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Best Belgian Waffle Makers Reviews

Best Belgian Waffle MakersNothing hits the spot early in the morning like a freshly made waffle. This is especially true of a Belgian waffle.

Unlike your standard waffle, Belgian waffles are bigger, and more filling.

While they may not be for everyone they continue to remain popular in many restaurants and homes.

With this wonderful breakfast delicacy being as popular as it is finding the perfect Belgian Waffle Maker will liven up any meal.

Waring Pro WMK600

This Belgian Waffle maker offers the option of making two Belgian waffles at one. Both irons have their own temperature setting allowing for both waffles to be done to the preferred consistency at the same time.It also conveniently beeps both when the iron is hot enough and when the waffle is done, making it quick and easy to use. It’s non-stick iron surface makes for easy cleaning as well as swift release of finished waffles.

This is perfect for busy and/or large families looking to change up their breakfast routine. At around $90 this Belgian waffle maker isn’t the cheapest on the market but won’t having you breaking the bank to get it either.

Cuisinart WAF-150

The WAF-150 looks like your standard waffle maker but inside it’s simple design is everything you could want in a waffle maker. What sets this Belgian waffle maker apart from other models on the market is a number of features. Firstly is its lower price point. For around $53 this Belgian waffle maker produces the same quality waffles as more expensive models but at a far lower price. Secondly this Belgian waffle maker is more durable than similar waffle makers. Generally most Belgian waffle makers will last anywhere from a year to three at most. The Cuisinart WAF-150 has been known to continue making perfect Belgian waffles for up to 5 years or more with almost no wear and tear.

All-Clad 99011GT

The All-Clad 99011GT is a standard 2-square Belgian waffle maker. However, what the All-Clad 99011GT offers is a solid metal design similar to classic GE waffle makers. This Belgian waffle maker also is heavier than most other waffle makers. For people with limited counter space this waffle maker might not be a great fit however, it is well worth making space for. It has the standard non-stick heating plates and beeps when hot/done. What makes the All-Clad in a class of its own is for starters, its price of around $180. However, for this higher price you get restaurant quality waffles in less time than other waffle makers on the market

WaringPro WMK200

Coming with non-stick baking plate and a clean stainless steel cover this waffle maker has the ability to bake four 1-inch deep waffles at once. Also,its compact size makes sure that it does not end up taking too much space in your kitchen and is really easy to store. Priced at a decent $53 on Amazon this is one iron the users absolutely love baking their waffles in.


We found the NDVLWFBFS1-SHP to be one of the top performing iron. The size of the waffles made by these irons was a huge deciding factor and the NDVLWFBFS1-SHP not only beats other irons in size but also doubles it up by it’s ability to make giant sized waffles. It also has a rotating feature which makes sure that the waffles are evenly baked. The browning contorl feature is an added bonus which gives you the ability to controlit’s color.

The earlier version was quiet a disappointment with all the customers facing problem with the hinges. The VillaWare Team has made sure not to repeat it with the NDVLWFBFS1-SHP. Waffles made were deep and fluffy. The waffle do not stick to the plates and cleaning it up isn’t much of a task. This is a reasonably priced Belgian styled waffle maker if you’re looking for ease of use along with the ability to do lots of other things.Top the waffles made from it with mini chocolate chips and take a glimpse of heaven


There are many different Belgian waffle makers on the market. However, only a small handful of them can give you the quality you expect in a Belgian waffle. Price notwithstanding, the above listed waffle makers make a great addition to any kitchen. With their quick and ease of use these waffle makers can help you get the energy you need for your busy life one waffle at a time.

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