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Best Barbell Weight Sets Reviews

best-barbell-weight-setsWhat is the best Barbell Set on the market?

There are tons of Barbell Sets out there and now we will help you find the best Barbell Set and fit your needs.

VTX by Troy Barbell Olympic Grip Plate Set – 300 lbs

Pros: professional weight set, very high quality, solid build, good looking, the bar is smooth without any signs of oxidation, the grip handles are very well designed, the coating on the plates looks very durable, if you can afford a personal trainer it is worth the money, its built to last, overall decent equipment

Cons: you will not be disappointed

USA Sports by Troy Barbell Olympic Weight Set with Chrome Bar – 300 lbs

Pros: arrived fast, good quality set of weights, well constructed, the clips fit tight, the fit on the bar perfectly, the bar is solid with good ribbing on both ends to prevent the weights from sliding around during use, the knurling is nicely made and smooth, professional with their construction reviews.

Cons: kinda pricey but you get what you pay for

CAP Barbell Regular Grey Weight Set – 110 lbs

Pros: arrived in perfect condition, easy to assemble, quality set for the price, the weights are solid and construction is good, the weights fitting very well on the bar, the bar is very well textured, nice durable coatings on the weights, screw on and off really works well, adequate for the beginner to intermediate levels of lifting, similar products are selling for 3x’s this price, overall worth the money

Cons: barbell is only 5 feet, the bar locks slip a bit but not all the way off

Olympic Weight Set With Bar – 80 lbs

Pros: great value for the price, basic but solid, handles for better grip, great for beginners looking to start somewhere, perfect for the barball weight bench, the weights come off and on quickly without much of a hassle, this is a nice little set

Cons: someone noticed the pins to put the bar together don’t fit the holes in the bar properly

Cap Barbell Weight Set with Threaded Bar 100 lbs

Pros: good deal for the price, great set for a beginner or intermediate lifter, good value for home gym use, good set with plenty of small weights, perfect for adding to a small weight set, you can exchange the weights quickly and easily, the material is sturdy and easy to handle, the spin on connectors very secure, it takes up less space

Cons: bar is very small in diameter


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