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Best Air Hockey Tables Reviews

Top 10 Air Hockey TablesIf you’re crazy about air hockey, then you should consider getting a portable table that you can use at home, in your den, or your friend’s house.

These are the top 10 air hockey table models that offer the best value for your money because of their durability and superior quality.

So, check out these top-rated air hockey tables that you might want to buy for your own collection.


Table Top Air Hockey (Mini)

Is floor space a major concern in your home? Then, this mini air hockey table is the perfect item for you. It comes with just the right size that is small enough to be placed on top of your study desk or dining table at home. In fact, it measures 22 inches in length, so that’s portable for everyday use – even when you live in a small apartment. What’s more, the best air hockey table is lightweight, so you can easily position it on a flat surface anytime you feel the need to play the game. This product may require simple assembly, but everything you will ever need to set up the table is included in the package.

Hathaway 40-InchTable Top Air Hockey

This is another product that offers a superb solution for air hockey fanatics who want to play the game even at the comfort of their own home. This 40-inch best air hockey table for home top air hockey game is perfect for an exciting bonding time with friends or during sleepovers. The table is made of top quality materials such as a durable engineered wood while the legs are quite stable and sturdy. There are also non-marking and skid-resistant pads added on each leg. With the table’s surface painted in bright yellow, this product is sure to steal the spotlight! Each package includes the 40-inch table, two strikers and two pucks.

Playcraft Sport Air Hockey Table

Enjoy an exciting game of air hockey in your den or game room with this sturdy air hockey table by Playcraft Sport. It measures 54 inches in length, and the table is made of high quality MDF, which gives it an elegant appeal and astounding quality. Setting up the table is also a breeze, so it does not take too long for you to start playing this game. There are also two pucks and two pushers included in this product.

Triumph Sports Rotating Air Hockey Table

Why play just one game, when you can have a chance to play four other games with your friends by using this superb gaming table? This product by Triumph Sports features a rotating table where you can play air hockey, table tennis, billiards and mini-football. With its large size, this can serve as an excellent addition to your basement, den or game room. As for the air hockey game, comes with a standard blower, which you can plug on any wall outlet at home. This 72-inch table is made of top-quality wood material, and there are leg levelers to keep the table steady as you play. Accessories needed for each game are included in the package.

Tabletop For Mini- Air Hockey Game

Be amazed by what this small piece of gaming equipment that you can use anytime and anywhere. This table top gaming equipment for air hockey lets you enjoy the game just like how you like it when you go to the arcade. With its impressive electronic action, you can simply let the puck glide easily. This product comes with a few items such as three pucks, four paddles, and a scorekeeper, so you can stay updated on the turnout of the game. The 20-inch game surface is surely enough to give you an amazing great time as you play.

Fat Cat 3-In-1 Gaming Table For Air Hockey

Have fun playing your favorite games with this 7-foot long table by Fat Cat. It features a range of enjoyable table games such as billiards, table tennis and air hockey. Whether you are in the mood to shoot some pool, or be immersed in the adrenaline-pumping action with air hockey, this table makes everything possible! Since it is big enough for a cramped living room, you may want to position this in your basement or yard for more space. This product is user-friendly and easy to setup, so you can start enjoying your game right away. Several items are included in the package such as four pushers, four pucks, billiard brush, two table tennis paddles and two balls, a post and net set.

Air Powered Hockey Table By Triumph Sports

This great air hockey table offers you a spacious area to play the game with its 47-inch playfield. In addition, this best product comes with an electric scorer for greater convenience in keeping yourself updated in the turnout of the game. Other included items are two red pucks and two pushers to help you get started in a delightful game of air hockey.

Harvil Air Hockey Table

Have a blast as you use this top air hockey table by Harvil during you fun bonding time with your family and friends. This table stands 4-feet tall, and it comes with an electronic blower that lets you have a great air hockey game experience. There is also an electronic scorer that lets you know who’s winning, or who needs to step up in the game to take on the high score.

Playcraft Sport Table Top Air Hockey

Why go for long and bulky air hockey tables when you can have this portable table top by Playcraft Sport. This is the ultimate product for those who are worried about not having enough space at home, yet they are craving for a game or two of air hockey. With several included components in the package such as the strikers, pucks and puck catcher, you can have an amazing time with this product.

Air Hockey Table Top By Harvil

This portable, inexpensive and lightweight air hockey best table is just what you need for an exhilarating air hockey game with the whole family. Aside from the table, this product comes with an air blower (battery-operated) to let you start playing instantly. Its classic appeal and superior quality will give you more reasons to love this air hockey table that’s perfect for you!

Check out these great air hockey tables now and have a memorable time playing with your family and friends. You will be truly satisfied with the top quality that these reasonably-priced items offer.

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