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Best Breath Fresheners Reviews

best-breath-freshenersThe problem of needing products to freshen breath is universal and ongoing. People crave excellent solutions to this problem, and have tried all sorts of remedies ranging from natural and organic substances to laboratory produced gels and pastes. The results vary from person to person, but there are a few tried and true best breath fresheners and methods that seem to work very well for most people.

Sometimes, the problem of less than sweet breath stems from poor health. This can be problems with teeth and gums or tongue, but it can also be illness somewhere else in the body. Dentists recommend having regular teeth cleaning session scheduled to remove problems caused by decay in either the gums or the teeth.

Many check their patient’s tongues for disease at the same time as they perform an annual check. Doctors do find that very poor breath can be related to internal issues, and these are best dealt with under medical supervision. Once poor health is ruled out as the cause, simple products can be used.

Organic Ginger Mints by Newman’s Own

For those preferring a natural, organic alternative for breath fresheners; and for the many who actually do not like the flavor of mint, these tablets are a nice choice. Over 430 customers reviewed them, with 75% of customers giving this product a 5 star rating, it is obvious that there are many who like the ginger flavor. These are said to be slightly sweet, and offer relief from nausea as well.

Peak Essentials Original TUNG Tongue Cleaner Gel

This breath freshener gel tongue cleaner comes in fresh mint flavor and includes four packages. The product is applied to the tongue using a tongue brush which must be purchased separately. There is zinc oxide in the ingredients, which is said to effectively help neutralize odorous gases caused by bacteria which collects on the tongue’s surface. Seventy percent of owners gave it a 5 star rating. Their comments include a preference for the mild mint flavor and the non-foaming action of the gel.

TheraBreath Fresh Breath Spray

This #1 Best Seller in Breath Sprays is recommended by dentists as a way to control breath issues. The container holds 1 ounce and is a good option for taking along in a purse or case. Some of its ingredients include aloe vera, xylitol and green tea. The advantage of using this breath freshener spray is that it can reach into places where other products might not.

Epic Dental Peppermint Gum

When battling to keep mouths fresh, many people turn to gum. This particular gum is sweetened without sugar, which many dentists find preferable to gums made with sugar. This is the #1 Best Seller in Breath Freshener Gum, and 355 customer reviews indicate that this Xylitol sweetened gum tastes quite good compared to other breath freshener brands. This product is a 12 pack of individually packaged gum, so that customers can buy in bulk.

Xlear Spry Power Peppermint Mints

Over 300 customers purchased these breath freshener mints for bad breath. They are part of an entire line of breath mints and gums produced by this company in a variety of natural fruit and spice flavors. The container has 240 peppermint flavored breath mints. Of those who left reviews, 73% gave these mints a 5 star rating. Many use these mints to improve their breath due to various illnesses, and find that the mints do their job and they enjoy the popular peppermint flavor.

TheraBreath Dry Mouth Lozenges

For anyone who is struggling with dry mouth due to health or other issues, dentists often recommend these lozenges as a way to add moisture and freshen the breath. Dry mouth can cause constant problems with breath odor because the lack of saliva makes it difficult to clear the mouth of substances that cause odors. These breath mints for kissing are sugar free, with the flavor of mandarin mint, and come with 100 in a package. Of the 448 customers who purchased this product, 59% gave it a 5 star rating. The majority of customers found that the flavor of this breath freshener was refreshing, and the product works as promised.

Listerine Cool Mint Pocketpacks

This is the #1 Best Seller in Breath Strips. There are 288 breath freshener strips included in this bulk product, sold at a reasonable price, as far as most customers commented. This is the famous mouthwash formulated to work as strips, which are just popped out of the package and placed inside the mouth for a burst of fresh breath. These are very popular with the 201 customers who reviewed them. Some use them as an effective alternative to gum. A definite downside is that humid weather can cause the strips to stick together, and they are too strong a flavor to use more than one at a time.

Hyperbiotics PRO-Dental: Probiotic Tablets for Fresh Breath

This breath freshener is designed to improve dental and oral health through the use of probiotics. There is a 45 day supply of chewable, sugar free tablets included in each bottle. The tablets are vegetarian, lactose free, and filled with a combination of oral probiotic strains that are understood to help loosen and dissolve sticky deposits on gums and teeth. Over 660 customers reviewed this product with 69% giving it a 5 star rating. There were many positive remarks about how clean and fresh the tablets helped their mouths to become after just a few weeks of regular use.

XyliMelts Designed for Dry Mouth by Orahealth

This breath freshener is available in 80 count boxes of mint free melts which help people who suffer from dry mouth for various medical reasons. Dry mouth is a prime cause of bad breath because there is less saliva to clear away bacteria. This #1 Best Seller in Breath Mints has over 600 reviews.

Dr. Tung’s Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner

This #1 Best Seller in Tongue Brushes, Scrapers & Cleaners has been purchased by over 1,600 customers. These customers may understand the importance of removing bacteria from the surface of the tongue, which is often the source of residual food odors. Some believe that cleaning the tongue is more important than brushing teeth in terms of freshening the breath, simply because its uneven texture is a prime spot for bacteria to grow. This product is made of stainless steel and gently removes pretty much anything that shouldn’t be coating the tongue. Eighty percent of those who purchased this product gave it a 5 star rating for its efficiency, gentleness and effectiveness.


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The majority of common breath problems can be helped by using some of products reviewed here. There are sprays, gums, strips, tablets and cleaners using popular herbs, such as peppermint. There are also tongue scrapers, which clean the tongue, which has been identified as the source of most bacteria and odor in the mouth. Healthy, internal remedies include tablets to help keep the entire digestive system cleaner. For each person, there is a product that will prove to be effective.