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Best Beach Chairs Reviews

Best Beach ChairsWhether you are going to the lake, river or beach to sunbathe or to simply enjoy the beautiful scenery, you need a perfect place where you can lounge. Unfortunately, not all beautiful beaches have fine or decent spots where you can comfortably relax, as you enjoy your great moments.

Therefore, in order to behold the spectacular scenery when you are completely relaxed, you need to invest in a good quality beach chair which is comfortable and versatile at the same time.

How to Choose the Best Beach Chair

When looking for the best beach chair, there are a number of factors to consider and the aspect of comfort is always top on the list. The beach lounger should guarantee you optimum comfort through its adjustable reclining positions as well as the soft material. It should be durable, lightweight and easily portable. Other additional features such as an umbrella, and cup holder can also add to the beach lounger’s superiority.

A Look at the Reviews

Most of the top rated beach chairs are also best sellers on world’s renowned platforms such as Amazon. It is here that you will find product ratings and reviews from customers. This will give you an idea of how most customers view the product as well as their personal experiences while using it. From this, you can make up your mind and go for a product with the best qualities that will meet most, if not all of your needs.


Top 10 Best Rated Chairs Comparison

*Results Are Based On Amazon.com Beach Loungers Consumer Reports & Reviews*


Rio Beach 5-Position Classic Lay-Flat Beach Chair

This is a top quality chair that is made of comfortable, yet durable polyester fabric and an extremely lightweight and rust-proof aluminum frame. The portable beach chair is designed to allow for five different positions including the flat position, which is perfect for sunbathing.

Its compact design makes it suitable for relaxing by the poolside or on the beach with your feet in water. Ideally, this chair allows for customized comfort. It is also foldable and lightweight, a factor that makes it easy to transport and store. The armrests, which have a marine finish, have a no-patch feature so as to protect your fingers.

Rio High-Back 5 position Lay-Flat 1308 Beach Chair

This is another exclusive beach chair that allows you to lay completely flat for all-over sunning. The chair which is 8 inches off the ground has been designed with a safe-adjust bracket, which keeps your fingers from entering the adjustment area accidentally.

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Its solid hardwood arms, with a marine quality polyurethane coating are both scratch and weather resistant. You only need to lift the solid hardwood arms to recline to any of its five custom settings. The design also includes a rust-proof aluminum frame with a bright anodized finish. This lightweight backpack beach chair also has an adjustable carry strap for easier carrying.

Rio Gear Ultimate-Backpack Chair with Cooler

This lightweight aluminum frame chair can adjust to five different positions using a “towel-rack” folding incline support bar. It has a removable headrest that can be adjusted to the height of your shoulder for optimum comfort.

There is no doubt you will appreciate its cushioned pillow, molded armrests and the breathable textilene sling lace up cover. You can store your small essentials in the rear-access zippered carry-pouch. It also has an insulated cooler in its compartments to keep your snacks and beverages frosty. The chair can be collapsed to the backpack style for easier carrying using adjustable padded shoulder straps.

WearEver Hi-Back Deluxe Steel Back-pack Chair, with Cooler Ready Storage

If you are searching for a durable reclining beach chair, which is comfortable as well as easy to assemble and store, this will be the best investment to make. The beach lounge chair has an ergonomic design with a light frame that is made of 19 mm powder-coated steel. It is made using rugged polyester fabric and can recline to four unique positions for optimum comfort.

The chair has an insulated cooler compartment to help you keep your snacks and beverages cool. It also has a flexible storage pouch where you can store your items. Its carabiner hooks allow you to hang smaller items like keys. You can place your cup in the insulated cup holder without worrying about it falling.

SC-580 Spectator Sand Chair, by Aloha

This is a simple mid height and one position beach chair that does not compromise on quality. It is a durable, light weight and portable chair that can fold flat to allow for easier transportation and storage. It has a rust-proof aluminum frame with a tough polyester fabric.

The Rio Sports Ultra-light, Aluminum Backpack Beach Chair

This is another excellent beach chair designed with molded arms and a cup holder. The chair can recline in four different positions for optimal comfort. It is a lightweight backpack chair with a rust-resistant aluminum frame.

It has hidden safety adjustment notches for enhanced safety while using it. Its removable side tray can be fitted on any of the sides to suit your needs. The chair comes in two different sizes; the standard size with a 240 lbs weight capacity and the XL “Big-boy” size with a 300 lbs weight capacity.

