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Best Business Card Scanners Reviews

Best Business Card ScannerA business card is essential to marketing your business and name; not only to people you meet, but to other business contacts you are connected to, via customers.

For this reason, the best business card scanner, is something you want to have, so that you can have a business card with you at all times.

Even if you only have a couple cards left; a scanner allows you to scan the image, and capture it on a number of mediums, including a smart phone or online email account.

This will give you the opportunity to have more cards on you, even if you had not had the time to order new cards, through a professional printing company.

Visioneer Mobility

This scanner allows you to scan to smart phones, SD cards, or a USB drive; best of all, you don’t need a computer present to do so. You can upload to tablets, scan to a variety of storage mediums, and select the ideal resolution, for your business cards to look good. In ten seconds you can scan a card; and, the scanner will last for up to 300 prints or scans, without having to recharge the scanning device.

KeyScan Keyboard Scanner

USB support hub, from 50 to 4800 dbi output resolution quality, and formats in PDF, doc, bmp, jpeg, or tiff, allow you to print to a number of quality formats. There are 4 dedicated keys, with a fast scan function, allowing you to scan a card in a matter of seconds, so you can have a professional looking card with you, no matter where you are.

Xerox XDM31255M

One touch feature allows you to scan cards through ADF, and up to 25 cards per minute or 44 imp. The one touch scanning feature, gives you a series of options, and scanning solutions, to have images of your cards in no time, and with very little effort. You can also create searchable files, and store a number of cards, and other files on the scanner, for business or for personal needs.

PS410 Hand Held Scanner

600 dpi scanning resolution, and a color/monochrome scan selection, for the ideal image finish. It is traveler friendly and compact, the external memory supports SD cards, and a detachable docking station, allows you to charge the scanner when not in use. Scan in seconds, and view a preview of the card, in the small window on the portable device, prior to sending it out to others.

Dymo CardScan

Fast and accurate scanning, and it can scan in a matter of seconds (3 seconds per card). It can read seven languages, and up to 14 countries, easy labeling, and single click operation, to select the desired functions when you are scanning on these devices. There is a external Microsoft Outlook add on, so you can also transfer other materials and files, in addition to business cards, which you need to have scanned.

Card Scan Personal v8

Drag and drop features, allow you to consolidate cards, email, and other files that you need to scan. Create digital addresses, and you can easily categorize the contacts, and contents that you have saved, so you can find names and people quickly in the future. It also syncs up with most tablets, smart phones, and other peripheral devices can easily connect to this scanner.

Pen Power World Card Scanner

Supports unicode and it can decipher a number of languages, so as to scan any card, regardless of the person you are meeting, and want to retain their contact information. It syncs easily with many devices and programs, including Outlook and Microsoft product lines. It also scans in various formats, and is the best way to store cards, and categorize them, in a number of manners, once you scan the information with the pen scanner.

TaoTronics Mobile Scanner

Mobile, allowing you to use the small, portable device nearly anywhere, and scan nearly any file or format type. 900 dpi resolution, so you can easily read back the card, once it has been scanned to your mobile device. Optical character recognition, will recognize languages, as well as other formats. A built in real time scanning detector will help avoid distortion, and an LED alerting light, controls the speed of the scan, to ensure the cards are scanned, and readable, once they are laid out on the device.

PenPower Inc Scanner

Scan, recognize, and save, in a matter of seconds, with the small and compact device. It supports multiple languages, and can recognize up to 24 languages and characters, allowing you to get nearly anyone’s business card, and have this scanner translate data for you at a later time. It also supports a number of file types, manages cards efficiently, and organizes cards based on the type of contact. With text sync, you can quickly and easily find contacts, with the touch of just one button, when searching for files or business cards, at a later date.

Vu Point Solutions Magic Wand

The small, compact wand design, allows you to scan any card, with the swipe of a wrist, and a matter of seconds you can collect anyone’s business card and store it. Scanner and monochrome color options, you can scan images, cards, and even magazines. File format is jpeg, and a color contact sensor, is going to scan the card, to help avoid blur or other image distortion, even if you do not scan the card perfectly, when swiping the wand over a card. It requires an SD card for storage, and prints in 300 dpi resolution, so you can see the cards and images you are scanning clearly.


If you want others to see your business card, these scanners allow you to transfer them. Or, with the portable scanner, you can scan someone else’s card, if they do not have one to give you, so that you can retain their information and contact them at a later date. With these small devices, you can scan in great resolution, stores hundreds of contacts on one card, and retain all the information and contacts you want, each time you meet someone. You can eliminate clutter, get rid of piles and piles of business cards, but still you are going to be able to retain the information of anyone you meet, when you are using the best business card scanner, each time you meet a new business contact.

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