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Best Audio Mixers Reviews

best-audio-mixers-reviewsMusic is best enjoyed when the right audio equalization is set. A mixing console lets you mix different types of video and audio signals to enhance your listening experience.

Common application areas of the audio mixer include broadcast stations, recording studios, film post production, television and public address system.

If you are planning to have your friends over for a party, then you will probably need a mixer console to bring the party vibe.

Here is a list of the top 10 audio mixers.

Pioneer Audio/Video Mixer

This Pioneer audio/video mixer is a popular choice for mixing in different occasions. It offers some really useful features that makes it the best audio mixer. It lets you combine several video and audio files easily.

You can synchronize 4 channels or less of audio or video simultaneously. It also comes with a live camera input. Thanks to the touch panel LCD display controls, you can use easily use your fingers to manipulate and combine audio or video effects to produce the best mixing experience.

Numark Digital Audio Mixer

This is a high performance mixer. It comes with some really great features. Its 3-band EQ features (that come with KILL switches on each channel) lets you enjoy mixing with this device.

Its special features include a slide style cueing, tone control on headphones, cross faders with reverse, transform and slope control and input features like 1 Mic and 2 switchable phono line.

Musysic 6 Channel 2000 Watts Professional Power Mixer

With a 2000watts of power in-built amplifier and 6 mono input channels, this Musysic mixer is able to produce the best quality, ultra-low sound. It is perfect for parties as well as for use in cool areas.

It is a high performance device that will not let you down. What’s more, its headroom offers a more dynamic range and it includes a USB and SD slot for direct play.

Peavey XR8600D Channel 1200 Watt Powered Audio Mixer

This high performance mixer comes with 8 preamps, a 10-line input, 16 built-in effects and a 7 band digital equalizer. It is a high performance Peavey powered dual that uses 600w of power for each channel.

Signal indicators on each channel not only makes it an easy to use mixer but also gives it a cut-edge appeal. It comes with DDT speaker protection system that makes its sound output exceptional.

Monoprice 615808 Audio Mixer

Using this mixer lets you experience the best mixing quality and an overall great experience using the device. It lest you use different audio files simultaneously.

What’s more, it easily combines up to 8 audio channels for a superb audio output. The USB I/O feature lets you comfortably connect the mixer to your computer.

Nady MM-242 4/8 Channel Mini Mixer

This Nady MM-242 mixer is a budget friendly choice. It has 8 mini input terminals and is capable of producing high quality sounds. Its low-noise ambiance makes it suitable for use in cool areas.

It weighs only 1.6 pounds and is made of quality durable material that makes it able to last long; when used properly. Perhaps it best feature is the fact that it is user-friendly and comes with simple controls.

Mackie PROFX12 12-Channel Compact Effects Audio Mixer

This is a professional mixer perfect for small mixing performances. It is a 12-channel compact audio mixer. It runs on a 32-bit RMFX processor and offers a 7-band precision graphic EQ for Monitors and mains tuning.

It comes with onboard effects, USB input/output, six low-noise and high-headroom Mackie Mix Preamps. It can be connected directly to your guitar as well as other devices.

Behringer Xenyx

The Behringer is a popular audio mixer choice that offers a number of mixing features. It is a high performance audio mixer that produces great quality audio output to enhance the listening experience.

It comes with 4 high-end phantom powered XENYX Mic Preamps, ultra-low noise and high headroom analogue mixer options.

The device supports a 3 band equalization that lets you create musical sounds. And it also comes with 16 presets that take your mixing experience to a whole new level.

Yamaha MG10XU 10-INPUT Stereo Mixer

Yamaha is a top brand. You can expect this mixer to produce exceptional sound quality and good performance. Some of its great features include a metallic chassis with XLR balanced outputs, in-built SPX digital effects, single-knob compressors and bi-directional USB ports.

It uses 48 Volts phantom power and produces great quality reverb sound output.

Presonus Audio Mixer

This is a very easy to use mixer. It offer a 16 channel output and supports 4 auxiliary busses with two internal FX buses. Its sound quality is superb and general performance is exceptional.

It comes with additional apps supported by your Mac and Windows device. it offers a great mixing experience.

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