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Best Blood Pressure Monitors Reviews


Do you still use the traditional blood pressure meter at home? For the old fashioned device, you have to seek assistance from your family and put the cuff on your arm and rubber air ball underneath the cuff to test your blood pressure, so the process is complicated, and if you are not a qualified user, you don’t know how to read the numbers.

The Omron 7 series wrist blood pressure monitor is a trendy and ease to use device. It is automatically activated when your wrist is at heart level and a flashing blue indicator light ensures once your wrist is in a proper position and ready for the consistently accurate readings.

And its advanced averaging feature is capable of displaying 3 average readings recorded within the consecutive 10 minutes, and it delivers a detailed reading for the users to understand how the blood pressure situation is.

Panasonic EW3152W

When you want to monitor your own blood pressure level, you should choose the best device for yourself. This review is about the Panasonic EW3152W. This device is very famous among many users today. Many customers are happy with the performance and quality.

You will enjoy your experience when you are using this reliable device now. Keep reading this page to learn about some features and benefits from this high quality blood pressure monitoring unit. Here are some useful features that you should find from this device now.


Large LCD screen

It is an important feature that you can find from this product. This device has large LCD screen that is located on the surface of this unit. Therefore, you are able to monitor your own blood pressure level easily by looking at this screen. This screen can show several characters, such as numbers and alphabets, that can be read by all users easily.

Complete readings

When you look at the overall screen from this device, you are going to see several readings that are available on this screen, including date feature, time with AM/PM system, diastolic and systolic comparison, and many other important details for supporting your own needs. You can read some of these readings, in order to check your overall health and blood pressure level effectively.

One touch system

This is another good feature that is offered by this blood monitoring device. You can simply put your arm inside this system, in order to start the monitoring system. It has an one touch auto inflation device that can wrap your arm automatically. This one touch system can improve the overall user’s experience, so you will never have to worry about how you can start using this device now.

Digital filter technology

Many people are interested in using this powerful device now because of this powerful feature. This good feature is very useful to help you get accurate result from this device. This digital filter sensor is going to detect and also isolate essential pulse oscillation from your blood pressure level. This feature can also reduce and eliminate all unwanted noise factors, so you are able to get the most accurate result for measuring your own level.

Quick system

This product is able to measure your blood pressure level very quickly. You don’t need to spend a lot of time for measuring your blood pressure. In most cases, you only need to spend less than 1 minute for getting the most accurate result for your own blood pressure. It is recommended for you to follow all instructions from the packaging, so you are able to get the result quickly and accurately. You will never have to worry about the performance or quality of this monitoring device now.

When you are looking for a device, you can take a look at this Panasonic EW3152W today. This device also receives many good testimonials from other users. These good reviews show that most customers feel happy and comfortable with this powerful monitoring device. It can be the best time for you to purchase this unit, in order to check your health condition regularly.

Omron HEM 780

Omron HEM-780 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
If your doctor diagnosed you with high blood pressure and advised you to monitor it closely, then an Omron HEM 780 may be the ideal solution. You’ll get to find out what’s affecting the levels by simply controlling the drinks and foods you consume and monitoring your BP measurements. You might be able to avoid or reduce the prescribed medication. The Omron’s new and enhanced HEM 780 is the 1st and only BP monitor which has been designed to detect the Morning Hypertension, which is a key predictor of increased risks of stroke. This monitor measures the blood pressure, and also detects certain types of irregular heart beats. It’s designed to store the blood pressure and the pulse rate information automatically in memory for 2 people, to about 84 sets of the measurement value per a user. The monitor also stores 8 weeks of evening averages and morning averages for every person.

The HEM 780N3 uses the Omron patented IntelliSense advanced technology to make sure that upper arm cuffs inflates to a proper level every time you are using the monitor. In order to gain the accurate reading, it is essential for this cuff to fit and work properly. The cuff that fits loosely will fail to exert sufficient pressure. The cuff that’s too tight will exert excess pressure and may actually be quite painful to a user. The IntelliSense removes all questions about a good fit. That’s especially of great help to people who have arrhythmia or other heart disorders, since their BP usually fluctuates. For them, a cuff which fits way too tightly may be quite uncomfortable. With IntelliSense technology, every user gets individualized level(s) of inflation, for the perfect fit each time.

The Omron’s Tru Read average mode takes three consecutive measurements at 1 minute intervals and then displays that average automatically. That’s the method that’s advocated by American Heart Association. HEM 780N3 includes the Single read and the TruRead mode averaging systems. Single Read Mode which has Advanced Averaging, ensures the unit takes 3 readings within Ten minutes of each another and then displays that average automatically.

