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Best Baseball Gloves Reviews

Best Baseball GlovesBaseball is a game of inches, and having the best baseball gloves can give you the advantage you need to make tough defensive plays.

Certain baseball gloves are designed to have a longer reach to catch deep fly balls, whereas others are designed to have a shallow surface area to quickly retrieve the ball. It’s crucial t0 have the best baseball gloves for the defensive situations you will face in a game.

So, how do you figure out which glove best compliments your skills on the diamond? This chart below and the analysis that follows will help you decide what the best baseball gloves are, and how to choose and purchase your own.

We all prefer different gloves to play baseball. But in a close game it’s important to have a durable, reliable and high-quality glove when the ball comes your way. We hope that this guide helps you make an informed purchasing decision.

You can check out the detail of top 10 baseball gloves below.


Top 10 Rated Gloves of 2017 Comparison

*Results Are Based On Amazon.com Baseball Gloves Consumer Reports & Reviews*


Easton Youth Ball Glove

Topping the list at number one, this high quality product from Easton is easily the best choice of baseball glove you can find on the market today. Specially designed for performance and comfort, this particular baseball batting glove offers exceptional wrist and palm support. This will let you play a baseball game full of great flexibility. It also has a really nice leverage as you close the glove.

Rawlings Player Preferred Adult Glove

Another popular choice is the Rawlings baseball glove that everyone should also consider is this very product. Very nice and comfortable in terms of its build design, this glove comes with a basket web style that offers outstanding performance during the match. It is also designed with a conventional back featuring a top quality flex loop.

Akadema Prodigy Series Glove

Very well known for its sleek and stylish design structure, this prodigy series glove from Akadema is easily one of the most popular choices out there when it comes to sleek and stylish looking baseball glove. It is indeed an eleven inches’ pattern glove that comes with a really nice b-hive web pattern. It has a clasp grasp wrist system along with a quality deep pocket, which overall offers exceptional performing qualities for the players.

Wilson A360 Baseball Glove

Starting off the list at number ten, the tenth best baseball glove that is available on the market out there is this very well made product from Wilson. This glove is designed with an ASO web construction that allows for a very good grip and comfortable wear. It can be used in all positions and more importantly, it is available for both right and left hand throw.

Rawlings Players Youth Baseball Glove

The seventh bestselling set of gloves you can find on the market out there goes to this youth baseball glove from Rawlings. This glove for sale is designed with a nine inches’ T-ball pattern which is the perfect size. This is also perfect for amateur players who just start playing baseball. Furthermore, it also features a nicely designed basket web pattern which is known for great control and high flexibility.

Franklin Sports Cars Air Tech Glove

This air tech baseball glove from Franklin Sports is indeed the fifth best glove available on today’s market. It is indeed one of the bestselling products on the market and is very popular amongst young players like kids. The glove is very attractive to children simply because of its nicely designed Disney-Pixar cars graphics that every little kids love. The Air tech glove is built with an air tech quality that makes it so soft and comfortable to wear.

Mizuno Youth Prospect Ball Glove

Standing at number three of this list is the prospect ball glove from Mizuno. This very product from one of the most popular brands in the world is indeed the choice for both amateur and professional baseball players. Performance wise, this glove offers exceptional supports for the hands and wrists, which allows for a great flexibility during the games. Design wise, it has a really nice leather construction that is made for both comfort and durability.

Easton Youth Ball Glove

This baseball glove from Easton is another high end product that is also worth mentioning in this most buy list. This glove is designed with top notch build construction that offers both outstanding performance and comfortable wearing experiences. Moreover, it also features an extended stall length that allows for a very good palm rest, perfectly ideal for both amateur and professional players.

Rawlings Playmaker Series Glove

The second best baseball glove you can find on the market out there is this specially designed glove from Rawlings. Standing as one of the most high end gloves on the market, this playmaker series baseball glove features exceptional qualities in terms of both performance and design. This glove is particularly designed with soft and comfortable materials that offer great stability and flexibility for the wrists and hands.

