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Best Beer Cooler Backpack Reviews

best-beer-cooler-backpackBeer coolers are used to cool your drinks and they come in so many different variations. You maybe looking for portable coolers which are a single hand-beer cooling carriers. Moving on, a cooler backpack is one that is suitable for a variety of activities, be it road trips, picnics or even carry it to the beach! Open it up, and you get to enjoy your drinks cooled. If you are doing an exercise that would require your hands to be active like hiking and mountain climbing, the backpack is for you!

 What to look out for?

There are so many different factors that you have to consider from each beer cooler backpack that it would make it hard to choose one. I have created a list below of what I think are the most important aspects that a bag should have.

Capacity. Due to the different sizes of the bags,  it is important to identify the interior capacity of the bags. Generally, you would want one that is able to fit around 15 – 25 cans of drinks.
Compartments. This is a very important factor when it comes to me buying one. When carrying it around, you would want it to be able to store all your items and belongings such as phones, wallets or other daily necessities that you bring along.
Comfort. Carrying large amounts of drinks is no laughing matter. They quickly add up and you will suddenly feel that you are carrying a bag of stone! To keep your shoulders comfortable, when buying cooler backpacks, look out for those that have padded straps. The cushion will help alleviate pressure on your shoulders.

Yay! Its time to look and buy a beer cooler backpack. Based on the criteria above, I researched them and here I present it to you! These are my top 3 best rated recommendations.


This bag features a 20 can capacity even after adding your ice packs in! It also has several compartments which you can use to store your personal items.

Don’t worry about the design and colors, as you have a wide range of them to choose from, ranging from blue to red to black to beautifully designed ones like the camo prints shown here.

 Igloo RealTree Camo

This awesome bag features a 18 can capacity after ice packs. It has exterior compartments for additional drinks and items.

It has a pretty nice design too! If you are looking for a quality beer backpack cooler that is suitable for everyday, I highly recommend this unit.

 IceMule Coolers Classic Coolers

This a portable sling-bag cooler. It is able to cool and store your ice for 24 hours. It features an 18 can capacity and features high performance cooling solutions that is designed to keep your drinks within cold for extended periods.

Get this if you looking for longer trips!

 Picnic Time Zuma Insulated Cooler Backpack

Featuring a 20 can capacity, this is a pretty unique cooler backpack due to its separate compartment section. At the bottom is where it is insulated, you can store your beers.

Above, in the upper section, you can store all your other items such as tissues,books and all that kind of stuff! I absolutely love this bag.

 Why buy a beer cooler backpack?

A beer cooler backpack is your perfect companion when it comes to travelling. Be it activities such as hiking or mountain climbing, if you want to have a fresh supply of cold drinks and don’t want to carry a cooler with your hands, these backpacks are the ultimate cooling solution. They have cushioned pad straps that will reduce the amount of pressure on your shoulders so you can carry on your activities with no problem.

Whenever you are thirsty, pop the bag open and there it is! All your icy cold drinks in one place. Of course these backpacks can be used for variety of ways, such as family outings to theme parks and so on! Their well insulated bodies will ensure ice cold drinks every time!


Thanks for keeping it to the end with me. I hope I was able to provide you enough information for you to purchase the best beer cooler backpack that is suitable for you. The bags here are all very high rated and should fair well in both functionality and practicality. If you are also looking to cool down an individual beer unit, check out a beer can cooler or bottle!

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