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Best Board Games Reviews

Best Board GamesFinding the best board game can be a tedious experience, especially when you don’t know where to start. Pressured by time, it is sometimes extremely hard to find the right board game for you and your friends without spending an awful lot of money on overly-advertised, below par games that aren’t at all as entertaining as advertised.

We created this article, to serve as a guideline and comparison for board games enthusiasts everywhere. In their quest to find the right item, board games fans no longer have to read through countless advertisements and lists presenting the same old games we all know about. Here, you can browse through the well-researched reviews at will, settling for nothing less than the absolute best board game to appeal to your peculiar taste.

How To Find The Best Board Game

As you may have noticed, the best board games are listed according to multiple game categories, each representing its own genre. Among the many games featured on our website, you will find strategy board games, party board games, family board games and even adult board games to name just a few. After all, it all comes down to what tickles your fancy the most. Are you the type of person who enjoys the thrill of an action-packed gameplay, a thorough consideration for all strategic markers, or an outgoing person who enjoys a lewd laugh with your friends?

There are so many categories to choose from, that you are likely to find a good game even if it isn’t what you initially wanted in the first place. All it takes is a bit of courage, and the will to try something that you and your friends might enjoy. Either way, you should probably educate yourself on what the options are before choosing the right one, as each review is subjective and written according to the reviewer’s taste. As ten different people what their opinion on something is, and you’ll get ten different opinions.

The Best Board Games Of Each Category Reviewed

Make no mistake about it, each and every single game listed in those categories are great game boards choices for you and your friends, but opinions are often subjective to each person’s liking. To help you with that, we have put together a list of game boards reviews for the most highly rated games from each category. Keep in mind that they aren’t necessarily the best board games per se, just the ones people seem to enjoy the most.

Best PARTY Board Game

Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples Board GameApples to Apples is the type of game that is equally fun for children and adults alike. The main reason why the game is so accessible is due to how simple it is to play. Each of the players gets seven red cards which feature nouns like ‘Chicago’ or ‘diabetes’ un them, which is already fun to begin with. Then, players are dealt a green card that contains adjectives like ‘ugly’ and ‘beautiful’ by the designated judge. They have to pair one of their initial cards with a green one in order to achieve logical results.

At this point, the designated judge chooses the pair that makes the most sense, or the one that is funniest. It has to be said that all of the players get to be designated judges at one point, by rotating the role after each round. Some judges may elect to award points for the one they consider to be the funniest, or according to how relevant it is to current events. There really isn’t a standardized set of rules regarding the distribution of points, a fact that makes the game even funnier the longer you play. Apples to Apples has won numerous awards, including Games Magazine’s Top 100 Games award and a special citation from Mensa.

Ticket To Ride Board Game

Ticket To Ride Board GameTicket to Ride is a classic board game held in high esteem by board games enthusiasts everywhere. The reason why it has such a huge following is due to its simplicity. The rules of the game are so simple actually, that they can be explained to someone in less than 5 minutes, making it perfect for a family with young children. The strategy involved allows players to develop their own particular style of play depending on the type of play style they wish to employ.

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This being said, the game is far from simple, as there are many ways to achieve victory against even the most worthy of opponents. You can play passively and allow the other players to express themselves freely, or you can employ a cutthroat style of blocking your opponent’s path every chance you get. Either way, there is no bad way to play the game as it all revolves around how clever each player is.

Ticket to Ride is particularly interesting when played by a family with small children, as they can be allowed by the more experienced players to get away with a few bad moves. This is mainly due to the ‘open’ nature of the game, without any clearly set boundaries to keep players confined in any way. This doesn’t mean you should let your kids win, it just means that you can probably make a few wrong choices deliberately without any real consequences.

Best ADULT Board Game

Cards Against Humanity Board Game

Cards Against HumanityWe should start off by saying that Cards Against Humanity isn’t a board game in the traditional sense, but that it behaves like one for the most part. We should also point out the fact that it was the best selling game on Amazon at least once in these last few years. Time and time again, Cards Against Humanity has proven to be the perfect choice when a group of adult friends get together looking to have a bit of fun together.

The object of the vintage board game is similar to Apples to Apples to some extent, with the main difference being that Cards Against Humanity is much more obscene overall. At the beginning of the game, players are given a card with a noun(s), a card that players must match with the card played by the appointed judge. Unlike Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity uses themed nouns, descriptions, questions, and adjectives, allowing more complex results.

Those of you who have been using social networks must have already seen plenty of hilarious results from this popular game, as many people choose to upload their funniest results online for the amusement of others. To make a long story short, Cards Against Humanity is THE most perfect game to play with adult friends at a gathering of any sorts, and you should definitely give it a try.

Best Kids Board Game

Richard Scarry Busy Town Board Game

Richard Scarry Busy Town Board GamePerfect for children of ages between 4 and 6, Richard Scarry Busy Town is a fun family board game that will keep your kid entertained for at least 15 minutes at a time. The first thing you notice about this game is the need for players to work with one another. One player can still move their piece alone, but they have to work together with other players in order to win the game. Most of the mysteries, each with their own hidden pictures, require the involvement of two players, which is why the game is so enjoyable in the first place.

