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Best Belay Device & Rappel Equipment Reviews

Best Belay Device and Rappel EquipmentIf you have a fascination in rock climbing, then you definitely know the importance of equipping yourself with the right belay and rappel equipment.

It is actually the only way that will enable you to explore deep in remote rock canyons.

Various manufacturers have come up with distinct models that have been a great success in design, quality and performance.

From our research, we have found the following models to be the most astounding ones based on user reviews and experience.

Fusion Titan Terminal 8 Descender

This device is made of lightweight aluminum. It measures 6.7 x 6.8 x 1 inches and weighs at 263 grams. The device has a strength of 45kN, which makes it ideal for handling those heavy loads. It has a unique figure 8 design with large slots that accommodate different rope sizes. The large size makes it an excellent choice for use in rescue situations.

Slackers 40′ Zipline Falcon Series Kit with Seat

This device comes as a kit that includes an ergonomically designed seat. The trolley is made of durable steel with a powder coated finish that provides added strength and excellent weatherproofing. It is fitted with ball bearings to allow for smooth and constant rides. It has the ability to gradually reduce its speed as you approach the end. The trolley can be assembled in just 30 minutes.

Petzl Ascension Ascender

Released just recently, this 2016 model has won the trust of many rock climbers. The device is made from a combination of durable materials that include plastic, nylon, rubber, chrome coated steel and aluminum. This gives it great strength to withstand large loads. It measures 8.5 x 3.66 x 1.34 inches and weighs 165 grams. It features dual grips that are perfectly molded for enhanced comfort. It has an extra-large hole that easily fits two carabiners,

Y&Y Belay Glasses

This pair of glasses come in a stylish design with a lightweight construction of only 35 grams that allows for effortless handling. It gets full 5-star ratings from customers around the world. It features a flexible yet sturdy stainless steel frame that provides a perfect fit to all users. Its highly advanced optics provide excellent visibility. It comes with silicone pads that fits the nose for added comfort.

Black Diamond Big Air XP Package

This device is redesigned to render it more lightweight than the original version. At 204 grams, it is actually 30-percent lighter. It is made of high strength aluminum to enable it support heavy loads with ease. The device features a high-friction mode that provides excellent holds and maximum braking power. It comes with a screwgate carabiner for added convenience.

Black Diamond ATC Guide Belay Device

Any rock climber would certainly love this belay device. It is a durable product made of forged aluminum to give it extra strength. It is easier to carry and handle, thanks to its lightweight construction of only 88 grams. It fits different rope sizes that range from 7.7-11 millimeters in diameter. It incorporates several friction modes that deliver excellent braking power.

Black Diamond Big Air Package

This device is meant for both belaying and abseiling applications. It comes as a package that includes a free DVD that provides a clear guide on how to use the equipment. It features an advanced locking carabiner with a huge gate for added versatility. Its large design allows for excellent dissipation of heat. The device accommodates rope sizes of 9-11 millimeters in diameter.

Edelrid Mega Jul Belay Kit

This is a stainless steel device designed to combat any forms of abrasion or wear. It is a versatile model that is compatible with HMS Strike FG series of locking carabiner. The advanced thumb loop mechanism offers excellent braking and control, especially when lowering or rappelling. The device is sturdy yet lightweight enough for hassle-free handling.

Petzl REVERSO 4 Belay Device

Compared to its predecessor, this device boasts of a 25-percent lighter construction. It weighs a mere 59 grams. It is made of forged aluminum to give it ultimate strength and durability. Friction is generated by advanced “V” channels to allow for great control and excellent braking. The device accommodates various types of ropes: single, double and half ropes.

Petzl Grigri 2 Belay Device – Old Model

This is an advanced belay device that comes with an assisted braking power. It is made from a combination of three materials: steel, aluminum and nylon. It features a lightweight construction of 170 grams but has the capacity to hold heavy loads more comfortably. It is specially meant to be used with rope sizes that measure 8.9-11 millimeters in diameter.

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