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Best Adhesive Bandages Reviews

best-adhesive-bandages-reviewsInjuries that breach the skin surface to cause shallow ulcers, bruises, abrasions and small cuts are common with almost any sports whether training or competing and even with daily activities.

While these injuries are rarely life-threatening and can heal spontaneously, bacteria and other microorganisms may complicate the wounds when left open.

This is where adhesive bandages come into play.

Adhesive bandages come in many designs, types, sizes and even functionalities but good ones are those that are impregnated by antibiotics, are sterile, do not cause skin irritation and do not leave sticky film of glue on the skin. Not all adhesive bandages in the market have these features and you may not know until you do some research.

We have lessened your burden by compiling these top 10 adhesive bandages reviews.

McKesson Medi Pak Performance Bandage Adhesive Fabric

Every time you stop by a doctor’s office to get your small cut dressed, you will more likely see the doctor use an adhesive bandage that never fall off even after getting wet.

The McKesson Medi Pak does match this description. You can shower with them on or if you used them on your hand do hand-washing without worrying about the bandage falling off. It is made from non-irritant materials with antibiotic properties.

MEDca”TM” Self Adhesive Non-Woven Cohesive Bandage

This bandage is designed with Self-Adhesive technology which enables it to adhere to itself and not to other surfaces such as the skin and the hairs. You can only imagine what it means or the experience when an adhesive sticks on your hairs and you want to remove it. The adhesive is made from porous material which allows the skin to breath and ensures comfort to the user. It is water resistant and provides controlled compression and available in skin colors for perfect blend.

These adhesive bandages present a very interesting theme characteristic of bacon shape. They come in a tin container with 15 bandages. The adhesive bandages can be used to treat minor cuts, scratches and scrapes and uses the incredible healing power of meat protein. They are comfortable, water resistant and do not leave behind the unsightly film of glue after they have been removed.

Curad Flex-Fabric Bandages

Minor cuts and bruises are common and do not debilitate. This means that you can go on with your daily activities as long as you have the wound secured. The Curad Flex-Fabric adhesive bandages are custom-made for those with busy lifestyles and in need of comfortable bandages that will ??stay put’ even when wetted.

They feature water-repellent coating that keeps the bandages secure and dry. The fabric of the bandages is woven and therefore can bend, stretch, breath and stay on comfortably even in wetness. They leave no residue and are latex free and sterile.

Johnson & Johnson Flexible Fabric Adhesive Bandages

This is another great choice of adhesive bandage that will ensure that your aching cut heals as fast as possible and does not prevent you from performing your daily activities.

It is designed to provide extra flexibility, thanks to its stretchable and comfortable fabric that moves with your body. The adhesive bandages are idea for scrapes and bumps. They come packaged for individual use and replenish first aid kit where necessary.

Band-Aid strips

Having survived the competitive market of adhesive bandages for all these years, Band-Aid adhesive bandages have what it takes to join the top 10 adhesive bandages review in 2014.

It features Wet-Flex foam which ensures extra cushioning. The bandages stay on even when wet. If you have a small or even a large family then you can purchase a box of these to cater for those emergencies.

Nutramax Children’s Characters Adhesive Bandages

Children are more predisposed to minor cuts, scrapes and bruises because of the character of their plays. These Nutramax adhesive bandages are the best to use on children because they bring out the character of children and they will love to have them on.

This is because they are imprinted with either bright neon colors or cheerful cartoons. They are vented to prevent skin maceration. The pads are also made of highly absorbent, non-sticky materials that provide moist environment for better and faster healing of the wound.

STAT STRIP Adhesive Bandages

This adhesive bandage is First Aid equipment you need to have in your house at all times. The STAT STRIP bandage is among the adhesive bandages that are preferred by the health care personnel.

It is sterile, hygienic and very easy to apply. It ensures the wound is aerated allowing enough moisture to enable faster healing. It is also water resistant and therefore can be used even in wet conditions.

Spenco 2nd Skin Adhesive Knit Sports

Every sportsman or sportswoman should have these adhesive bandages at all times. It is among the adhesives loved preferred by many healthcare personnel.

The adhesive prevents blisters and are made from non-woven, breathable fabric stretches which conforms and protects against rubbing and friction. The fabric is flexible and non-irritant. You can be sure you will never use any other bandages in the market.

Coverlet Latex-Free Adhesive Dressings Strips

Just make a decision to try these adhesive bandages and you will understand why they have made it to the top 10 adhesive bandages reviews.

They absorb liquid faster than many other adhesive bandages in the market, have extra-large wound pad which is capable of absorbing 10 fold its weight in water thus keeping the wound dry. The bandages are perfect for use on elbows, knees, chin, nose and even knuckles.

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