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Best Beer Bottle Cooler Reviews

best-beer-bottle-coolerThey are interesting inventions that I absolutely love to use when I want to keep my drinks cold. Similar to a beer can cooler, these are designed to cool the contents within your beer bottle instead of a can. They are perfect for cocktail parties and events where you will be holding on to your individual drinks for longer durations.

With beer bottle coolers, you can have your drinks chilled wholly throughout, enhancing your drinking experience. For more information on beer coolers, do check out our definitive guide here.

What to look out for when buying one?Type. There are many kinds of cooling solutions for bottles. These including freezing gels that you place in the freezer to cooling ice sticks to insulators that wrap around the contents.Preparation time. These products will need some sort preparation in order for them to get working and make your drinks cold. The time needed for preparation varies from products but some products will require a longer duration, up to 6 hours.

Now that we know the basics, its time for us to shop for the products that will keep our bottles chilled! I have chosen some of the best rated ones on the market that will be able to the job well.

 Corkcicle Chillsner Chiller

I highly recommend this one. It has a quick set up time of 45 minutes in the freezer and you are good to go, place it into the bottle and enjoy ice cold drinks!

You can read my review of this product here.

 Freaker Hooters Drink Insulator

This is also another great choice for you guys out there that want a immediate insulator. It does its job really well, keeping your drinks cold from what I have experienced.

It also comes in a variety of designs, ranging from cowboys to the American flag print.

 Vacu Vin Rapid Ice

This is a product for those that like to prepare before hand. Due to its long set up time of 6 hours in the freezer, if you need a fast solution to cool your drinks, you should not choose this.

However, the Vacu Vin is able to chill your drinks for hours once its slip on.

 Beer Chiller Stick 2 Pack

Another icicle chiller just like the corkcicle, simply freeze for 45 minutes in the freezer and then place it into your bottle.

It works, it is practical and now you can enjoy your cold drinks for longer periods of time!

 Why buy a beer bottle cooler?

A beer bottle cooler is an innovative yet efficient way to keep your drinks cold. Not only are they extremely portable and convenient, they are cooling solutions that can help keep your bottles cooled for several hours, ensuring that you will always have a cold supply of liquid till the very last drip. They are also very nicely designed, from koozies which decorate the exterior of your bottle to chill sticks that add an extra touch to the interior of your bottle.


I hope you have enjoyed this post and learned a thing or two about the coolers! Now grab a bottle and start your ice cold drinking experience for hours! These are also awesome gifts that you can present to friends and family who are beer lovers.

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