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Best Body Vibration Machines Reviews

Best Body Vibration MachinesAre you too busy working or running a household to be able to get enough time to either jog or hit the gym? Are your clothes feeling a bit tighter each time you put them on? Or, are you experiencing pains and aches and feeling lethargic? If your answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then you should probably consider buying a body vibration platform machine.

This machine can easily fit in your living room, right in front of your television, and works without getting you fatigued because it’s fun. What such a machine does is jolt your body muscles into believing that they have to move so as to maintain balance. Nevertheless, the movements are so little that even the elderly people can comfortably stand on the machine without being in any danger whatsoever.

The machines allow you to increase the difficulty level from what a toddler that has barely began walking can face to what a professional athlete would consider as an intense workout. And since these machines work directly on every muscle strand, you can in fact burn as many calories as you would in a one-hour jog, by spending about ten to fifteen minutes on a vibration platform machine.

The following is a review of the top 10 best body vibration platform machines in the market.

Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine

This machine provides exceptional support and portability. The 1.5-hp motor gives considerable pivotal vibration to the plate during operation, and you can pick from fifty speed settings. The settings are clearly displayed along with other important information like elapsed time, pulse rate and body mass index. The auto shut-off after a 10-minute operation protects the motor from burning out and also helps discourage uses from getting extremely dehydrated or overworking their muscles.

Sunny Health & Fitness Crazy Fit Massager

This is an energizing vibration machine designed to help you burn fat, lose weight and get a full body workout right from the comfort of your home. With 20 speed levels, 3 built-in workout levels and a maximum power of 200 watts, this machine provides a customized and results-driven workout regimen that’s adaptable to many users. The extra-large LED console tracks your workout time, body fat percentages and intensity level so that you can watch as your extra pounds melt away. The high capacity motor has anti-jamming and anti-static technology, as well as a current overload protection.

Whole Full Body Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

Featuring 4 modes, this machine is a great addition to your wellness program. It features a platform that’s large enough to fit big feet or sit or lie on, and it’s powerful enough to provide the sensation of a decent workout. This machine is well made, and the fact that it does not have handrails makes it even more versatile. You can set the timer up to twenty minutes and set the vibrations from 1 to 18. This machine provides a wonderful way to get going at the beginning of the day or relax at the end of the day.

Professional Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Machine

This vibration machine features a large vibration platform that’s driven by two independently controlled motors. The combination gives you three different vibration patterns. The platform features a 1000-watt motor that gives oscillating vibrations and a 500-watt motor that gives lineal vibrations. When you run both motors, the machine produces a complex pattern that combines seesaw and vertical vibrations. This machine has different speed controls for every motor.

GForce DUAL MOTOR Whole Body Vibration Power

This vibration machine provides therapeutic and workout benefits that are comparable to the professional grade whole body vibration machines found in physical therapy clinics and gyms. The double-motor design allows for both lineal and pivotal motion, together with some back and forth y-axis motion. The machine offers you an opportunity to select between lineal and pivotal vibrations or combine the two with variable speed controls. The unit includes rubber resistance bands that encourage you to assume a stable position and hold it during a workout session. Also, the handrails provide you with enough security to perform deep squats and other forms of stretches while on the platform.

Gadget Fit Power Vibration Plate

This unit employs a 600-watt motor to deliver pivotal vibrations to the plate. It features 3 pre-programmed workout routines to help introduce confusion into your workout. It also features handrails with metallic leads to help measure your pulse rate and feed the information to a centralized display. You can simply remove the handrails during advanced workouts to provide more space.

Crazy Fit Vibration Pro Whole Body Exercise Platform Machine

This unit features a powerful 1000-watt motor and delivers pivotal vibration during use. It’s more portable than many other models, and features protective caps to help prevent its feet from marring your floor. The unit also features wheels to ensure easy transportation and set up. The easy-to read display shows time elapsed per session and the sensors can as well calculate your BMI. It features 50 settings, together with 3 pre-programmed workout routines.

Big Sale Mini Full Body Massage Vibration Machine

This portable whole body vibration machine is perfect for casual use. It features three pre-programmed settings with varied exercises for different personal goals. A 10-minute session on this machine, particularly at its higher settings, can feel like a one-hour session or more on a treadmill. The portability of this machine makes it perfect for use at a hotel room or an office.

Axis-Plate E6600 Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration

This heavy-duty vibration machine comes with 60 speed settings to pick from. It features two motors with a total power of 1500watts, and comes with three pre-programmed exercises. It also allows you to add up to three customized exercises depending on your goals for each exercise. With a maximum weight limit of 400 pounds, this machine allows even the large users to start their vibration. It comes with balance straps and 2 LCD displays. An integrated BMI calculator makes it easy to track your progress and keeps you motivated.

Merax Full Body Crazy Fit Vibration Platform Fitness Machine

This is the latest and most advanced vibration machine, and is ideal for weight loss, muscle building and muscle toning. The unit comes with a huge 600-watt eco-silent motor with maximum power of 1.5 HP. With a speed range of 1-50, this machine provides you with a great range of workout. The unit also comes with 3 preset workout programs and an easy-to-control console with 3 LED windows


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