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25th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents

25th-anniversary-gift-ideas-for-parentsA 25th anniversary is a huge milestone for anyone, and if your parents are approaching it, then a great gift is necessary!

While there are a lot of gifts out there to choose from, this big day calls for something really special.

Below you’ll find 10 of the best gift ideas out there so you can truly amaze your parents and show them you love them!


Chocolate Gourmet Food Gift Basket

This gift basket is packed full of delicious treats that your parents will enjoy eating for a long time to come. It comes with chocolate dipped pretzels, truffles, toffee candy, popcorn and a whole lot more. Everything is packaged nicely so the treats will be kept fresh until they are ready to eat.

Poem Wall Decoration

The poem that is on this wall decoration will leave your parents with warm hearts! It’s beautiful and will make a great addition to their home.

It’s 8×10 and is put together on a matted backdrop so it’s ready for hanging right away.

25th Anniversary Wine Cork

If your parents like to enjoy a glass of wine every now and then, then this wine cork is going to make for a great gift. It has the number 25 on the top of the cork decorated in rhinestones so it sparkles. They can put this into a bottle of wine so that it will stay fresh and ready to drink whenever they want to enjoy a glass.

Fenton Heart Shaped 25th Anniversary Vase

Fill this with flowers or give it in a nice box and you will have a gift that is perfect for a 25th anniversary. It’s shaped like a heart at the top so it’s special, unique and extremely romantic. It has two pink flowers on it with the words “25th anniversary” in between them.

All in One Picnic Travel Set

Nothing is more romantic than a picnic, so this is a great gift that your parents can get a lot of use out of. It comes with everything they need for a romantic night at the park; they just have to supply the food. It even holds a bottle of wine so they can relax and spend some quality time together.

Cuisinart Electric Fondue Maker Model CFO-3SS

This is a great gift for an anniversary because it encourages couples to cook together! All they have to do is put the ingredients inside the pot and then cook it with the skewers. This is great for cooking chocolate, broth, oil and even cheese, so the possibilities are endless. It’s easy to use and is something that anyone can cook with if they have the right ingredients.

Precious Moments 25h Anniversary Collectible

Precious Moments collectible figurines are beautiful and perfect for special occasions like this anniversary! Get them the 25th anniversary edition and you’ll have a gift that they won’t forget. This features two figures holding hands and embracing each other. There’s roses around it and a “25&Prime plaque in a heart shape in between them.

25th Anniversary Throw Blanket

A throw blanket is a great gift for your parents because it will keep them warm and provide their home with an extra personalized decoration! This says “two hearts as one, 25 years together”, so it’s really special and unique for having in their home. When they aren’t using it they can put it in their bedroom, on their couch or even on a recliner.

Family Tree Picture Frame

Any parent loves pictures of their family, and probably has them hanging up all throughout their house. This gift will allow them to hang pictures of each different person in the family in a unique and fun way. All they have to do is put the picture into the frame and then hang them on the tree. The tree can then be displayed on a counter anywhere in the home for a personal and beautiful decoration.

25th Anniversary Frame

What better way to show your parents how far they have come? In this frame you can display the picture of them when they first got married and next to it a picture of them now! This will show how times have changed and will bring them back in time, making it a priceless gift.

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