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Best Baby High Chairs Reviews

best-baby-highchairsWant to keep your baby entertained and safe at feeding times or at the times when you are busy?

How about a booster chair that comes with a collection of fun toys?

Have a look at the features of the Best Baby High Chairs available in the market

Fisher-Price Rainforest Healthy Care Booster Seat

Good quality product

It’s a convenient, comfortable and durable seat that features a rainforest try insert that will fit right into the accompanying eating tray and allow your baby to have fun while you are dining out or preparing meals. It’s really well-made with good quality material that’s also quite lightweight.

Offers a fun way to take care of your baby

It comes with interactive, fun toys that the snap onto the feeding tray – trees, frog, parrot, monkey, geckos and other rainforest creators engage your babies imagination with lots of action and many bright colors. Your baby can spend a long time playing with the toys, without troubling you for anything. This will extend the time that your baby happily spends at the table with your family.

Easy to use and clean

When it’s time to feed, just a snap the toy-tray off the feeding-tray. The seat is quite easy to clean, since it doesn’t have any seams or crevices to trap crumbs.


A three-point harness holds your child securely in the right position in the seat. Needless to say, it’s a nice way to keep active babies occupied safely, while you try to get other things done.


For added portability, the seat back can be nested, and the baby high chair straps can work as a shoulder-strap. In addition to that, the adjustable rear and front straps properly attach it to just about any chair, which makes it nice option for the purpose of restaurant dining. There’s also a handle for your hand at the back of the seat. These features let you to take the chair wherever you go. It can be folded into a good, travel friendly bundle for carrying it around in your car when visiting friends, relatives, etc.

Booster seat

Not just that, it works amazingly as a booster seat and this seat can actually grow with your child. As your child keeps growing, the feature of three seat heights, removable seat back and adjustable harness become very useful.

Who Would Buy This?

If you are looking for a baby easy to clean high chair that can be adjusted to fit the growing child, while being an easy care chair – this is for you! Fisher-Price Rainforest Healthy Care Booster Seat is designed for babies that way up to 45 pounds.

OXO Tot Sprout Chair

Are you looking for the best baby high chair for small spaces for your baby that perfectly combines comfort, safety and style? Something that your baby will like just as much as you’ll do. Look no further! Here’s a detailed review of OXO Tot Sprout Chair – the perfect solution for your needs.

Easy Adjustments

The highchair setting features three level height-and-depth settings, adjustable foot tray, 5-point harness and a gentle crotch post. By growing and changing with your child, this baby high chair will offer a comfy, ideal fit during every stage of your child’s development. Kids will always be able to easily reach the food, no matter how fast they grow up. Once children cross the age of three years, parents can easily convert the highchair into a youth chair.

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Focuses on safety and care

The tray offers a stable setting for kids to eat from. The back, seat and the cushions are designed for comfort and promoting the good posture of sitting up straight. The shoulder harness is useful to keep a squirmy baby from easily crawling out of the chair, or a newborn baby from flopping over.

Maintains hygiene standards

The chair complies with both the CPSIA and ASTM standards. It is BPA-free and includes colorful, comfortable bike down questions along with a tray that can hold as much as 7 ounces of any spilled liquid. If you have a messy child, there is no need to worry as the cushions are wipeable, letting you quickly clean the crumbs or other sticky materials off the baby high chair.

Perfect design

This easy to clean high chair can be folded up quickly, besides being very easy to setup. Parents can adjust the tray easily with just a single hand. You will need no special tools for adjusting the Sprout baby high chair, which means it’s quite easy to assemble and change the parts as per your child’s needs. Its dimensions are 12 1/4 by 19 by 37 inches, unlike many other standard highchairs often take up a lot of room. The space-saving design and sleek wood construction makes it portable, while complimenting any home decor at the same time.

Easy to clean

The tray really needs scrubbing, and the food simply comes off with a wet paper towel and the faucet. As cleaning it is effortless, the cushions and seat will look clean and brand-new for a long time.

Looks and feels great

The chair is available in these styles: Green/Walnut, Orange/Birch, and Taupe/Birch. Your baby will certainly like to climb into it on his own, and enjoy putting his feet over the footrest as he grows up.

Who Would Buy This?

If you are looking for a chair that is capable to transition for every single stage after child’s life, while offering a good functionality – this is for you! OXO Tot Sprout Chair can be used comfortably and safely for kids from 6 months up to 5 years.

Ciao! Baby Portable Highchair

Are you searching for a good portable high-chair for your child, that doubles as a camping baby high chair in the outdoors? How about a chair which is very sturdy and easy to clean as well? Have a look at the features of “Ciao! Baby Portable Highchair” – the chair that you were looking for!

Excellent build quality

The build quality is great and the chair feels very sturdy and comfortable. It’s built with very strong canvas material, and is similar to a camping chair. You can even use it for BBQs, camping and get-togethers.

Looks and feels good

The green (sage) colour looks amazing. Kids are happy and like to sit in it. This best folding baby high chair is comfy for babies who don’t like being tied down to a stroller.

