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Best Biometric Door Locks Reviews

best-biometric-door-locksSecurity is of the utmost concern to most people and that’s precisely why biometric locks are becoming so very popular. But how to choose best biometric door locks, how do you know that you are getting a good model, and how do you go shopping for biometric locks?. Before we talk about the buying guide, lets know more about the best best keyless door locks.

What is a Biometric Lock?

A biometric lock is a special type of electronic door lock which scans a persons’ fingerprint or your retina and uses it as a key to unlock the door. Biometric locks does not require any key which makes them very secure as they can’t be picked or bumped and also it don’t require the owners to carry keys around with them.

Advantages of Biometric door locks

High level of security

Biometric locks provide high level of security as these locks can’t be picked by burglars. Also unlike traditional door locks these keyless door knobs don’t have keys and hence there is no question of your keys getting duplicated. To know more about high security biometric door locks check here

No fear of losing keys

If you have biometric locks then there is no more fear of losing your keys, forgetting them or even locking them in the house as your key becomes your fingerprint and that’s always with you

Reduces ID frauds

For offices, it reduces fraud by employees as they can’t do buddy punching or make a fake ID


If you buy good model biometric locks from a reputable vendor of biometric equipment, you will have a secure keyless deadbolt for as long as you need one. Your fingerprints will hardly change, if at all, during your entire lifetime, and most of that change only happens to the elderly. This means that unless you are present and putting your finger to the reader, that lock will not open, giving you a reliable and mode of security that you can put your faith in.


Top 8 Best Rated Door Locks Comparison

*Results Are Based On Amazon.com Biometric Locks Consumer Reports & Reviews*


ReliTouch Fingerprint Biometric Keyless Entry Lock


  • New 4th Generation biometric handle lock for commercial and residential use.
  • This is the most advanced biometric lock available today.
  • Many new features for 2013 including our new multiline inner display, upgraded mechanical assemblies, many new firmware features, shock proof electronics and much more.
  • This lock is the next generation of our previous RT-201, 204, 207 and 3 generations newer than our LC-200 model biometric door knobs.

The new ReliTouch was designed for both residential and commercial building installations. For the commercial customer, the ReliTouch is a fantastic product if you are serious about your security. Savvy security professionals understand the value of biometric access control for identification and authentication purposes. This undeniably accurate information by itself can reduce risks and costs associated with theft, vandalism, and fraud. Besides its cost effective price, ReliTouch® provides real savings by eliminating replacements costs associated with re-keying, replacing cylinders, or purchasing swipe cards.

Biometric Fingerprint keyless Keypad Door Lock Scyan X7


  • This state-of-art lock has been designed and assembled in US. The lock features a combination of a fingerprint scanner and a keypad enabling both the fingerprint entry and keypad code entry. The lock further features patented design that is easy to install and operate.
  • The Scyan X7 lock has self-learning ability, which enables the lock to update a user fingerprint template after every fingerprint entry. This unique feature significantly reduces rejection rate when compared to other fingerprint lock systems on the market.
  • Two modes to login the system: programming code or administrator fingerprint. Make operation secure and easy.
  • Reversible handle fit either left or right handed door. Reversing lever controlled by key. Removable key cylinder lets user to make key copy or re-key without bring the whole biometric deadbolt.
  • This fingerprint door lock is a cool little gizmo that works as described. Finger print scanner works flawlessly. Installation and programing of this biometric door lock is easy and straight forward. Another cool feature of this lock is User code flexibility, the code can be 4 to 12 digit long…

Keyless Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock Trinity 788


  • Reversible handle accomodates left or right opening doors
  • 99 fingerprint memory capacity
  • Uses 4 x AA batteries (included)
  • External 9V battery port provides emergency power
  • Mechanical keys for emergency use
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Trinity-788 by Adel lock is designed for high security, style, keyless and ease of use. This lock has Automatic locking system so now you can never leave your door unlocked again. The Trinity 788 fingerprint lock has automatic wakeup feature with infrared sensor . You only need to place your finger on sensor . The biometric padlock will check your fingerprint automatically . You also can delete user individually . Two fail safe backups are built into the fingerprint lock in case the batteries fail . You can use a traditional key or simply touch a 9V battery to the two terminals under the lock to provide interim power.

The one piece construction allows for easy DIY installation. For a guaranteed fit, the tubular latch mortise is adustable to fit doors 30mm to 60mm thick. The new reversible handle accomodates left or right opening doors and a solid metal construction resists breakage and vandalism.

iTouchless Bio-Matic Fingerprint Door Lock


  • 150 Fingerprint users
  • 78 Passcode code users
  • 2 Backup keys
  • Low battery power warning alert
  • Sliding cover to protect UV sensor, water resistance

With fingerprint recognition technology, you can easily give your children or other family members access to your home without needing to worry about them losing the keys. Uses the latest biometric entrance technology with 150 fingerprint storage capacity for single latch tubular model. Replaces any standard door lock. Fingerprint door lock offers a sliding front cover that not only allows protection for the optical sensor but also activates the fingerprint scanner when lifted and it can be accessed by fingerprint, passcode, or backup key. Powered by 4 AA batteries which will handle 15,000 usages.

