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Best Ab Machines Reviews

best ab machineThe best ab machine is something that you must either love or hate. If you have gone through the chores of making crunches every day, perhaps there may be one or two instances where those ab equipment as seen on tv looked like the real deal. One call and several days later you have yet another piece of garbage to stuff your basement. Sounds familiar? Keep reading…

Hey! We all have the same abs, at least, we all have the same abdominal muscles. Some of us just hide that fact better than others. Most of us want the eye popping, cut looking abs that we see on the celebrities but face it, no one has the time to put in the gym like they do. It’s not like the boss is going to say to Phil in accounting, “Look man, you are hell on numbers but your mushy middle is an eyesore, so we are paying for a personal trainer.” You do what you got to do, and hope that it is enough. But, it usually is not, right?

Working your abs is hard work, there is no doubt about that. First, you have to uncover them- peeling off layers of fat and flab to even get to them. Lose five or ten pounds and you might say, holy cat, I do have ab muscles under there! You would be shocked by how strong your abdominal muscles really are, especially if you have been hiding them in the mush for so long. If you work your muscles, any muscles, hard enough and effectively, you do not have to spend a long time doing it. These are the ab machines that might help you get to where you are going. There are three groups, the electronic, the technically assisting and the super ab machines.


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Top 5 Best Ab Machine Comparison Table

Users Rating
Users Reviews
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Speed Abs Complete Ab Workout System by Iron Gym, Abdominal Roller Wheel
Abdominal Roller Wheel
4.5 out of 5 stars
360 + customer reviews
Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller for Core Workouts
Perfect Fitness
Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro
4.5 out of 5 stars
3,180 + customer reviews
Waist Trimmer Ab Belt for Faster Weight Loss. Includes FREE Fully Adjustable Impact Resistant Smartphone Sleeve for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus
Reformer Athletics
Waist Trimmer Ab Belt
4.4 out of 5 stars
1,050 + customer reviews
AB WOW Dragon Ab Roller, 3 Wheel Abdominal Exercise Workout Machine
Youactive Sports
AB WOW Dragon Ab Roller Wheel
4.8 out of 5 stars
190 + customer reviews
Elite Sportz Ab Wheel Roller Pro with Dual Wheels for Extra Stability. Comes Fully Assembled, is Sturdy, Smooth Rolling, has Very Comfortable, Non- Slip Handles and Will Certainly Last You a Lifetime
Elite sportz equipment
The Ab Wheel Roller Pro
4.8 out of 5 stars
790 + customer reviews

The Best Electronic Ab Machines

Best Electronic Ab Machines  Okay, these are not technically “core trainer exercise equipment” so much as belts, but bear with me. These use Electrical Muscle Stimulation which is a technical term that uses small electrical charges to stimulate your muscles. Here is a little bit to anatomy for you: all muscle movement starts with a little charge. The charge usually comes from nerve impulses, but with the belt, the impulses come faster and more frequently, allowing you to get the same effect as if you were doing hundreds of sit ups and crunches. I don’t know about you but that does not sound like fun at all! Give me that belt!

The good: Science backs it up. EMS really does work and for some people, it is a pleasurable sensation. Wear the abdominal exercise equipment consistently and correctly while following a healthy diet and you will have eye popping abs without all of the tedious, sweaty work.

The bad: EMS can be ineffective with a really thick layer of fat because the fat insulates the muscles that need to be stimulated. You have to stay consistent with wearing the belt and you have to stay right on top of your diet or you may never see any results at all.

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What to look for: Look for built in and easy to use programs as well as a good range of intensities. The more intensity levels you have, the better the belt.

Best tip: Check the size of the ab machine before you buy. It will not help you if you can’t fit into it.

The Best Technically Assisting Ab Machines

Best Ab MachineThis ab exercise equipment help you get the perfect crunch. With abdominal work, it is not always repetition that gets you the results but rather using good form. These best exercise equipment for abs guide you through the process and can save you back and neck strain in the process.

The Ab Rocket is one of the best ab machine known in this group. You still get down on the ground, but your back is resting on the machine itself. Instead of putting your hands behind your head, which often causes some people to pull on their necks, you hold handles and the machine helps you to go back far enough to engage your abdominal muscles and then come up only so far.

The good: The Ab Rocket guides you through a good crunch while eliminating the risk of neck strain. If you are more comfortable, you will probably work at it harder.

The bad: While you can fold this for easy storage, out of sight often means out of mind. Pulling a machine out of storage can be enough of a struggle that many people will just avoid it altogether.

What to look for: The real deal is best because the copies are not as well made and may not be  durable enough.

Best tip: Follow the guidelines and instructions for the Ab Rocket and pay attention to the muscles you are working.

The Best & Super Ab Machines

Super Ab MachinesThere are dozens of ab machines that take the labor out of training by making it just that much more fun to do. Studies show that the more fun you have, the more you are willing to do. (That explains why I am working on an abs machine that works like a hammock, you nap and swing while your abs are getting tight and toned!)

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A great example of this kind of Abdominal Machine is the Ab Coaster. It takes you back up off of the ground and lets you work your abs from a number of angles. The abdominal area is made of a group of muscles all working to form that six pack that we are all after. The more movements that you do in the area, the better. You glide along and here is the key to this machine: it is so fun!

The good: easy to use (except in one position), the Ab Coaster progresses with you. You adapt your movements to your own level of ability, you don’t just stay doing the same moves all of the time. It glides easily and is super fun to do, especially once you really get the hang of it.

The bad: This one can be very rough for the beginner, especially someone who does not have strong abs or arms. It takes some practice to really get the rhythm and that can be key to the movements.

Best Tip: Adjust the best ab machine to your height before you attempt anything at all or you might find yourself quickly overwhelmed.

Ab exercise machines can be great but you must remember: you have to put in the work, no matter which abdominal workout equipment you choose to use. You also have to accept that you can’t eat gooey foods all day and not have a gooey middle! Put in the work, put down the fork and now, show me that tummy, baby! Fabulous!



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