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Amazing Plastic Things Made from 3D Printing

top-10-amazing-plastic-things-made-from-3d-printingRelatively speaking, 3D printers are fast becoming more affordable to consumers (well, you would have to spend about a couple of grand on one, but I guess that’s better than spending tens of thousands of Pounds).

In case you don’t know what this is all about, 3D printers essentially print 3D objects using a special type of plastic in most cases. The blueprints for the object are designed using some kind of CAD software, the information is sent to the printer, and then it starts to print the object layer by layer.

3D Printing – Endless Possibilities?

I was quite impressed with the sorts of things being 3D printed, and in some cases virtually identical copies of existing 3D objects have been successfully created too! The possibilities are endless:

Print out copies of plates or glasses for when you have guests coming over;

Computer geeks could design and print some cool PC cases;

Gadgets with broken plastic could be made good again with a new 3D printed shell;

You could design and print your very own mobile phone cover!

And it’s not just objects in plastic that have been printed out either! Since 2009, some people have experimented with printing 3D objects made of sugar, and there are even plans to develop a 3D printer that can print out food using powdered ingredients, which have a shelf life of several years!

Originally, the objective for 3D printers was for businesses to be able to cost-effectively print out prototypes of new products, helping them to visualise what an object might look like before they get it signed off for production.

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There has been quite a take up on 3D printers, and folks have been printing all sorts of things on them. I bet the likes of Atlas Plastics and other manufacturers wish they could print their portable toilets from them. It would be much cheaper, quicker and far more cost effective than the current process.

Check out these 10 interesting examples of 3D printed objects!

1. A Gun

In March 2013, the Liberator 3D printed gun was tested on a Texas, United States firing range.

2. A Bikini

The N12 bikini is the first ever ready to wear, 3D printed bikini. Each item just snaps together, no sewing required!

3. A Skull

A patient in the United States had 75% of their skull reconstructed with a 3D-printed implant.

4. A Camera Lens

The components of this camera lens were made using a 3D printer, and the lens is made out of acrylic.

5. A Keychain Camera Enclosure

This keychain camera enclosure allows one to mount a keychain camera to a fixed object, such as a wall.

6. A Figurine from a Child’s Drawing

Send in one of your kid’s drawings and Crayon Creations will make a 3D figurine of it for you!

7. A Citrus Juicer

A citrus juicer that works great with lemons, limes, and oranges. Easy squeezy!

8. A Super Mario Möbius Strip

This Super Mario Möbius strip is a 3D printed remake of Level One of the famous Super Mario Brothers game.

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9. A Guitar Pick Holder

Forever losing your guitar picks? Keep them together with the Pick Pocket guitar pick holder!

10. A Sad Keanu Reeves

Poor old Keanu Reeves. He looks a little sad, sat there, doesn’t he? You too could have a sad Keanu Reeves. Why would you want one? Well… why not? I think everyone should have one.


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