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Best Bell Toys For Birds Reviews

best-bell-toys-for-birdsWhen it comes time to decorating a bird cage in order to keep your bird entertained, you want to look at a variety of bird toys for sale.

Homemade bird toys may not always be the best because you want to make sure that all of the materials are as safe as possible.

If you know of the best suppliers to use with the type of bird that you have, you can make your own bird toys successfully – and even include a bell so that the bird is capable of making some extra noise along with its chirping.



Lattice Chain

When you are looking for discount bird toys, this is one of the best toys to buy. The colorful lattice balls are created along a chain and there is a shiny bell at the bottom that birds will love to ring. The size of the toy is ideal for love birds, parakeets, and other birds of that size.

Crinkle Crinkle Little Star

Your bird will love playing with this toy and is designed to provide the chewing that is so instinctual with birds. There’s a large bell at the end to provide hours of entertainment as well. You will always know when your bird is staying entertained because of the sound of the bell bird toys.

Activity Center

There are times when you want to play with your bird outside of the cage. Bird toys wholesale can be incorporated into the activity center or you can choose to use all of the toys that are already in place. This includes a ladder, a swing, rope, and a bell at the end that your bird will love to play with.

Olympia Rings

When you are on the hunt for discount bird toys, the Olympia rings is an ideal choice. Five colorful rings connect together and provide an opportunity for climbing and swinging. It encourages play and you know when your bird is playing with the toy from the next room because of the small bell located at the very bottom of the rings.

Creating Foraging Sphere

This is one of those fun bell bird toys where you can put treats inside of the ball. When you want to know that your bird is eating, the bell at the bottom will ring because of the constant side to side movement. Whether you use spray millet, spinach, or event dried fruit, it is sure to be loved by your bird.

Tutti Frutti Bird Toy

If you don’t want to learn how to make bird toys, you can purchase this one. It is filled with bright colors and is ideal to develop the dexterity and fine motor skills of your bird. It connects to the inside of the cage quickly and has a metal bell at the end so that your bird can make lots of noise.

Rope Bungee Toy

The rope bungee toy is ideal for larger birds such as Amazons, African greys, and small cockatoos. The 100% cotton rope creates a soft padding for your bird and the bungee can be bent to your desired shape and lean. There is also a fun bell at the end that your bird will love ringing back and forth.

Guitar Toy

This is one of the most innovative bell bird toys available on the market. When you love music and you want your bird to do the same, this is a must-have within their cage. The reflective metallic body will keep your bird stimulated and there are three bells so that your parakeet or cockatiel (or bird of similar size) can make its own music while it plays inside of the cage.

Bell Bird Toy

Sometimes birds just want a bell. This toy can be mentally and physically challenging for your bird. The bell connects easily onto the side of the cage and is made from acrylic. The bell itself is metal and provides a pull chain, making it easy for your bird to go up and ring the bell at any time.

Ring a Ding Bird Toy

So many of the bird toys only have one bell. This toy provides a total of four rings and four bells, which is ideal for small and medium birds. Whether you have an African Grey, a cockatiel, or even a budgie, your bird will enjoy playing with this. It connects easily to the top of the cage with the provided hook.

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