-Detects and also warns of hypertension
-Detects the morning hypertension
-IntelliSense monitor inflates the cuff to an ideal level with every use
-Extra large display panel which provides for easy to see BP and pulse readings
-ComFit, the patented cuff, properly fits the arm 9&Prime to 17&Prime in circumference
-Detects and also displays symbol for an irregular heartbeat
-Memory for storing your results of up to 200 readings
-Single Read and TruRead modes for averaging three readings
-Time and date display
-Separates and also stores the results for 2 users
-Includes 4 AA batteries
-Includes AC adapter
-Carries a 5 year warranty

Why Buy the HEM -780?
There are various reasons as to why you should buy this BP monitor. Besides from being simple to use and rather accurate, the key benefit is this BP monitor allows you to measure the blood pressure at the comfort of your own home. Many doctors usually recommend their patient(s) to buy BP monitors and check the blood pressures while at home. That ‘s because there are certain hypertensions which can only be detected if the BP is measured while at home. Another major benefit of buying the Omron BP Monitor is that the device detects the irregular heart beats, and then shows the symbol accordingly.

Having the HEM 780 BP Monitor will allow you to actually monitor your very own BP while at home. The unit comes with a great carrying case and is rather easy to use thanks to the set of instruction provided for beginners. In addition, availability of an AC adapter allows users to charge it when needed, meaning you may take it with you on vacations too.

The Omron HEM 780N3 works accurately with auto inflation facility. Its’ cuff may be fitted quite easily and AC convertor makes the unit worth it. Given that you can actually use the same unit for more than 1 person at a go, while getting great amounts of functionality and features; it is certainly a great bargain for its’ price and highly recommended.


LifeSource Blood Pressure Monitor
The LifeSource Blood Pressure Monitor with Accufit Extra Large Cuff is the kind of monitor that’s designed for people who have large arms, but who, at the same time, require devices which are accurate, reliable and easy to use. LifeSource is one such product and it has all the necessary features to live up to its reputation, including its HeartWise Technology and its Acculit Cuffs. So if you’re interested in purchasing this device for your own personal use then here are several things that you should know about it.


The LifeSource has several key features that sets it apart from other similar blood monitors. First of all, it features a high speed motor that offers fast and comfortable readings. It is also equipped with an irregular heartbeat detector that can take blood pressure and pulse rate measurements even when the person wearing it experiences irregular heartbeats.

However, the most notable feature of the LifeSource is its HeartWise Technology, which not only measures your blood pressure during inflation, but also filters out various ambient noises during deflation. What this means is that as long as the cuffs are fitted in properly, LifeSource’s readings will be very accurate, even in tense or difficult situations.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that this monitor also features a large display as well as relatively big buttons for increased user convenience.

Other important features of the LifeSource include:

– Its own AC Power Adapter
– A monitor which offers increased speed and reliability
– Accufit (Extra-Large) Cuffs for relatively large arms (good for people who have arms which are between 18.5&Prime to 23.6&Prime)
– 60 Minute Recall
– Illuminated Buttons

Pros and Cons

Now, that we’ve discussed what the LifeSource has to offer, let’s take a closer look at what makes it good and what makes it bad.


– If you have relatively large arms then the cuff would fit you just fine.
– Provides very accurate results, but only if you position the cuff just right.
– Offers a lot of great and useful features.


– The cuff is too big for people with small arms.
– Cuff placement is tricky.
– Some users feel a little pain from using it.


The LifeSource was not designed for everybody. The size of its cuffs makes it only useful for people with relatively large arms, which means that you should only buy it if your arms are about the right size. Furthermore, the fact that it can only accommodate users with large arms means that friends and family members who have small arms will not be able to use this device.

Despite these challenges, however, the LifeSource is very reliable and very accurate. Its monitor, along with its featured HeartWise technology, are also quite useful whenever you need to take your blood pressure. So all in all, the LifeSource with AccuFit Extra Large Cuff is one of the best blood pressure monitors on the market and thus a very useful and reliable device, but only for people with the right arms.

Withings Android And Apple

Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor
Health concerns are major for the modern generation that is faced with various challenges that include toughening economy, sedentary lifestyle and reducing workout time. However, advancements in technology have led to the emergence of different smart devices and fitness trackers that can be used to monitor various health metrics. Withings wireless blood pressure monitor for Apple and Android is one of such devices and it basically helps users to effortlessly monitor their blood pressure and heart rate.
Here is a descriptive review of the product including features, benefits and concerns.

Features and specs
Like the name suggests, Withing wireless blood pressure monitor for Apple and Android offers accurate monitoring of blood pressure in simple easy-to-achieve steps. The device is basically worn/cuffed comfortably on the arm and launches accurate monitoring instantly. Some of the features you will find in this BP monitor include the following;
• Accurate instant measurement – The device comes with an ergonomic display and comfortable cuff that allows accurate reading immediately it is cuffed on the arm.

• Automatic wireless sync- This is the product’s sales feature. The readings taken and data available for viewing are linked to Withing Cloud service where backup is available. There is also a Health mate app that syncs collected data with mobile gadgets using Android and iOS platforms.

• Detailed result features – The BP monitor is linked to an online dashboard account that provides detailed high quality results in easily understandable charts. Users can also view results using their android gadgets and iPhones. This app provides instant color feedback and all results are based on NHI (national health institute) standards.

• Dual connectivity – The data provided by this device can be shared using both Bluetooth and wired connections and it is compatible with android and iOS gadgets.