Perfect for traveling with babies

It makes for an excellent item to carry along when travelling with a small child – especially in case when you visit a restaurant and a baby high chair isn’t available there. The chair will prevent your baby to easily crawl out of or stand in the highchairs available outdoors, in places like restaurants.

No dependencies

The chair is totally dependent on its own. Unlike other portable highchairs, it doesn’t need a sturdy table in order to place it on, which makes it great for both outdoors and indoors.

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It’s very easy to fold and travel with. You can take this baby high chair anywhere and its compact enough to back away on your weekend trips. In addition to that, it’s quick to open and set up. It’s a great alternative for the bulky chairs in your house that can’t be moved around easily across the home, in areas like lawns or backyard, for example.

No worries

The chair is durable, lightweight, and easy to clean. The tray has got a good plastic cover that can be easily wiped up. So, regardless of where you go, you will never need to worry about a nice, clean sit for your baby.

Who Would Buy This?

If you are looking for a chair that’s great for home use as well as travelling – this is for you! ciao! baby Portable Highchair is a good product for its price, and certainly well worth the money if you are a parent of multiple children. It’s a great idea to give it as a baby gift, as well. Considering the amount of usability packed in this inexpensive product, it’s highly recommended that you get one for any purpose that comes to your mind.

Fisher-Price Booster Seat

This Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seatis just what you need to ensure your child’s comfort whether she is eating or playing. In fact, you can even bring this product anywhere you go because it is portable and lightweight. Caring for the seat and all of its components is also hassle-free since you can simply sanitize the feeding tray and pop it in the dishwasher. There are certainly plenty of reasons why this product is for you, so find out more about it in these baby hairchair reviews.

Quick Cleanup

The tray lid and feeding tray are dishwasher-safe, so all you need is place these in the machine to keep it clean and germ-free. When you need to use these trays again, you can just snap the lid quickly onto the tray and prevent germs from spreading.

Secure and Comfortable

The Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat comes with safety straps and harness that you can fix into the seat to keep your baby secure at all times. The three-point harness also helps n preventing your child from slipping while on the baby high chair .

Adjustable Height

Whether you have a smaller or taller child, you can adjust the height of this best space saver high chair to enhance your little one’s comfort while seated. This feature is easy to adjust with just a press of the button.

Who Would Buy the Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat

This top-quality deluxe booster seat provides several options in keeping your child safe and comfortable while in her feeding area. What’s more, it is very easy to sanitize and clean the tray and every component of the seat. You can also adjust the height in three different ways, and you can always remove the seat back if you have an older kid in the house who wants to use this baby high chair. This product is certainly for you if you want only the finest quality baby high chair for your child.


The seat is lightweight and portable, so you can bring it during your trip and simply assemble it before use. The product also comes with a carrying strap that adds to the portability of this booster seat.

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Some parents think that the seat is not too comfortable for their child because it is made of plastic and a little bit hard. However, you can always put some small pillows or cushion to enhance your baby’s experience while seated on her chair.

Value for Your Money

This Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat is indeed the finest product that you can buy for your child. With the amazing design, style and overall features of the seat, you will realize that this product offers the best value for your money!

Boon Flair Pedestal Highchair with Pneumatic Lift

Boon Flair Pedestal Highchair Review

Choosing the best high chair for your child is crucial, so you can ensure his safety and comfort. When it comes to the finest brand and model of baby high chair, the Boon Flair Pedestal hairchair is the perfect option. It is made of high quality materials and meets strict standards, so you have nothing to worry about in keeping your little one safe while seated on this chair.

Guaranteed Safety

This Boon Flair Pedestal Highchair keeps your child safe because it comes with a five-point ultra strong harness that will prevent your little one from slipping. As you place your child on this chair, simply secure him using the harness. Your child will not only appreciate the comfortable seat, but also the protection that this baby high chair provides.

Quick-Braking System

When you adjust the chair’s height, you will not encounter any problems at all because it is hassle-free to operate. In fact, the chair has a pedestal with a pneumatic lift, so your child can sit on this high quality chair comfortably. What’s more, it comes with a one-step braking system that works efficiently. When you need to keep the chair in place, just use this unique brake system.

Top-Quality Urethane Caster

The high chair has movable features, which makes it easy to position it wherever you want. It comes with six durable casters, so you can push or pull the chair without any hassle – and it does not cause any damages to your flooring, too. The wheels simply glide smoothly in all directions, and your child will enjoy the movability that the baby high chair offers.

Who Would Buy the Boon Flair Pedestal Highchair with Pneumatic Lift

This Boon high chair that offers solid performance and superb features is for those who look for an excellent product to keep their kids safe and comfortable while at play or dining. The chair is also available in amazing color combinations and designs that will match your preference and complement your home’s motif.


One of the best things about this baby high chair is it comes with a wide height range, so your child will not feel cramped while seated on the baby high chair. It also comes with a tray in front, which makes it easy for you to feed your little one.


Before using this product, make sure you read the instructions first, so you will become more familiar with its features. The instruction manual comes in quite handy when you want to use the braking system and other safety features that this product offers.

Value for Your Money

Overall, this Boon Flair high chair is just what you need for your child. It is comfortable, comes with safety features, and durable. With all these great components, you can be sure that this best rated baby high chair will remain in excellent quality for years!



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