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Best Bladeless Fans Reviews

best-bladeless-fansBladeless fans are all the range these days as they offer much better performance and more importantly are much safer than fans with blades, however with all the range of models on the market, which is the best bladeless fans and therefore which you should buy and more importantly which should you avoid.

Bladeless Fans have many benefits to include:

  • No fan blades meaning they’re safe around young children
  • Much easier to clean that fans with blades
  • Much less noise
  • No more inconsistant air flow
  • More space efficient
  • Quality Design and Build Quality

Factors To Consider When Buying A Bladeless Fan

If you’re going to buy yourself a bladeless fan then you need to make sure that you take a few key things into consideration before you purchase your fan to make sure that you don’t buy the wrong model.

  • Fan Size – What fan size do you need? The problem is that a bigger fan does not always mean better when it comes to fans as often the larger fans simply make more noise but actually does product much more air flow around the room. A larger fan is also going to get in the way more especially when it comes to storage so unless you have some major storage then a bigger fan is not going to help.
  • Brand Name And Don’t Import – Old phrase, buy cheap, buy twice. This really matters when it comes to buying fans. Yes there are cheap, Chinese imports that you can buy online for a few buck, however often they don’t work, or easily break. If you want a device that’s going to both work well, come with performance and quietness and last over time then get yourself a brand name bladeless fan.
  • Remote Control – Buy a fan with a remote control. It makes such a difference when it comes to using your fan.

Top Bladeless Fan Models

Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan

  • Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower FanMade from Plastic, but very solid design and build quality.
  • Uses Air Multiplier Technology that increases air speed through an annular aperture.
  • No Blades or Choppy Air Flow
  • Full Oscillating mode
  • 60% quieter than first generation AM02 Models.
  • Engineered for Energy efficitcency
  • Sleep timer to allow fan to be programmed to turn-off and turn-on.
  • Remote Control allowing the user to control the fan from 10 precise airflow settings.
  • 2 Years parts and labor Warranty.

The Dyson AM07 is Dyson’s latest bladeless fan that has been designed by Dyson’s engineers to be quieter and more energy efficient than it’s predecessor whilst keeping the performance the same. The fan has been designed as a floor design, however given it only weights in at 14 pounds with a max height of 40 inches, you can easily use the fan sitting on a table if needed.

The new design is 60% quieter than its predecessor, the AM02 whilst using the same Air Multiplier technology that allows for a powerful, consistent air-flow with no chopping blades. Like it’s predecessor, the AM07 works by drawing in air at the base of the model, accelerating this air through a 2.5mm annular aperture before expelling this fast flowing air out of the fan in the direction of the user. This creates a constant stream of smooth cooling air with minimal noise meaning that you can easily sleep with the fan on full if needed.

Extra features include a full oscillation mode that allows for whole room cooling and a remote control that means you can change the one of 10 airflow settings, oscillation control and even sleep timer all from the comfort of your home.

Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 Table Fan

  • 2 year parts & labor warranty
  • Air Multiplier technology to ensure that air is accelerated to project a high-velocity heating and cooling airflow.
  • Constant Air Flow. No Choppy Mess
  • 75% quieter than previous models of this design such as the AM01.
  • Very Energy Efficient
  • Programmable settings to include both a turn-off features and in-built timer.
  • Complete with Remote control that allow you to control your device from up to 10 meters away whilst choosing from up to 10 different airflow settings.

The Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 Table Fan is a replacement of the AM01 Dyson Table Fan and comes with a number of upgrades to ensure that performance is better than ever. As standard the AM06 is a bladeless fan that offer users a constant stream of hot or cold air to the user, with the only difference being that this model is both quieter and more energy efficient than any of it’s predecessor models.

The AM06 comes with streamlined air flow channels that help to reduce airflow turbulence and thus ensures that the bladeless fan works with great efficiency and with less noise. The smoother airflow, also means that the fan does not need to work as hard and therefore use much less energy. As with all Dyson fan’s, the build quality is fantastic and the unit comes with a number of extra features to include remote control, programmable features and powered oscillation to ensure that hot or cold air can be blown around the room

Aura Bladeless Fan

  • Plastic Design, although fantastic build quality.
  • Size, 22 “high x 9” wide,
  • Very quiet, although a soft white sound is emitted when it is running.
  • Optional LED Light Effect
  • Full Oscillation of up to 90 degrees makes it perfect for the corner of the room
  • Remote Control which allows the users to change the fan speed from low to high, or to shut the unit off.
  • Great Value For Money

The Aura Bladeless Fan is one of the best value for money bladeless fans on the market and offers users bladeless fan technology at a very affordable price that makes it perfect for family homes with children where they don’t want spinning blades within the fan.

The fan is 22″ tall, and the oval is 14.5″ top to bottom and works by taking air into the base of the unit via a circular tube whilst a small electric motor is used to pull the air from the fan and push it into the slits surrounding the oval. When the air escapes from the slits in the oval the air behind the oval is pulled through the oval as well and this increases the amount of air that the fan pushes forward.

There are no blades on the outside of the fan, however it does use blades to push the air around the unit, however these are internal and cannot be seen from the outside. The fan comes with a remote control which allows the user to turn it both on and off and increase or decrease the air flow, rotate the fan from side-to-side and turn on the LED lights at the base of the fan. Overall performance is good, however its not perfect as the fan is not silent but this fan does represent value for money which is important when considered against the bladeless fans above.

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