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The only real issue with Richard Scarry Busy Town is the playing space required for the board setup. The game board is about 6 feet long, and it features a multitude of hidden images and beautiful artwork at every step of the way, attributes that will keep a young kid involved for a lot more than the standard playing time. The game progresses by spinning a spinner which tells the players how many spaces to move or if they got a mystery card that features a special prize.

As far as the theme of the game is concerned, the purpose of Richard Scarry Busy Town is to prevent a bunch of pigs from eating all the food on picnic island. It might not sound that interesting at first, but after 10 minutes of doing battle against the greedy pigs and their insatiable hunger, you will understand what the game is all about and how fun it is for everybody involved wich makes it one of the best board game.

Best 2 Player Board Game

Eldritch Horror Board Game

Eldritch Horror Board GameOf course competitive board games are enjoyable, just as long as you’re winning. Sometimes, however, your efforts alone won’t be able to guarantee a win no matter how hard you try. This all changes when you are playing a co-op game, as it gives your teammate the possibility to win the game for you. When playing co-op games you basically double the chances of winning, but so does the other teams. There are many co-op games you might be interested in, none however better than Eldritch Horror.

Based on the best selling game ‘Arkham Horror’, Eldritch Horror takes you on a dangerous journey, at the end of which, you and your partner will either feel liberated or disappointed beyond reason. Using teamwork, you and your partner must travel around the world, avoiding monsters and solve obscure mysteries as you go along. The game features twelve investigators, two hundred and fifty tokens, and more than three hundred cards, each with its own purpose.

We should say a few words about the rules and how easy they are to comprehend. From this point of view, Eldritch Horror isn’t for everybody, as the rules are many, and even if they aren’t particularly hard to understand, may cause confusion during its long run. This is the second thing you have to understand about Eldritch Horror, it isn’t the type of game you can finish in a few minutes, so be prepared to spend hours on end playing the game to its very end.

Best CLASSIC Board Game

Balderdash Board Game

Balderdas Board GameBalderdash is true board game, in every sense of the word. It combines wordsmithing, bluffing, and all the traditional elements that make a good board game. At the beginning, each player draws a card, and reads the balderdash word to the players, before spelling the word. It has to be said that none of these words are commonly used in everyday language, making the whole thing even more interesting.

Following the first stage of the game, each of the players has to come up with a definition for what they think the word means and the dasher has to read it out loud. If you happen to know the true definition of the word, you have to write it down as well. Hilarity ensues when the dasher has to read out both the correct definition and the outlandish one consecutively.

As soon as the dasher has finished reading all the definition, the players are asked which one do they think is true. The player who picked the right definition moves two spaces on the board. The players who received votes for their funny definitions, despite being incorrect, also move across the board, but only one space at a time. All in all, Balderash is one of the funniest classic board games you will ever play.

Best STRATEGY & WAR Board Game

Game of Thrones Board Game

Game of Thrones Board GameThe Game of Thrones franchise has an amazing following nowadays, so it is only natural that a hottest new board game with the same name would be as popular as this one. It has to be said before going any further, that this particular game’s popularity has little to do with the popular TV series being as successful as it is, and more to do with how good the game actually is. As far as the best strategy board games go, this one is top notch.

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The only real issue with the 2016 best board game is the fact that it has an awful lot of rules and guidelines, making it difficult to comprehend during the first couple of playthroughs. Other than that, the level of strategy involved is unlike any other similar board game, and unlike anything you have ever played really. Unlike other strategy games, when playing Game of Thrones you get to plan your actions during the planning phase at the beginning of each turn.

All things considered, Game of Thrones requires both strategic and logistic awareness, a good game perception, and the ability to make / break alliances with other players. Just like the TV series, this game involves a lot of betrayal and broken promises, which makes it stand out from any other strategy board game out there. In the end, there are many ways for a player to finish the game victorious, and you won’t experience the same outcome playing the game more than once, and this is the way any strategy game should.

Best FANTASY Board Game

King of Tokyo Board Game

King of Tokyo Board GameFantasy board games aren’t for everyone, but then again, King of Tokyo isn’t your average fantasy board game to begin with. This is basically a dice and card game that allows you to role play one of the six monsters that are trying to take over Tokyo. It has to be said that King of Tokyo has a great replay value, is extremely entertaining, and despite not being very educational, it does feature elements which younger players may find challenging.

You win at King of Tokyo by either getting the most Victory Points or by being the last monster standing. The gameplay requires that each player rolls their dice, with the possibility of re-rolling the dice they aren’t satisfied with. Afterwards, players roll the dice again before counting the results of their rolls. These rolls can give players energy points, victory points, attack abilities against other monsters, and the capacity to heal their own monsters before going any further.

King of Tokyo also features a currency that players can use to acquire special power cards that give a temporary or permanent bonus to a player. This being said, the game has a pretty ‘king of the hill’ feel to it, so playing with the same people over and over again can lead to different results each time. It also has to be said that King of Tokyo features an impressive artwork and the pieces are of a very high quality, making it a collectable in the long run. King of Tokyo is also one of the best board games for kids that your money can buy.