Rawlings Youth Player Preferred Glove

Another popular product also comes from Rawlings makes its place in this most buy list at number six. This glove an 11 inch pattern pair of glove that features outstanding build design quality that is made for the best performing quality. The basket web pattern and the fastback design of this glove makes it an even more attractive and comfortable baseball choice on the market.

Best Baseball Gloves Buying Guide

What Makes The Best Baseball Gloves?

What Makes The Best Baseball GlovesA good baseball glove should be comfortable and fit well on your hand. A great baseball glove should also be the right size and shape. The best baseball gloves will have all of this, plus they will be made of quality leather for maximum durability, and be well-designed for the position that you play. Even a glove built out of the finest leather will not compliment your game if it is too big, or if it is too small.

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Most gloves come with a size printed either on the glove itself, or in the glove’s packaging. Most adults use gloves that are sized between eleven and thirteen inches. This length is approximately the length from the tip of the index finger to the wrist. This is an appropriate way to determine what glove will fit your hand well.

Many baseball players will think to purchase a glove that is easy to “break-in” and make it softer, and easier to close. Though this is an important part of utilizing your glove well in a game-situation, many overlook the quality of leather in favor of this. Often times gloves that are easy to “break-in” have this quality because they are made of poor material. Keep in mind that gloves made of poor material are not durable, do not provide good value, and will not last very long. The best baseball gloves are made out of of high-quality leather.

Find The Best Baseball Glove That Meets Your Needs

The best baseball gloves are tailored to your defensive position and fine-tuned to handle the kind of plays seen there. For example, this video shows an exceptional “snowcone” catch by Seattle’s Michael Morse. His glove’s length allows him extra reach to get to the ball, the deep pocket allows him to absorb the impact of the ball, and the loose webbing allows the ball to nestle into his glove. All of these features helped Morse excel in this play.

What Makes a Good Baseball Catcher’s Glove?

Catcher’s gloves are unique, and very different than gloves used by other players. They always feature closed webbing and shallow pockets, and are typically loaded with extra padding to protect the hand. They are narrower than many gloves and are designed to be flatter, such that a catcher can quickly throw to prevent stealing bases. The best catcher’s gloves will feature all of the above, and be made with very high quality leather to prevent wear. Catcher’s gloves should not be used by players at other positions.

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What Makes a Good Baseball Infielder’s Glove?

Infielder’s gloves are typically shorter than other gloves, and average about 11.5 inches for adults. They are designed to be small and maneuverable, to collect ground balls. This means that infielder’s gloves feature shallow pockets and closed webbing. The best infielder’s gloves will feature open backs to increase the flexibility of the glove. Infielder’s gloves tend to be very flexible, for those who play multiple positions. Infielder’s gloves are some of the highest quality and best baseball gloves.

What Makes a Good Baseball Outfielder’s Glove?

Outfielder’s gloves are longer gloves with deep pockets, given that most balls hit towards outfielders are fly balls. They are designed to have more support, and are often more rigid than an infielder’s gloves. Occasionally, they will have closed backs to provide even more support. The best outfielder’s gloves will feature a style of webbing referred to as trapeze webbing. This style of webbing allows for fly balls to rest easier in the glove, and softens the force of high-hit fly balls.

What Makes a Good Baseball First Baseman’s Glove?

A first baseman’s glove is very similar to an infielder’s glove. They do tend to be slightly longer and will also typically feature a deeper pocket than an infielder’s glove.

What Makes a Good Baseball Third Baseman’s Glove?

A third basemen’s glove is also based on an infielder’s glove. They also are typically longer than an infielder’s glove and also will feature more padding to protect against harder-hit balls.

What Makes a Good Baseball Pitcher’s Glove?

A pitcher’s glove is typically close in style to an infielder’s glove, but can really be any length. The only important facet of a pitcher’s glove is that it must have a completely closed webbing. So in order to prevent the opposing players from seeing what pitch they are prepared to throw.

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Now it’s your turn. After reviewing through the best baseball gloves available, it’s up to you to pick the glove that best meets your needs. I hope that this guide has helped you learn more about your purchasing options. If you feel that I may have missed one of the best baseball gloves, please let me know in the comments below.

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