatives. To spice things up, it comes with coconut flavor. It requires no preparation. Once you unwrap the bar, you can dig in.

This kit comes with 6 pouches each containing a different frozen food. There is the beef stew, beef stroganoff, chicken teriyaki, lasagna w/ meat sauce, scrambled egg w/ ham, and Raspberry crumble. They are properly sealed to promote hygiene and you can easily reseal the pouch. They require little preparation with the addition of water before you can eat. The ingredients are healthy and balanced. They will serve 16 servings. The possible allergens may include soy, milk, wheat, and eggs.

Meal Kit Supply Premium Fresh MREs Meal with Heaters

This kit is ideal for persons who while camping are seeking adventure and constantly on the move. It allows for MRE (meals, ready to eat) that come with flameless ration heaters. It offers foods with 12 menus where every meal has about 1,300 calories. They are sealed in pouches, which are air tight, hermetically sealed to prevent pest invasion, and water-resistant. In this, you can be sure that the foods you are consuming are clean and hygienic despite the harsh outdoor environment.

Augason Farms® Dehydrated Potato Slices

This food comes in a pail for easy carriage and storage. It contains 226 servings and do not require refrigeration or any other source of preservation. Because the potatoes are dehydrated, preparation requires that you add water before consumption. You can add the potatoes to other foods. It is therefore easy to prepare, has a long shelf life (25yrs), and is easy to manage among a few people.

Two Course Fresh MREs with Heaters

These foods are fresh and ready to eat with flameless ration heaters and do not require any preparation required. They are ideal for campers as well as in serving during emergencies such as in floods, droughts, and hurricanes. Every meal contains about 600 or slightly more, which translates to a healthy meal. They are properly sealed to ensure a long shelf life. They are hermetically sealed to ensure no pests access the food.

Wise Company Emergency Food Variety Pack

This ideal kit will serve all the basic meals and is not limiting to breakfast or main meals only. There is a variety bucket with entrees, breakfasts, some fruits, veggies, and milk. It also requires that you add water and allow it about 15 minutes for it to rehydrate. They are hygienically sealed to ensure a long shelf life. In complete, it has 104 servings, which is sufficient for quite some time.

Wise Company 52 Serving Wise Prepper Pack

This 52 serving kit will serve breakfast, lunch and supper. It also adds a drink combination to keep you hydrated. The kit includes chili mac, stroganoff, creamy paste, and vegetable rotini. To keep you hydrated, it comes with electrolyte orange drink mix and powder whey milk. Looking at the ingredients, they are all healthy especially when combined. The packing allows for easy carriage even when still on the move.

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