There are various minor features that are found in the product aimed at improving comfort, result display and quick access.
Benefits of the monitor
The advantages of using a blood pressure monitor are quite obvious and straightforward. Withing wireless blood pressure monitor for Apple and Android features unique benefits and is highly recommended. The system immediately launches BP measurement and monitoring when cuffed on the arm. There captured data is stored and presented in charts for easy interpretation. It also achieves wireless syncing through health mate app that is quite user-friendly. The monitor is lightweight and uses latest technology to quickly record accurate readings of blood pressure. Since the data is always backed up on the independent cloud, users can access their account and view results from anywhere in the world using their online dashboard.

There are no complaints about the product thus far and it has several positive reviews. The device is compact, comfortable, convenient, durable and effective in monitoring at any time. However, it only offers blood pressure monitoring and tracks no other health/fitness metric. With modern advancements and technology, the monitor would be much better with other capabilities.

Withings wireless blood pressure monitor for Apple and Android is a perfect option for anyone who wants to gather accurate readings. The device conforms to FDA requirements and is approved for use. It runs Bluetooth 4 and above with an app that offers different languages (French, English, German, Spanish and Italian). It is advisable to purchase the product from licensed credible retailers who are allowed to distribute it within the area. This will ensure you get genuine original monitors.

RESPeRATE Blood Pressure Lowering Device Review

Did you know that you can safely decrease your blood pressure naturally with use of a breakthrough FDA-cleared device? Apparently, the RESPeRATE’s interactivity absolutely guides you throughout the therapeutic breathing exercises. The product has been clinically tested and approved to be effective when it comes to lowering the blood pressure in less than four weeks, and without any side effects.

What is the RESPeRATE Blood Pressure Lowering Device?
This device is the single non-sedate treatment cleared by the FDA for the treatment of hypertension and reduction of stress. It’s apparently the first medical device that has successfully passed a number of clinical tests, and has been and proven to lower circulatory strain.

It’s worth noting that RESPeRATE is:
– Not a drug
– No side effects
– Easy and quite pleasant to use
– Doctor recommended
– Proven in at least 10 clinical trials to lower hypertension

The RESPeRATE is indeed a versatile computerized device that aides you through sessions of remedial breathing, effective enough to lower your entire blood pressure.

To achieve the ultimate results, you’re recommended to use the device for only 15 minutes a couple of times each week. This will certainly deliver a very significant all-day reduction. It’s accessible without a prescription and is utilized by over 250,000 men and women globally to lower hypertension naturally.

Who should utilize it?
Whether you’re already under any anti-hypertension drugs or you’re just trying to lower hypertension with exercises and diet, RESPeRATE may just be the right tool you need. You need to make use of the device along with anti-hypertension drugs so you can reduce your hypertension problems.

Here are some of the RESPeRATE ultra components:
– A carrying case
– Ear buds
– Instructional manual
– Easily detachable breathing sensor
– Built-in memory to track the progress
– Four AA batteries
– Computerized system with smart algorithm

Using RESPeRATE makes incredible difference
Scientific evidences have demonstrated that a structured therapeutic breathing, if done with less effort or without any significant level of concentration, can help reduce your blood pressure. But then, these effortless (or at least minimal effort) breathing sessions are somehow difficult to complete on your own without significant years of coaching or even personalized training.

Therefore, in order to achieve these therapeutic breathing without necessarily having a prior coaching, RESPeRATE uses a patented interactive respiratory pacing’ technology. This, in a way, takes advantage of your body’s natural tendency to stick to external rhythms.

How RESPeRATE works
Hypertension is typically caused by a person’s blood vessels narrowing and tightening up. This compels the heart to pump blood harder and harder. The RESPeRATE’s unique breathing exercises relax the constricted veins and blood vessels in a bid to reduce hypertension.

Harness your natural breathing power
When you utilize the RESPeRATE, you’ve to put on headphones and attach a sensor around the chest. The RESPeRATE’s breathing sensor tends to automatically analyze a person’s breathing system and its pattern and creates a certain personalized melody made up of two distinctive exhale and inhale guiding tones.

Simply listen carefully to the melody via the headphones, and the body’s natural tendency to strictly adhere to external rhythms will let you to easily synchronize your own rhythms to the tones.

By gradually extending the exhalation tone to moderate your breathing, the RESPeRATE drives you to another therapeutic zone, which has less than ten breaths per minute. Within a couple of minutes, the muscles encompassing your blood vessels or veins in the body relax, and blood flows freely so that your hypertension is altogether decreased.

Why choose this product?
Use RESPeRATE exactly as recommended by your doctor for 3-4 consecutive weeks from the first date of purchase. If you discover that your hypertension does not go down even after using the device, you’re advised to return the device back. You’ll undoubtedly get back your full purchase price in cash.

In conclusion, RESPeRATE is only recommended for use as part of your general health program for accomplishing blood pressure goals as recommended by your medical specialist. RESPeRATE can be safely utilized alongside medication and lifestyle modifications like exercises and diet.

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