NextBolt Secure Mount


  • Includes: ANSI Grade, UL 3-hr fire-rated deadbolt, 3 Nickel plated backup keys and an expertly written users guide
  • Motorized Operation
  • Easy to use
  • Never Lose Your Keys Again
  • Weatherproof
  • NX4 SN Finish: Satin Nickel Features: -Secure mount kit.-Material: Solid steel.-Motorized operation.-Easy to use.-Never lose your keys again.-Weatherproof. Includes: -Impact alarm included. Dimensions: -Overall Dimensions: 8&Prime H x 4.75&Prime W x 13.4&Prime D.

BioBolt X2 – Biometric Fingerprint Deadbolt


  • Allows entry without fumbling for keys in your purse or pockets, just use a fingerprint
  • Fingerprint, Pin or Key Access! Has a 99 fingerprint user capacity and 78 pin code user capacity!
  • Low Battery warning alert! Fingerprints will Not be lost if batteries fail!
  • Easily add or delete individual users directly on the lock. (no PC required)
  • Give temporary access to individuals or groups without compromising security.
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The Polished Brass BioBolt is an Indoor/Outdoor fingerprint DeadBolt with Passcode and Manual Key Override. Includes: Manual, template, Field selectable deadbolt, 4 KW1 keys. The BioBolt® X2 biometric fingerprint deadbolt was designed right here in the U.S. by Fingerprintdoorlocks.com for the U.S. market. This fingerprint and pin pad deadbolt features a protective slide covers for the scanner, keeping it protected from the “elements”. With the input of thousands of US consumers as well as multiple well-respected US locksmiths and security firms, we have created a deadbolt lock that accomplishes a unique blend of beauty and unparalleled security. In addition, we have secured the highest quality components for the BioBolt® X2 to redefine the standard in the fingerprint lock.

BioAXXIS BD-1 XL Satin Nickel (SN) Biometric Deadbolt


  • The BD1 Series of keyless fingerprint access (Biometric) deadbolt lock works with your fingerprint, making it convenient and easy to get in to your home or office
  • Five-pin tumbler rekeyable KW1 keyway – Schlage comparable – as compared to most biometric locks with proprietary keyways
  • The deadbolt opens in a second and includes a tamper proof impact alarm
  • Easy to add and delete users, no more giving out copies of your key or codes
  • The BD1 Series is winner of CES Design Honors and named Best Fingerprint biometric Door Lock by Good Housekeeping Research
  • Holds 30 fingerprints
  • Weatherproof – Fully resistant to rain, snow, temperature extremes, humidity, UV and dust. No other biometric deadbolt can make these claims
  • Sliding weather cover triggers sensor to power on automatically.
  • Latch Type: ANSI Grade 3 deadbolt, Kwikset KW1 keyway and fits either left or right handed doors
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The BioAxxis BD1- XL was voted “Best Biometric Lock” after extensive testing by Good Housekeeping Research Institute and Good Housekeeping magazine, it was also named “Editors Pick “in Remodel Magazine (a subsidiary of Better Homes & Garden). The BioAxxis BD1- XL lock was the first biometric deadbolt lock specifically designed and developed for residential homes and small-businesses. After years of input from locksmiths, security firms, and consumers the BioAxxis BD1- XL lock continues to set industry standards in its unmatched quality, reliability and ease of operation.

Anviz L100 Fingerprint Biometric Door Lock


  • High-impact lock body
  • State of the art nanotechnology surface
  • High quality steel construction
  • User management flexibility
  • Comes standard with an RFID Key-tag entry system

The Revolutionary Anviz L100 Fingerprint Door Lock is a single latch door lock with fingerprint authentication technology. Authorized users can easily open the lock with the touch of a finger. This amazing product replaces keyed locking mechanisms with a fingerprint sensor which recognizes who is who and who is not authorized to enter. Once your fingerprint is registered, all you will have to do is scan your fingerprint to gain access. It’s that simple! The Anviz L100 fingerprint door lock also comes standard with an RFID Key-tag entry system in which a user is provided with a unique programmable RFID badge or key-tag. To open the magnetic door lock, the user passes the RFID badge or key-tag near the lock, and the lock opens instantly.

Buyer’s Guide

Since there are many types of electronic keyless door locks of different models and vendors. One should be careful before buying. This guide will help you to choose the electronic biometric door locks for homes which suits best to you.

Is it Secure?
Security is very crucial and everyone is concerned with safeguarding their belongings as well as their family members from any possible threats especially by outside intruders. For this reason the security industry is flourishing at the moment. When choosing biometric fingerprint lock you need to make sure that they provide adequate safety and security.

While security is utmost important the price also plays a big role. It’s very important that you try to find a biometric lock that is both affordable and also of high quality.
Don’t choose any of the cheaply made units as these will put your house at risk. You need to choose high value products that will be easier to install and be more reliable than other cheaper models. Many modern biometric door locks are actually much more affordable than they used to be. This is because the technology of electronic deadbolts has been refined and is now mass produced.

Ease of Use
When choosing simple biometric fingerprint door locks, one of the most important things to check out is the ease of use. You will want to be able to use the fingerprint readers easily without having any trouble doing so.
Before you buy it is important that you do some research.

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