The Sport-Brella Recliner Chair

This is a unique reclining sport chair with an overhead umbrella to protect you from the scotching sun. The beach chair with canopy can adjust to three different positions to optimize your comfort. Other additional features include; an extra-wide seat, an adjustable footrest, an insulated pocket that can hold up to four bottles, a cup holder and a bottle opener.

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The umbrella can be attached to either side and it can easily fold to be stored as a single unit. The chair has an ultra-strong light weight construction; it weighs 10 lbs and has a capacity of up to 250 pounds.

Sport-Brella Portable Umbrella Beach Chair

This is another awesome beach chair that has been designed to keep the scotching sun off your skin. It is a low-profile beach chair with an adjustable 360-degree overhead swivel umbrella. It is designed with an extra-high back with excellent foam armrests for optimum comfort.

The canvas and rugged canvas construction on a lightweight steel frame in a fold-out design makes it extremely portable. The UPF 50+ umbrella lining ensures maximum sun protection. It normally comes with a compact carry-bag for easier transportation and storage. The model also includes a zippered pouch and a cup holder.

The WearEver Hi-Back Deluxe Steel Back-pack Chair, by Rio Brands

This is another exemplary lightweight foldable lounge, which has been designed to ensure optimum comfort and easy portability. The chair has four reclining positions for maximum comfort and relaxation.

The design also includes a pillow headrest, smooth hardwood arms and a drink holder. Its sturdy frame and the waterproof fabric makes it suitable for outdoor use.

Tommy-Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair

This the best beach chair as per the reviews. The chair is made of a 300-pound capacity rust-proof aluminum frame and a durable Denier 600-polyester fabric. It also has padded shoulder straps which enhance its portability.

It is one of the lightest chairs with rubber coated handles and a folding towel bar for enhanced flexibility. It always comes with additional accessories such as an insulated pouch among others.


If you are an outdoor person who likes spending time in amazing places such as beaches, you will definitely need a comfortable place to relax. This will ensure that you have an ample time as you sunbathe as well as enjoy the scenery and beach sports. Purchasing a good quality beach chair can help you to have a great time out in the most comfortable and safe way without soiling your clothes. The above reviews can help you to select the best beach chair for your outdoor adventures.

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Buyer’s Guide


beach chair buying guideIf you appreciate spending your time in your garden, whether returning or front, you need to have patio furnishings to sit or lie on so you can rest and relish the landscapes when the weather allows.

You have many choices. There’s Adirondeck seats, camping seats, garden seats, sporting seats, and butterfly seats. Then there are seaside seats.

Though mainly developed for the use in the seaside, seaside seats make wonderful patio furnishings. Plus, they’re ideal if you have a pool. You’d feel like you are in a seaside or a hotel. There are lots of types of seaside seats that will fulfill your selections. Here are some of them.

Beach Chaises – If the name appears to be unfamiliar to you, a seaside chaise living room is a positioned beach chair. To get a visible idea of how it looks, think about those pool side seats that you see in hotel private diving pools and elegant seaside hotels. These seats are ideal for sun showering and relaxing. You can rest your feet after a lengthy day at work.

Foldable Beach Chair – There are many models of a folding seaside beach chair such as web folding seaside chair, throw folding seaside chair, sand folding seaside chair, and back pack seaside chair. Regardless of the model, all folding seaside seats have two things in common. One is that these are created of durable yet light and portable materials. Next, they’re all convenient to carry. They are developed in such a way that the customer would be able to transport them around without too much effort.

Cover Beach Chair – If you like seated out in your garden even when the sun is still great, this type of beach chair is ideal for you. This is pretty much like a frequent seaside chair. The only difference is it has a canopy connected to the returning to provide you colour from the severe sunshine. A common seaside chair with canopy has supports created of metal and chair created of plastic.

Cushioned Beach Chair – These is just an enhanced edition of the frequent seaside chair. The chair and the returning are cushioning with froth to provide more comfort to the customer. This is ideal if you like seated extended hours. The cushioning will prevent you returning and your bottom from getting painful.

High Back Beach Chair – Many types of seaside seats, such as seaside chaises, lie down so low so as to provide the feeling that you are actually relaxing down. The great returning seaside beach chair is the opposite of such seats. This kind of seaside chair allows the customer to sit in an almost straight position. If you are constantly watching your kids playing on the garden, then this would be the ideal chair for you to use.

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